Go for the Dark Side: Find Out What Is Nu Goth Fashion Style

Nu Goth Aesthetic and the Special Philosophy of the New Subculture

New Goth Subculture

Gothic subculture still has an enduring influence on modern fashion and style trends. It was formed over decades and is definitely not going to go out of fashion any time soon. Of course, since the early 80’s the gothic style has changed. We now know many genres and subgenres of Gothic in music, literature, and even fashion. But what is nu goth fashion style?

Let’s rather learn about the trendy and popular nu goth style today.

Origins of Nu Goth

Origins of Nu Goth

What is nu goth? How do you describe nu goth in a simple and clear way? How did it come to be that it is a soft blend of two fashion styles? Gothic trends such as all-black clothing, an abundance of baroque jewelry and accessories, elegant Victorian silhouettes. And all this is combined with modern fashion trends that you can find in popular magazines and even social media. You can also spot other details of soft grunge, punk, and hipsters in the nu goth fashion genre.

Nu-goths are also called goth-hipsters or pastel goths, which can be explained by their love for pastel colors in clothing and in terms of hair coloring.

However, “positive” soft pink and light blue colors in their appearance perfectly combined with gloomy black, as well as with the inherent Gothic symbolism in the form of prints or jewelry.

The nu goth trend emerged at the end of the first decade of the 21st century when young, aspiring goths wanted a stylish casual style that didn’t require hours of combing and tightening corsets. Inspired by the similarly casual pastel goth scene in Japan, black is still relevant, but nu goth is a chic modern style that falls somewhere between “The Craft” and “New Girl.”

According to the aesthetic, all members of the new goth culture strive for self-discovery, so their style is heavily influenced by personal unique taste. It is already in itself fashionable and stylish. Usually, nu goth fashion is characterized by elegance, simplicity, and sometimes minimalism. In contrast to the cheerful pastel gothic style, nu goth fashion is gloomy and allows only black, shades of gray, and only a light touch of white. At the same time, nu goth outfits are comfortable and comfortable, so they are more acceptable than chic goth corsets with floor-length skirts, as they used to be.

Traditional goths think that nu goths are just hipsters who have appropriated their subculture, while many nu-goths consider themselves more than just goths. They love punk rock and metal, are interested in the occult, tattoos, David Lynch movies, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, and other darkly introspective things.

Features of Nu Goth Fashion Beauty

Features of Nu Goth Fashion

The Nu Goth fashion and lifestyle genre emerged back in the early 2010s, becoming widespread on the then-popular Tumblr and Pinterest platforms. It is closely tied to occult aesthetics that inspire nu goths to use pentagrams, crosses, and other witchcraft tools and accessories.

Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? Let’s learn some of the basic characteristics of the nu goth style.

The Main Characteristics of the Style

The main characteristic of fashion is black, gray, and white outfits with occult prints and accessories. Nu Goth fashion is very modern and elegant.

  • Skirts, pants, and jeans with a high waist combined with cropped tops and blouses
  • Stretchy, sleek leggings
  • Stockings and mesh bodysuits under distressed clothing
  • A fashionable take on dark culture – wrought iron harnesses, belts, and suspenders
  • Hoodies with prints of crosses, pentagrams, stars, and other dark motifs
  • Shoes as bulky as possible: Doc martens, combat boots, wedges, creepers, tons of laces, and studs
  • Oversized dress clothing
  • Raincoats, knit sweaters, and cozy sweatshirts with style elements
  • Round sunglasses, chokers, and repeating multiple chains
  • Simple and monochromatic nu goth makeup: black lipstick and matte gloss

Popular Brands for Aesthetics

Popular Brands for goth style

To answer the question, “Where can I find these clothes?” We have the answer and popular nu goth stores.

“Unif” or “Asos” are your trusted helpers in finding the perfect soft goth outfits. From nu goth summer outfits to nu goth hats, find all that you’re looking for.

Nu Goth Fashion Is for Everyone

Gothic fashion is mainly for the goth community. But other people who do not join the goth community also wear black and white clothing that symbolizes the gothic.

In the goth community, both men and women wear dark-colored clothing. They also dye their hair black and use nail polish and eyeliner. Goth men usually wear black eyeliner and black nail polish.

Little kids who use the gothic community just to stand out from the crowd. They wear black dresses with butterflies bought with their parents’ money.

Nu Goth Representatives

Felice Fawn or Charlotte Free are officially nu goth icons. In addition, there are other personalities you can find on Tumblr or Pinterest.

The Musical Style of Nu Goth

Nu Goth Fashion

Nu Goth is influenced by Gothic music.

Although Nu Goth is mostly an appearance, it was not born out of music, but out of a lot of styles that we can’t even define! If we had to call some musical artists Nu Goth, we can say Grimes. Her music is amazing, and the overall vibe of her sound reminds me of the dreamy world of nu goth.

Post-punk and witch-house, although they rule the ball, they are far from being the only representatives in the music. Also in the playlist, there are coldwave, new wave, gothic rock, shoegaze, dreampop, all kinds of indie, chillwave, minimal wave, and many more.

Tips for Looking More Gothic!

To look more gothic, follow these simple tips:

  • To look more gothic, wear the right dark-colored clothing.
  • Wear gothic jewelry. Use silver and metallic gothic jewelry to look more gothic.
  • Your makeup should be dark. If you are a gothic girl, your makeup should say it out loud with its darkness.
  • Hair is best dyed in black or bright red, some strands can be highlighted in various acidic shades, thanks to the range of modern hair dyes allowed.
  • As for accessories to complement the gothic image you can use “spiky” bracelets or even collars and decorative chains.

Of the Other Popular Genres of Gothic We Can Highlight:

Traditional Goth

Traditional Goth

The look that defines Goth began to develop in the late ’70s with the emergence of punk and bands like Siouxsie Sioux And The Banshees, The Damned, and Joy Division.

Romantic Goths

Romantic Goths

The Romantic Goth emerged in the 1990s. They embraced the darker concepts of Gothic culture, such as wandering through cemeteries, collecting dead flowers, and studying Gothic architecture and literature. Romantic Goths have a similar aesthetic to Victorian Goths, which in turn inspired steampunk.

Cyber Goths

Cyber Goths

The main thing that sets cybergoths apart from their traditional brethren is the music they listen to. This new type of goth emerged in the late ’90s in Germany, when many music lovers turned away from rock and started listening to electronic music.

Healthy Goths

This newest trend in goth history is also one of the most interesting. Health goth got its name from a Facebook group created in 2013 by American pop duo Magic Fades and artist Chris Cantino, where the trio posted images of style and art inspired by dystopia. For them, the concept of health made them think “about sterile environments, biomechanics, transhumanism.”

Gothic style is very fashionable and stylish, but at the same time mysterious and symbolic. It is an ultra-advanced fashion style, or you could say that it is a very modern style. You can use the gothic style by wearing dark colors and applying black or burgundy lipstick and eyeliner. Both men and women can use eyeliner to look gothic.

Style “gothic” is the perfect choice for girls who are brave and uninhibited. It perfectly suits those who love black, but at the same time helps to stand out from the crowd. After all, not every girl dares to try on such a gloomy and mysterious image. Some may criticize modern nu goth calling it a relic of the gothic style, but it’s a special youth culture that has to be accepted and understood. We’re sure there’s nothing wrong with bringing a whole new twist to old things, especially when it comes to fashion. So let’s welcome the new and try to learn the history of fashion trends.

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