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Want to become a street fashion girl? The recent buzz around women’s street fashion has caused a huge rise in urban street fashion sales around the globe. The street fashion women want is often coming out of high street fashion brands I.AM.GIA., Supreme, Adidas, Nike, Off White, and similar apparel companies. Today’s high street fashion definition stems from the beginning of streetwear in the 1990s, when the hip hop scene in NYC popularized this urban look, which later adapted to Californian surf style and has now morphed into a mix of USA streetwear, athletic clothing, and Asian urban attire to finally blend with high fashion or haute couture.

The kind of street fashion women wear on the runway is composed of selections from high street fashion brands. The street style fashion category in editorial fashion is a relatively new concept, but it has really taken the fashion world by storm. You don’t have to be a model on a catwalk to rock some of this urban streetwear fashion, you just have to follow this tutorial for main street fashion styling. If you want to emulate that street style fashionista look, browse these 10 top streetwear brands to get the statement pieces you need!


Stüssy is a brand that has been around since Shawn Stussy first started selling T-shirts in the 1980s. Since then it has become one of the most popular and trendsetting streetwear brands known to all streetwear aficionados. They sell more than T-shirts now, having branched out to locations all over the globe with products like hats, pants, jackets, bags, and more. From their new women’s collection, I would love to wear an outfit composed of the red nylon logo beret, block print button-down, and a pair of the Nylon work pant in khaki.


street fashion trends

Nike is a well known athletic apparel brand that has been popular since the 1960s and blazed the way for the culture around footwear and sneakers for many decades to come. The signature Nike swoosh can be seen all over the globe on various clothing items these days. For a warm and high street fashion Nike outfit I would wear the Nike Sportswear City Ready hooded jacket in black, the Nike Court women’s tennis trousers in black, and the Nike Air Max Exosense with a pop of bright orange.

Looking for more unique street style? check out Nike collaborations with designers


I.AM.GIA is a popular women’s streetwear brand founded by Alana Pallister and sister Stevie Cox quite recently in 2017. This brand has a sexy streetwear fashion style with pieces and outfit sets that can be seen on the famously fashionable characters of the T.V. show Euphoria. If I were to choose an out-there streetwear clubbing look from I.AM.GIA, I might go for the black Lucid Pants with the Estel top and my own pair of very tall black leather boots.

Off White

Off White was created by Virgil Abloh, a big name in fashion who now works as a director at Louis Vuitton. Abloh is seen as someone who took a big part in making streetwear move into the editorial stream in the world of fashion. One of the pricier companies, Off white may be reserved for those who can afford a more expensive brand. If I were to make an outfit of Off White I would wear the Flock Arrows Dress and Tie Dye Nike Jacket with a pair of chunky black sneakers.


A native of Queens, New York, Ronnie Fieg created KITH as a United States-based streetwear company selling fashionable clothing for women and men. In the KITH Women’s section, you can find everything from underwear to outerwear all with the brand’s sleek and solid style. There are a number of dresses appropriate for a formal evening or a night out. For a full streetwear look from KITH, you could rock a pair of the KITH Women Keala pant in “shocking pink” with a KITH Women Corin bodysuit in white and a KITH Women Sienna Crossbody PVC bag for an accessory.


A name that may come to mind for a lot of people when they think about streetwear is Supreme. Supreme has been around for a while, and their unusual marketing strategy of only releasing a certain number of seasonal items in scattered merchandise “drops,” makes it something of a collecting hobby for some Supreme lovers. Something about the limited edition items makes some buyers go crazy for Supreme. If I were to hit the pre-sale preview, my ideal supreme outfit from the fall/winter 2020 collection would be the GORE-TEX 700-fill down parka, the Supreme/Kangol Furgora beanie, and the black cargo pants.

Noah NYC

Noah NYC, created by Brenden Babenzien who was formerly with Supreme, is a streetwear brand with a touch more maturity than some of the better-known names. It is marketed towards those who liked streetwear as younger folks but feel they may have outgrown some of the younger-looking styles. Noah does not make clothing specifically for women, but with flamboyant patterns and an array of sizes, I would still purchase an outfit from this clothing brand. My ideal outfit would be the Cheetah Lambswool Sweater vest in yellow, The Cheetah track pant, and the black Gothic Beanie.


urban street wear fashion

Samuel Ross’s A-Cold-Wall* is a streetwear fashion brand from London, the UK that brings an editorial and new age vibe to streetwear apparel. Although this brand is a menswear brand, I am a strong believer that anyone can wear clothing that they like, no matter what gender it was intended for, and I am a big fan of some of A-Cold-Wall*’s items, particularly outerwear, sweaters, and accessories. If I were to choose some of my favorite items from A-Cold-Wall’s new fall and winter 2020 line, I would love to wear the Terrain Merino Knit sweater, the Suilven Quilted Jacket, and the Vector Crossbody bag.

Heron Preston

A huge name in contemporary streetwear fashion, Heron Preston started his company and became a huge hit. His clothing is often bright and eccentric, and his women’s section is filled with amazing streetwear gems. If I were to dress in all Heron Preston for a day, I would wear the CTNMB Turtleneck Crop Top in black, the Golden Poppy Printed Bomber, Flared Denim Pants, and White Security Boot for a powerful winter look.

Cav Empt

street fashion women

Toby Feltwell created this post-streetwear company to bring a unique and fresh look to the evolving trend. With its artistic website and unique techno style, fashion critics have been eating up Cav Empt apparel. Once again, there is no women’s section of Cav Empt, but this does not mean that women can’t still rock this hot style. Some of my favorite items on the website today are the System Grid Zip Jacket, the Armed Jacket, and the Rectangle Chinos.

This fall and winter, make sure you’re looking fresh in these stylish streetwear brands or find them second-hand to make for a fashionable, affordable, and sustainable street couture. Streetwear fashion from these top market brands may come with a pretty hefty price tag, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t thrift and rework vintage items to make your own version of streetwear looks. Fashion is all about the individual coming through and telling the world a bit about themself through the garments they wear. So what do you want to say to the world?

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