World Afro Day 2021 | Join the World Event and Learn the Features

Celebrating World Afro Day and Educating Everyone to Create Equality and Respect

The first World Afro Day was held in 2017, on September 15. Since then, this day has been held to help little girls and even women feel respect for their natural hair.

Such a date is not accidental. Along with her desire for positive cultural change, founder Michelle De Leon was outraged when the state of Alabama in the United States passed a law allowing companies to refuse to hire people with dreadlocks. The law was passed on September 15, 2016, and a year later, on the exact same date, thanks to De Leon’s hard work, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights approved the first World Afro Day.

Since then, it has evolved every day. From setting a world record for the world’s largest hairstyle education class in 2017 to the first live broadcast of the Big Hair Assembly, which reached 11,500 students from 100 schools in eight countries; World Afro Hair Day has crossed a number of groundbreaking milestones. This year is no different, and Michelle De Leon has big plans for the fourth World Afro Day.

But what does De Leon want to accomplish in 2021? We’ll tell you about this special day and what the inspired and founder hopes to improve upon in the future.

How Did World Afro Day Begin?

Michelle De Leon afro day

Michelle De Leon had heard conversations around the world about the struggle against Afro hair and the rejection of hair texture. She quickly decided it was time to turn all that fighting and negativity into positive change. De Leon was the first to suggest a focus on a future in which everyone loves and appreciates cultural and special hair. In this way, it is possible to change what was in the past.

The founder thought of World Afro Day when her daughter, seven or eight years old, was singing about her Afro natural hair and how much she loved it. She spoke so positively about her hair that her mother was pleasantly surprised. Later, Michelle thought about the millions of little girls who don’t feel good about their hair. She wanted every child to feel just as good with their hair.

What Are the Main Goals of World Afro Day?

The main goal of the day is to celebrate and get rid of the stereotypes of the past. It’s a day of change. Everything is designed to turn the negativity around people with Afros into joy and acceptance of one’s unique nature.

Michelle called to convey to the world that Afro hair deserves as much freedom and acceptance as any other type of hair. Especially that hair should not be a struggle, a battle or an area of discrimination. Things had to change, and now that change is happening.

What Changes Happened Since the First World Afro Day?

We can definitely say that people’s positive awareness has increased. There has definitely been a shift in the understanding that black hair has been mistreated for centuries. There has also been an increased awareness of barriers in schools and in the workplace that interfere with human equality. And this is something society needs to free itself from. There are still problem areas, though, and there are things to work on.

What Is the Main Goal of World Afro Day 2021?

TK Wonder afro day

First of all, understanding that this is a global problem that needs to be addressed globally. It’s not just a challenge in certain countries, because every countries’ area is interconnected. On World Afro Day, there’s a special announcement that really impacts schools and education systems, and it’s a real call to action for everyone.

What Should Girls/Women with Afro Hairstyles Know?

It may sound corny, but it’s your highlight and feature that’s made just for you. There is no other hair type that can help you reach your full potential. There is no other type of hair that suits you better than an Afro.

Many singers with Afros and celebrities are showing off their beautiful Afro hairstyles with curls and broadcasting their respect for this culture.

We are happy to see ladies and gentlemen around the world happily showing off their gorgeous hairstyles.

And we offer you a look at the celebrities who celebrated World Afro Day with their hairstyles.

Charming Divas with Afro Hairstyles

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry curls are a versatile and charming hairstyle for all occasions.

Kellee Stewart

Kelly Stewart afro hair

From her eyes, lips, and big fabulous curly hair, Kelly reminds everyone how amazing dark skin tone looks.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia is an experimental hairstylist, but we like it better when she does her hair naturally, showing off her adorable curls.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross afro hair day

Tracy pays homage to her mother, Diane Ross, who has one of the most famous Afro hairstyles in the world.

Tanika Ray

Tanika Ray

Tanika is ready to conquer the world with her hairstyle.

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales

Amanda decided that an Afro should look natural! And we couldn’t agree more.

Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones

Tamala is not only dazzling with her makeup, but also with her fashionable Afro hairstyle.

Tk Wonder

TK Wonder afro hair

Tk and her sister Cipriana always go big and creative in their celebrity hairstyles. This time was no exception. Her Afro curls are truly unique.

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette showed off her natural morning Afro hairstyle, and that is nothing short of adorable.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis afro hair day

Viola regularly gives fans her smile, but her images with Afro hairstyles have become just as beloved.

We want all the Afro divas who have felt like they have the worst hair type in the world to know that they have beautiful hair. They need to know that their hair does things that no other hair type can do. Their Afro world hair is so creative, so versatile, so exceptional, and it’s a sign of beauty. It’s wonderful.
And to learn even more about World Afro Day and how you can get involved, visit official site.

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