What Is Business Casual for Women? Examples of Business Casual Dress for Women

what is business casual for women examples of

What does business casual look like for women in today’s work environments? Let’s take a look at these business casual rules for women so you can make a statement in the office, look professional during a conference, or get that job you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some comfortable business casual for women’s ideas and guides for you!

What is considered business casual for women? When working at an office, it can be tricky to establish exactly what your business casual look should be. You want to look respectable and neat but you also want to be able to add a bit of flair to your day to day life, and not wear the same boring pantsuit all the time. Luckily there are so many comfortable and chic business casual styles for women that will make you excited to get dressed for the office in the morning.

For the working woman, it can often feel unfair that men can simply shower, throw their hand through their hair, put on a collared shirt and slacks before they head out the door, and receive far less judgment or critique from their colleagues about their clothing than women.

Women of a similar career type or job title may spend several hours perfecting their hair and makeup and selecting their clothes just so that they are not seen as sloppy or drab looking in the office. It may seem like there are a lot of business casual rules for women, and quite frankly, men can get away with wearing the same thing every day without comment, so as a woman in the office, it’s harder to feel like you won’t be scrutinized for your dress. This guide gives you easy fashionable examples of business casual for women so you don’t have to stress about what you will wear to work, and you can feel confident and comfortable doing your job.

What Is Business Casual Attire for Women?

The business casual dress looks sharp but not too formal. Depending on the temperature, this can mean something like a nice pair of jeans paired with a blouse and blazer combo, or maybe a summer dress with a light cardigan. The business casual guidelines for women can change depending on whether your office hosts events, you have a conference to attend, or if your office does “Casual Fridays.”

Business Casual Styles for Women

what is business casual for women

There are different styles you can achieve when putting together a great business casual look. You could go for a sleek style by wearing all black. One option for this sleek style could look like a pair of black heeled boots, flowy black slacks, and a sleeveless black button-down. Another option could be black heels, a black pencil skirt, and a flowy black blouse in the summer. If you want to go for a colorful summer look you could pair a sundress with some flats and gold jewelry dress it up. If you want to look colorful and fashionable in the winter, opt for a navy or white pants suit with a colorful blouse.

Blazers are a great tool for dressing any outfit up enough to make it appropriate for work. Throw a blazer over a clean pressed t-shirt and nice fitting jeans for a tech CEO type of vibe. Blazers, when paired properly, can be an amazing tool for the best business casual for women.

The best business casual for women can be easy! Sweaters can be great to add to most outfits. A nice long charcoal cardigan can make a simple pair of slacks and shirt look far more put together. An oversized sweater with a nice statement necklace, tighter-fitting pants, and boots could be a great workplace look for fall or winter.

Dresses are another easy, comfy, and stylish article of clothing for your work wardrobe. You should make sure they’re not too short, don’t wear dresses that fall higher than the top of your knees to work and be sure they are not too low cut. This is both for staying comfortable and not constantly having to readjust your dress at work, and so that you never come off as unprofessional in the workplace. Just because a dress has a modest neckline and a low hem doesn’t mean it doesn’t show off your figure and flatter you, nor does it make it drab. Find colorful and lovely dresses that work for work at places like Zara and ASOS.

Most Comfortable Business Casual Shoes for Women

what is considered business casual for women

Sometimes when we wear business casual attire, the difficulty is not with finding something that looks nice in the office, but it’s the belted dress that feels tight in all the wrong places or more often problems like those blisters you get on the back of your heels from your new nice black pumps. Here are some shoe ideas for comfortable business casual for women

Clarks Loafers are a popular and comfortable option that still has a slightly formal look. Another good shoe for spending a lot of time standing or walking in the Dansko clog. If you really need comfort and you make sure to pair them right, black sneakers could look entirely professional. There are some great sneakers by Sketcher and New Balance that could really do the trick. If you need something comfortable but slightly more formal you could opt for a low chunky heel with good foot support and ankle straps so your feet don’t slide and chafe.

Business Casual with Jeans for Women

examples of business casual for women

Jeans are a great staple wardrobe item. They can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. There is a multitude of examples of business casual with jeans that support a comfortable, classy, and wonderful look. If you want to wear jeans to the office choose a well-fitting style, something tapered or skinny, don’t opt for distressed or acid-washed jeans, and make sure there are no tears or frays. Jeans pair well with a classic black boot, a nice pair of heels, or a platform loafer shoe. Options for tops could include a flowy blouse or a nice knit sweater, a classic sleek button-down, or a blazer. Make sure to accessorize well if you’re going for a more simple color scheme. A nice pair of gold or silver earrings or a chunky statement necklace could look great with a pair of jeans and a solid-colored blouse.

Now that you have some pretty good ideas about how to dress business casual for women, go ahead and test these looks out at work and see how many compliments you receive on your chic and professional fashion.

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