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Who is Tommy Hilfiger? Tommy Hilfiger Turns 70

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In honor of Tommy Hilfiger’s Birthday, let’s dive right in starting with a brief biography. The name Tommy Hilfiger probably sounds familiar to many. If upon reading that sentence you asked yourself, “Who is Tommy Hilfiger?”, then you have definitely come to the right place. Today I will be talking extensively and exclusively about all things Tommy Hilfiger. What is my reasoning for this? Well, the year 2021 is the year Tommy turns 70. If you are interested in all things Tommy, such as his life history and how he transitioned from Tommy Hilfiger person to Tommy Hilfiger brand, then keep on reading.

Brief Biography

Tommy Hilfiger youth biography

Let’s begin with a Tommy Hilfiger background introduction before getting into all that he has created and achieved. Born on March 24th, 1951, this year will mark the 70th birthday of Tommy Hilfiger fashion designer. Where was Tommy Hilfiger born? Born and raised in Elmira, New York, Tommy Hilfiger was born into a large family, having eight other siblings. He was the second born in a family of nine children. Some of the Tommy Hilfigier young aspirations and interests consisted of sports, fashion and music. It seems Tommy maintained his love and interest for fashion and pursued it to its fullest potential. Tommy Hilfiger quickly went from highschool graduate to Tommy Hilfiger designer with not much schooling in between. We will cover more about the Tommy Hilfiger corporation later on.

Fast & Fun Personal Facts

tommy hilfiger bio

Here are some fast and fun facts to expand on our Tommy Hilfiger bio.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Age: 70 on March 24, 2021
  • Tommy Hilfiger Sibling Names: Billy (brother), Andy (brother), Kathleen (sister), Dorothy (sister), Elizabeth (sister), Marie (sister), Virginia (sister), Bobby (brother)
  • Tommy Hilfiger Favourite Food: Organic food
  • How Tall Is Tommy Hilfiger: 1.68 meters
  • Tommy Hilfiger Children Names: Ally (daughter), Richard (son), Sebastian (son), Kathleen (daughter), Elizabeth (daughter), Alex (step-son), Julian (step-son)
  • Tommy Hilfiger Real Name: Thomas Jacob Hilfiger
  • How old is Tommy Hilfiger: 69, turning 70
  • Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Sense: Suits and casual wear for men in the age demographic of 25 to 40 year old
  • Tommy Hilfiger Favourite Drink: Black Coffee
  • Tommy Hilfiger Worth: 450 million dollars as of 2020

Tommy Hilfiger Romantic Life

tommy hilfiger fashion designer

Tommy Hilfiger’s romantic life consists of 2 different women. 1976 was the year in which Tommy Hilfiger met Susan Cirona. After their meeting in 1976, four years later they got married. Together Tommy and Susan had one son and four daughters, making that a total of four children. 20 years later following their wedding, the two divorced in 2000. After 8 years of being unwed, Tommy Hilfiger met his second wife. In 2008, Dee Ocleppo and Tommy Hilfiger got married. Together these two had a son. On top of this child, Tommy Hilfiger also became the step father for Dee’s son and daughter as well. It makes sense that Tommy has such a large family as growing up he did have eight siblings. This is all of the information surrounding the romantic life of Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Designer Brand History

tommy hilfiger owner

Now that we have more of a Tommy Hilfiger history for his personal life, we can finally begin to talk about Tommy Hilfiger as a businessman. It is now time we cover the Tommy Hilfiger history from beginning to end: how the company started and how it is doing now. Before Tommy became the Tommy Hilfiger owner and creator, he spent some time working in Cape Cod at a clothing store. As mentioned in the brief biography, Tommy Hilfiger always had an interest in fashion. Working at a clothing store was a great stepping stone to help catapult Tommy into his rich and abundant future as a fashion designer. Following Tommy’s time at the clothing store in Cape Cod, he made the big decision to open a clothing store of his own in 1971. At this point in Tommy’s life, all the money had had to his name was $150.00, so this is what he used. The name of his first store was People’s Place. It was located in Elmira, New York, the same place Tommy was born and raised. This store began as a curated space. Tommy would drive to New York City to find articles of clothing that he loved. He would bring them to the store and sell them there. As time passed by, Tommy Hilifger realized that this was not fulfilling his passion for fashion. He began designing his own clothing, and soon realized that this is what he was meant to be doing. Tommy’s store in Elmira, New York, People’s Place, eventually fell bankrupt 6 years later in 1977. It was this moment that Tommy realized he wanted to be the Tommy Hilfiger Founder. With little knowledge in starting your own business, Hilfiger decided that attending classes in the realm of commerce and business would be nothing but helpful to kickstart his career in the fashion industry. Tommy Hilfiger from Elmira, New York, moved to New York City and finally in the year 1979 established his own company entitled Tommy Hill. From this point on, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Tommy Hilfiger grew bigger and bigger. Working with the most sought out companies, Tommy Hilfiger really made a name for himself.

The Company Today

what is tommy hilfiger

If we fast forward to today, the year 2021, the year Tommy Hilfiger turns 70 years old, the information I am about to share will prove how far Tommy Hilfiger has come. He truly brought himself from the bottom to the top. Remember, all of this success began from a young age. His passion and interest for the fashion world was with Tommy HIlfiger throughout his entire upbringing. Tommy took his passion and turned it into everything his life revolves around. Hs is an inspiration to many. Let’s get into more Tommy Hilfiger information surrounding the company today. So who owns Tommy Hilfiger the brand? Is it Tommy himself, or is it someone else? Although Tommy Hilfiger is indeed the main designer and does play a huge role in this company, it is actually owned by someone else. In 2010, Tommy Hilfiger was purchased by PVH Corp. PVH Corp can actually be considered the Tommy Hilfiger parent company. If you aren’t sure what being a parent company entails, allow me to explain. To be a parent company you must own a certain amount of voting stock to be able to control management by being the one who elects the board of directors. Essentially, PVH Corp. has invested enough money into Tommy Hilfiger that they have power to make decisions above Tommy Hilfiger’s head. So although Tommy is the brain behind his brand, he still has people he technically is working for. This partnership allows for Tommy to have time and space for the creative aspects of his company, allowing PVH Corp. to handle the management side. As we know, the Tommy Hilfiger established year was 1979. This means that Tommy Hilfiger has been an established fashion designer for 42 years which is quite the achievement.

Tommy Hilfiger Branding

how much is tommy hilfiger worth

Let’s deconstruct a little bit of the Tommy Hilfiger branding. The Tommy Hilfiger logo history is one of my favourite things to talk about. This blue, white and red logo was created in 1985 and has not been altered or changed since. There is something really beautiful about this. Staying true to what was created in the beginning of this creative endeavour. If you look at the Tommy Hilfiger logo, you will see a white and red square sandwiched between two blue rectangles. The red and the white are meant to create the letter H. When you turn the logo sideways you will be able to see this. In this instance, the ‘H’ you see stands for Hilfiger. This logo is simple and sleek. Tommy Hilfiger is known to be a company which portrays the “American Cool” aesthetic. I think this logo perfectly encompasses the company through and through. As this is an American company, some may even think the colours in this logo are a good representation for America as the colours are the same as their national flag.

How Much Is Tommy Hilfiger Worth?

tommy hilfiger history

I know a lot of you may be wondering how much Tommy Hilfiger is worth. I know I provided you with a number in our Tommy Hilfiger fast & fun personal facts section, however allow me to provide you with even more information surrounding this subject. So yes, as of 2020, Tommy Hilfiger’s net worth was 450 million dollars. I think what is so amazing about this fact is that Tommy did indeed begin his journey with only $150. It is amazing how far he has come with his company. Tommy worked hard and built a team that supported him with his visions. Something I admire about Tommy Hilfiger is that he continues to be invested in his work. Although he has a team surrounding him, he still shows up and puts in the work. The Tommy Hilfiger style comes from Tommy Hilfiger himself.

Tommy Hilfiger Foundation And Charity Work

where is tommy from

So, with all of this money surrounding the name Tommy Hilfiger, it is fair you wonder if any of this money is pointed in the direction of charities. The simple answer to this question is yes. Tommy Hilfiger uses some of his fame and wealth to do charitable acts. The Tommy Hilfiger Foundation was created to do just that. With at-risk American youth in mind, the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation was founded in 1995 to focus on the health educational and cultural organizations for these children. It is not surprising that Tommy Hilfiger opts to send his money to children in need. Tommy Hilfiger has always been a part of large families, therefore definitely has a connection to supporting others. On top of supporting at-risk American children, Tommy has also directed his wealth in other directions. He has donated money to Breast Cancer research, to eradicate extreme hunger, poverty and diseases in areas in the world who receive less help and support. These are just a few examples of how Tommy has redirected his wealth in order to make a positive impact on his community. It’s nice to see money being put into places that need it rather than watching someone selfishly hold onto all of it for no reason in particular.

2021 Tommy Hilfiger Products

hilfiger clothes

So we know who Tommy Hilfiger is. But what is Tommy Hilfiger? As mentioned, this name serves two purposes. One being that it is a name for a person, another being that it is the name for a fashion brand. It’s time to talk a little bit about some of the products of Tommy Hilfiger the person, designed for Tommy Hilfiger the brand. As this is the year Tommy turns 70, I think it would be a good idea to look into some of the fashion trends Tommy has created for the year 2021. Vogue has provided a Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection which provides a lot of insight on what Tommy is interested in this spring. Let me break it down for you.

  • Sporty- It seems that this spring 2021, Tommy is incorporating a sense of sportiness into his pieces. From the sporty jackets to the sporty sweaters, it is clear that this will be a trend this spring.
  • Pastels- If we are going to look at colours, Tommy is definitely interested in working with pastels. Pale blues and pinks seem to be a prevalent colour combination used in this spring collection.
  • Layers- Tommy is all about the layers this spring 2021. Jackets layered on top of hoodies. Skirts with multiple layers. Layers are something to look for this spring, at least Tommy thinks so.
  • Oversized- Oversized clothing has been in for a while now, but it looks as if Tommy is trying to continue on with this trend for spring 2021.
  • Casual but Cute- As we come out of lockdown this spring 2021, it is important we look cute while maintaining a level of casual attire. We have just been living our day to day lives in our pajamas, there is no reason to not continue being comfortable.
tommy hilfiger bag

These are just a few things Tommy seems to be focussing on this spring 2021. Fashions trends are always changing, so the designers are always having to change as well. They never want to simply keep up with the trends, but they want to be setting and creating new trends. This is not an easy task for all, but Tommy has made it look pretty effortless over the past 42 years of designing. I’m sure behind the scenes there has been a lot of stress surrounding what Tommy will design, but from where we are sitting Tommy makes it look easy. I am excited to add some more Tommy Hilfiger pieces into my wardrobe after seeing what he has conjured up for this spring 2021 season.

That’s All For Now

tommy hilfiger foundation

I hope reading this Tommy Hilfiger article made you feel like you have a better understanding surrounding not only the Tommy Hilfiger brand, but the person himself. Is Tommy Hilfiger designer brand a huge part of who Tommy the person is? Of course. But is it all he is? Absolutely not. It is easy sometimes to forget there is a face to a company name. There is a person who once had a dream that they worked for to make it come true. It is nice to appreciate the person for who they were before the fame. For who they were when they first had their idea for their creation. Where did Tommy Hilfiger come from? He didn’t always lead a lavish lifestyle in New York City. This is something he worked for. So yes, Tommy Hilfiger is an amazing designer, but he is also a family oriented person who is more than just the name of a brand. It is important that we remember this every now and again, with not only Tommy, but with all people.

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