Why Does My Hair Hurt: What Does it Mean When your Scalp Hurts? Questions answered

Why Does My Scalp Hurt?

Why Do the Roots of My Hair Hurt?

Well, there are a few explanations for why your scalp might hurt and most of them have to do with hair care. If scalp pain happens to you don’t worry because it’s a pretty common thing that happens to many people, and there are ways to prevent it or make your scalp feel soothed and healthy when you’re experiencing discomfort or pain.

The most common reason for scalp pain is keeping your hair in the same style or not moving the scalp around for a long period of time. Just like the rest of the body, the scalp will become stiff and sore if it doesn’t move around. Additionally, if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, the naturally produced hair oils can build up on your scalp and become heavy leading to hair pulling and lack of air circulation to the skin on the scalp. There can also be yeast buildup when this happens which leads to dandruff, itchy, and flaky skin on the head. None of that is very comfortable and it can lead to a painful, itchy, or tight feeling on your scalp, not to mention you’re depleting the bottoms of your hair of the natural oils your scalp is producing by not brushing the oils down into the full length of your hair. This is why regular washing and brushing is important.

Often when we want to make a hairstyle last or if we’ve neglected to wash our hair for a while we simply put or keep our hair in a tight style like a bun, ponytail, or braids. This can also cause scalp pain because of the way that your hair pulls on your head in these styles or if you’re using very tight or sticky elastics to secure the hairstyle. It’s better to brush your hair out or wash it when it feels greasy or heavy and your first reflex is to put it in a tight bun or pony.

How Often Should I Brush My Hair?

why does my scalp hurt when my hair grows

Depending on the texture of your hair you should wash and brush your hair either every day, every other day, every few days, or every week. The thicker your hair the less necessary it is to wash frequently, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t brush or comb your hair out more often in order to massage the scalp and work the oils through your hair.

If you have very thin hair, you may need to wash your hair every day or every other day. If you have very thick hair you might be able to go as long as a week without washing and be perfectly fine. In fact, if you have very thick hair, you shouldn’t wash it every day, or it will get dried out that could cause a different kind of pain. Brushing it often or at least giving your scalp a massage to loosen up the skin and integrate some of those oils into your hair will help with any pain or discomfort. It’s better to treat your hair and scalp with love than to preserve a hairstyle for one more day when your scalp is hurting. Your hair and scalp will thank you. If you really need to preserve the style, try using softer cloth hair ties instead of rubber or elastic in order to keep from pulling and pinching too much and give your hair a good massage and a rest after you’ve worn the style for the maximum amount of time.


what does it mean when your scalp hurts

Another possible reason for scalp pain is a symptom of migraines. If you are someone who typically gets migraines it could influence your scalp sensation and pain. Allodynia is a symptom of migraines that results in a painful sensation from the stimulus that would not typically be painful like gentle touch or nudge. It can happen in other locations of the body but it often occurs on the scalp. This condition frequently follows migraines and can be very painful and uncomfortable. The resulting scalp pain is not due to going too long without washing or the wearing of tight hairstyles but has to do with the nerves and nervous system’s response to the migraine. Should you be afflicted with scalp pain due to allodynia, the best thing to do is take your migraine medication when you feel the onset of a migraine and then when you’re feeling any residual or after-effects like allodynia.

why do the roots of my hair hurt

No matter the reason for your scalp pain, we could all benefit from a bit more scalp massaging and hair love. Don’t neglect your noggin and practice proper hair care to ensure that your scalp, hair follicles, and hair are healthy. If your problem persists even after applying these suggestions mention it to your healthcare provider. If your scalp pain goes away after a nice wash, massage and brushing, keep applying that regimen to your routine.

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