Which Cosmetics Are Better to Choose in Summer?

cosmetics for summer

Hot sunny days require a cosmetic bag revision and some skincare products have to be changed. Which ones and why? Let’s find out.

Remove Fat-Based Nourishing Creams

This product is appropriate in winter when you need to protect your face from the negative effects of cold wind and frost. But in the heat, it covers the body with a membrane that makes it difficult for the skin to breathe and promotes increased fat and sweating.

Such nourishing creams contain dense oils (like olive, shea, and coconut), beeswax, and vitamins. Such oils and wax should be excluded unequivocally, but with vitamins there are nuances:

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) is in great demand on hot days as it has antioxidant and rejuvenating properties.
  • Retinol (vitamin A) is not welcome in summer cosmetics, as it provokes pigmentation of the face in the bright sun.
  • Ascorbic acid helps to whiten the skin, but it is better not to go out on a brightly lit street; therefore, products with vitamin C are recommended only for evening care.

It is better to use cosmetics that have a delicate texture and contain light, rapidly absorbed oils like almond oils, for example – they do not burden the skin, but effectively soften and moisturize it.

Avoid Aggressive Peel Treatment

Such excellent products to improve complexion and rejuvenate tissues are not suitable for hot months because of their active substances – acids (fruit, salicylic, glycolic, etc.) remove several layers of corneal cells, exposing the delicate young skin.

During peeling, the protective functions of the epidermis suffer. You need a period of about two weeks to restore them, during which the face must be protected from sunlight. What is the risk of this treatment in the summer? The appearance of dark pigment spots and also irritation and inflammation because of the heavy sweating.

Replace It with Soft Scrubs

It would be wrong to refuse exfoliating cosmetics for the summer because cells on the surface of the epidermis die off continuously. They need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the skin does not get enough moisture and oxygen, and looks dull. For this purpose, you should use the means that carefully remove cornea particles during hot months. These are products based on sugar or micro granules from silicone or vegetable raw materials.

Purchase Gentle Cleaning Products

In summer, daily washing and make-up removal require gentle cosmetics that do not hurt the skin tired of heat and sunlight. It should contain moisturizing components – hyaluronic acid and light vegetable oils.

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