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How to Create a Casual Business Look? Casual Business Rules for Every Day

Spending a sufficient number of hours a week at her workplace, every woman is faced with the need to form a business everyday image. Fortunately, today it is no longer necessary to wear only a three-piece suit with a plain blouse, even when working in a government institution or office. Business Casual style for women allows you to show individuality while remaining within the framework of the business dress code. It is about how to combine the elements of your outfit, for example, business casual dress in order to look stylish, elegant, and appropriate, and we will talk further.

What Is the Business Style?

shirt with long shorts
waist coat

Business style is the formal dress code for many offices and corporate events. It denotes a professional style of dress that seems smart and sophisticated. For men, a suit is usually required, but women can interpret business style in different ways. For example, pantsuits and skirt suits are ideal, but custom-made pieces and office dresses can look good too.

When to Wear Business Attire?

When dressing for the office, it is important to feel comfortable as you will be wearing these clothes all day. Pants are often a good choice as they are easier to move and sit in than tight-fitting dresses and skirts. But if you work for a while at your job, you will better understand what is right for you. You can add personality to your wardrobe without worrying about your look being irrelevant.

Formal Business Style VS Business Casual

beige suit

Professional outfits for women and Business casual are very different. Therefore, it is important to determine in what style your dress and how to do it appropriately. Business Casual is a somewhat relaxed take on classic office wear. It is often used in modern workplaces and on “Free Fridays” in more conservative offices. Formal business attire is more sophisticated than casual and is usually designed for more traditional offices or certain professional events.

Business Casual: Let’s Get Acquainted

Business casual dress code is a subtype of Business Casual Attire style, characterized by a combination of classic and democratic. Its history began in the United States in the 1970s with the emergence of “casual Friday” – the so-called “regular Friday”. On this special day, employees were allowed to come to the office every week in some kind of dress other than formal suits. The approach has grown in popularity. Over time, it became obvious that it was not an easy task to choose well-combined things to look business-like and casual at the same time. But we offer you some rules to help you cope with this.

Business Casual Rules

Be Relevant

leather skirt
leather pants and heels

First, you need to figure out what kind of clothing belongs to business casual chic at your current place of work. By itself, this relaxed business attire implies many variations. Therefore, it is important to understand what is acceptable in your company and what is not. For example, in one office, even jeans and golf are taken for granted if you are wearing business casual with flats and well-chosen accessories. In another company, such a look may be categorically prohibited.

If you are just getting a job, try to pay attention to the appearance of the employees already during the interview. Observation will allow you not to become a black sheep on the first day of work.

Consider the average room temperature and the location of your desk when shaping your business casual look. After all, if you sit under the air conditioner in the summer or by the battery in the winter, a chiffon dress and woolen jacket are not the best solution. In such cases, the placement of the workplace should significantly influence the choice of clothing.

Remember the Main Thing

The most important thing to understand is that your everyday business image has a specific purpose. It should help you look more professional and inspire confidence in anyone who comes in contact with you: boss, colleague, client.

You need to understand that your appearance is not about fashion or clothes. Your appearance will tell you who you are, what your level of ambition is, and what you want to achieve. And since this is a message for those around you, it is important to make sure that you are broadcasting the correct messages – a high level of professionalism and reliability. How to do it? Choose the appropriate outfit!

Choose the “Right” Clothes

When creating a Business Casual look, things should emphasize your authority.

A business casual cardigan or jacket is a key element of your everyday business look. Since it came to a woman’s wardrobe from a man’s, it allows you to look more influential.

jacket business casual

What to look for when choosing a jacket:

  • Should match your color type and blend well with the rest of the look, for instance, with women’s business tops.
  • The cut and size of the business casual blazer for women is strictly according to the figure. When trying on, do not forget that the jacket can be worn on you for several hours at a time. Therefore, he should not restrain his movements.
  • No intricate patterns, curls or floral prints. Your choice is solid color or classic cage.
  • The lapels of a quality jacket are located 1.5-3 cm above the buttons.

Are plaid shirts business casual? A blouse is a part of a business wardrobe that helps to clearly demonstrate the difference between strict classics and Business Casual.

When going shopping, remember:

  • A print is acceptable, but you should avoid bright poisonous not business casual colors, images of animals, marine motifs with palm trees, etc. The drawing should always remain elegant and appropriate in a business environment.
  • Business casual blouses are partially visible from under the jacket, which means its print becomes an accessory for your overall look. Make sure that on this basis there is no disharmony with the decorations.
  • The color of a plain blouse should match your skin tone well.

Business casual pants women remain a popular element of the wardrobe. Can leggings be business casual? or are corduroy pants business casual? And the main question: Are shorts considered business casual? We are not sure if they will fit, but we are ready to give you more suitable advice!

leather pants
jeans with black jacket

Recommendations for choosing:

  • Make sure they fit well even if it is business casual with jeans women, don’t fit too tightly or wrinkle.
  • It’s good when the fabric stretches a little. This will add comfort to your sitting position for many hours.
  • The color scheme should be classic: black, gray, royal blue. In Business Casual, burgundy and forest green are also acceptable, in summer – neutral pastel colors (powdery, light beige) and white.
  • With regards to prints: it is better to do without them. 
  • Thin vertical stripes can be an exception.

Dresses and skirts add femininity to your look without compromising your authority.

To avoid looking too romantic, stick to the following guidelines:

  • For Business Casual, a pencil skirt, A-shaped silhouette, and pleats are perfect.
  • Cut models are acceptable. At the same time, your appearance should not become too frank when you sit down.
  • What about business casual skirt length? Are maxi dresses business casual? The length of the skirt/dress hem varies from 3-4 cm above the knee to several cm below it.
  • When choosing a dress, you should avoid ruffles and a too deep neckline.

Women’s Business Attire Guidelines

Interview Clothes

Business attire is perfect for professional interviews. It creates an elegant and smart appearance and a positive overall impression. To keep your look perfect, keep it conservative and pleasing. Any kind of skinny navy business casual suits for women with a white shirt and heels can be a great classic option. You can ask: “Is a turtleneck business casual?” Of course! But don’t forget about accessories. Choose minimalist jewelry or scarves business casual and a black structured purse. When drawing up an image, you can also focus on the clothing style of employees of a particular company where you want to get a job.

Cocktail Style

skirt business casual

A cocktail business style is often required for off-hours work. In such clothes, you look fashionable, but also somewhat conservative. Try to choose a dress that matches your business style, but is not devoid of personality. Tie sleeves, custom designs, or a jeweled neckline will work. Then complete the look with a clutch bag, business casual shoes for women, and jewelry. Are mules business casual? Sure! It can be one of the best solutions. If you don’t wear dresses, try a fitted suit. But don’t wear it with a collared shirt to provide an “after-work” look.

Summer Business Casual

Finding the perfect business suit in the summer heat can be challenging. Challenging but doable. Light trousers or Capri business casual, dresses and skirts are the keys to creating a sophisticated work look throughout the summer season. While it is not necessary to sit at the table in a jacket, you should keep it close at hand for meetings throughout the day. When it comes to shoes, you might be tempted to wear business casual heels or open-toed shoes. Are loafers business casual? Yes, but closed-toe shoes are generally best preferred as they are more office-appropriate.

Business Casual Women Winter

fluffy sweater and pants

Simple changes to your regular work wardrobe will allow you to adapt it to the business casual women’s fall or winter cold. Replacing your collared shirt with a turtleneck business casual sweater will keep you warm and stylish. Replacing high heels with business casual boots for women can have a similar effect. Opt for heavier fabrics and don’t skimp on an elegant coat.

General Rules of Business Style for Women

  • Before making a bow, determine what style you need – business casual or formal business. 
  • The basis of the wardrobe should be classic suits, shirts, business dresses, pencil skirts and trousers. 
  • Stick to a neutral color palette and add patterns and other shades only when appropriate. 
  • Make sure your clothes fit well and look professional. 
  • Make sure your items are clean, well-ironed, and free from stains, prints, or tears. 
  • Wear a minimum of jewelry, choose structured bags,  elegant closed-toe shoes, or sandals business casual.

We are confident that business casual for women will help you stay on top and gain trust every day, strengthening your authority in society. Try to make friends with this style with helpful tips from our article.

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