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The online publication Business of Fashion has published a study: it says that almost half of women in America prefer cosmetics with a clear composition that can be seen on the label and environmentally friendly packaging: so they care not only about their health but also about the environment.

Conscious consumption trend has led to the fact that women began to pay attention to the contents of their cosmetic bags. Such a responsible attitude to beauty has already been called clean beauty, and cosmetic giants began to adjust to it. Clean beauty is a product made of the most harmless ingredients (not necessarily natural, for example, synthetic hyaluronic acid and collagen are allowed), spilled in eco packages made of recycled materials. Ingredients capable of harming nature are prohibited (such as plastic particles in scrubs that do not decompose and clog the ocean). Ingredients such as parabens and phthalates, whose toxic effects on the body have been discussed for many years, but the harm has not been proven also aren’t used in clean cosmetics.

Consumers are becoming more circumspect and responsible in various areas of life; now they want to know what the product is made of and how it will affect the environment and themselves.

But How Effective Is Cosmetics with Lots of Organic Ingredients?

Now there are naturally occurring peptides that are synthesized from plants and can effectively fight to age. Instead of pure oils for hair that make it dirty, a lighter oil microemulsion is used now. Even organic shampoos now foam: instead of the surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which has been hit by a barrage of accusations in recent years – it aggressively washes away the natural protective layer from the skin and can cause irritation, manufacturers have switched to soft foaming ingredients that are made from natural oils – they clean hair so gently that they are even approved for use in children’s cosmetics and work just as effectively. And such innovations now can be found very often.

It’s no secret that the planet is on the verge of ecological disaster – oceans are polluted, forests are being cut down, even in space around the Earth tons of rubbish fly – and cosmetics alone send nearly three billion indecomposable jars a year to this dump. Against this backdrop women’s desire to return to purity, nature, and care for it is natural. It’s nice to take care of your planet, it’s nice to take care of your beauty too. It’s a real delight to do both at once.

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