Nostalgia about 2000s Continues: Y2K Fall & Winter Lookbook

The Style of the 2000s Fall and Winter of 21/22, Which Came Back into Fashion

Y2k fall-winter looks

If you grew up in the 2000s, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the fashion trends of this decade are popular again. And for you, they are definitely more nostalgic than the trends of the 80s or 90s.

But if you’re still as ready as we are to embrace the best noughties fashion again, check out all the 2000s fashion trends that haven’t lost their relevance since their revival.

From cropped y2k cardigans to airbrushed t-shirts, many 2000s trends are back in action and never looked better in 2021.

To help you make sense of the fashion looks, we’ve compiled a full list of our 16 favorite trends from the turn of the century to show you exactly how you can incorporate them into your modern closet today.

Y2K Fall-Winter Lookbook

y2k fall looks
2000s fall winter lookbook
y2k velvet sportsuit

Since the beginning of the fall season, old ’00s trends have slowly been revived, ranging from the cute (Velour tracksuits) to the questionable (Pointy below-the-knee y2k boots).

Maybe the reason we are so deeply immersed in this whole Y2K thing is that we haven’t had time to enjoy it enough in our day.

And now we really want it back. The second option is that many of us are simply nostalgic for simpler, more straightforward times, when the main source of inspiration for creating outfits was soap operas and fashion magazines. Whatever the case, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate previously popular items into our current closet. These items can begin their second life and settle into your closet with confidence. Are you ready to give fashion a second chance?

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants
cargopants for y2k fashion

A lot of fashionistas were obsessed with this piece. This style of the 2000s in fall was paired with pointy-toed shoes and a hat. Many music artists later gave the cargo pants a cool look in music videos and concerts. Today there are many more variations of cargo pants, from cropped to baggy to military-inspired prints. You definitely can’t go wrong if you pick up a pair for your 2021 closet. In addition, these pants can be worn in any season and in any weather.

Platform Boots

olivia rodrigo in y2k platform boots
paris hilton y2k looks
paris hilton in platform boots Y2K

Do you remember when platform shoes weren’t on trend? We don’t. These shoes are so versatile, even in the warm spring months. Wear them with a midi dress and sunglasses, and you’re ready to go on a date or meet your girlfriends.

Wear them with a miniskirt, socks, and a collared blouse, and you’ll find yourself in a campaign of stylish rocker girls. You can’t go wrong with this trend. You can even add some minimalist accessories to y2k clothes for winter to complete the look.

Velour Tracksuits

tracksuit pink early 2000s
2000s velour tracksuits

We feel like this trend has never left our closets and thanks to famous brands we can’t forget about it. Now we are looking forward to the return of this fashion again. While we think back to the days when Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton wore these outfits at home or at the club, we’re glad that they’re widely available for purchase again. Today you can easily buy a suit like this not only in a store, but also online.


vets trend 2000s
2000s vest Y2K look

Speaking of y2k vests as a fashion trend, we noticed that there is a new way to wear them. Now it’s mono combined with leather pants. Like the popular school style trend that convinced us to wear pleated skirts with sweatshirts, this outfit combination has suddenly appeared everywhere.

The best thing about this look is that it’s easy enough to put together, but at the same time it looks like something special and fashionable thanks to the layering. In other words, you don’t have to make anything up. A basic sweater vest worn over a black top and leather pants is more than enough. Then complete the look with any footwear, be it boots or loafers.

Holes and Cutouts

Experts once predicted that holes in clothes would become a trend again, but we didn’t expect it to happen right now. Extravagant and bold designs have become popular among modern fashion icons already. Both Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa can’t refuse holes and necklines in their blouses. Soon there are even more revealing outfits to come.

Logo Bags

y2k bag bella hadid
y2k bags outfits

Casey Musgraves, showing off her logo bags in public. Now we, too, are ready to pull out the pieces that have been waiting for their time.

Big letters and lettering in a shout and bold version are catching attention this season. Want to stand out or draw attention to yourself? Then look out for super trendy bags with logos and brands.

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

Even though 2000 bucket hats were a big deal, they’re not going anywhere in 2021.

This headdress can now be found everywhere, in all colors and materials.

For example, Rihanna was spotted wearing a faux fur bucket hat with a delicate slip dress. And this winter, the y2k fur style should explode, and sales skyrocket. If you don’t already own one, you still have time to get one. You certainly won’t regret it.

The Kerchief

The Kerchief

We’re always looking for new ways to wear bandanas fashionably. After all, it’s the properly tied kerchief that can make you feel like a star. Find your own way to wear it and feel like the celebrity of the 2000s.

North Face Y2K Puffers

y2k green tnf puffer
y2k pink tnf puffer
y2k brown tnf puffer

If you want to consider shopping from a practical standpoint, but also consider fashion trends, then yes, the North Face jacket is a great option. They are durable and retain their fashionability perfectly over the years.At the end of last year, the demand for these down jackets increased, which makes sense. After all, this fashion trend is not only popular among our generation, but also incredibly comfortable.

Ribbed Cardigans

ribbed cardigan 2000s
Ribbed Cardigans Y2K
ribbed cardigans y2k

Ribbed cardigans are another trend that has never left our minds. If you’re a bit of a frequent prepper or sit in a room with a draft, these cardigans are the perfect chance to show off your style while staying warm and cozy. There are so many options to choose from now that you can safely pair this piece with other closet items in the fall and winter. Who knows, you can even wear a down jacket on top of it to get a cracking layered look.

Pointy Below-the-Knee Boots

Y2K fashion Pointy Below the Knee Boots
y2k vintage knee high boots
vintage y2k boots style

You can still wear pointed-toe boots from the 2000s to look fashionable if you get the style right. Are pointed-toe boots in fashion now? Absolutely! It’s trendy again. In fact, such pointy boots are the most fashionable footwear right now.


y2k oufit camo avril lavigne

Camouflage comes and goes from fashion covers every few years. In the 2000s, the band Destiny’s Child showcased this look many times on stage, and now it has also appeared in fashion. Today, this print easily completes your look and adds brightness, playfulness and boldness.


velour tracksuit pink y2k
blonde girl pink outfits y2k
y2k pink aesthetics

People are always trying to label pink. Fortunately, it is a color that has been making a comeback in fashion since the 2000s. Valentino, for example, combined the main “feminine” color with masculinity, resulting in a perfect oversized shirt that can be worn with shorts-bermudas and skirts, as well as solo. Miu Miu in a soft pink shade has a coat with sporty elements, also conceptually playing on contrasts. Gucci and Alberta Ferretti successfully applied berry color and showed topical pantsuits in pink tones. And Blumarine is in favor of life in pink – the brand has dresses, pants, cardigans and even sunglasses in such shades.

Denim & Leather Suits

denim suit y2k
2000s kristina aguilera denim suit

Remember the characters in the old movies from the 2000s? Such Y2k fall outfits can be more welcome than ever. If you choose any of these – self-confidence and the admiration of passersby be assured.

Kitsch Accessories

Just as many turn-of-the-century style trends are back in vogue, so are many of the kitsch accessories of that era. For some, traditional jewelry has been sidelined in favor of alternative pieces. Accessories feature bright colors, kitschy patterns, and huge amounts of beads. Don’t be afraid to look for new ways to express yourself and be on-trend.

Fur Jacket

fur jacket from y2k outfit
hadid 2000s fur jacket
y2k fur jackets

Faux fur coats or jackets are not only some of the main trends for fall and winter, they are also a trend from the 2000s. Not to mention the fact that such things really keep us warm, fur can perfectly complement your fashion image, adding chic elegance. But remember that it is important to combine your clothes correctly!

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