What Is Brow Lamination | Info You Need To Know before Trying It

Your Brows before and after Lamination Can Look Completely Different – Learn the Ins and Outs of the Procedure

Many girls have already tried eyelash lamination, but a similar service for eyebrows appeared on the beauty market relatively recently. We will tell you what this procedure is, why it became fashionable and what effect to expect from it. So what is brow lamination?

Eyebrow Lamination: What Is It?

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Brow lamination – what is it, and how does it work? Eyebrow lamination is a procedure in which the expert covers the eyebrows with special compounds for long-term styling and fixation. Sometimes eyebrow lamination is accompanied by coloring. As a result, the eyebrows become bright, neat, and well-groomed, and the given shape remains unchanged for several months.

Performing lamination, the specialist first thoroughly cleanses the eyebrows, then degreases them and applies several serums in succession. Each of them needs to be exposed for a certain time, which the master can adjust depending on the stiffness of your eyebrows.

Types of Lamination

Depending on the means that the master uses, there are several types of lamination.

Modeling Lamination

Corrects the shape of the eyebrows and fixes the hairs in the desired position. Suitable for those with stiff and unruly eyebrows. With this type of lamination, the master applies special softening and fixing compounds.

Coloring Lamination

Combines eyebrow tinting and long-term styling. Compositions with hypoallergenic dyes are used.

Healing Lamination

This procedure has a caring effect. Eyebrow hairs become stronger and denser thanks to the use of medicinal serums with vitamins, plant proteins, extracts, and oils that perfectly nourish and strengthen the eyebrows.

Who Is Eyebrow Lamination Suitable for?

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Eyebrow lamination is suitable for almost everyone, but especially for those who have stiff and unruly eyebrows that need daily styling. Also, this procedure should be paid attention to girls who want to strengthen and tighten their eyebrows, make them thick and lush. If you have sparse eyebrows with noticeable gaps between hairs, lamination won’t be the answer. In your case, it is better to think about permanent makeup.

To find out if lamination is right for you or not, comb your brows upward with a stronghold styler, brow gel, or false eyelash glue. The result of the procedure will look like this – voluminous, daring eyebrows with a trendy “catwalk” effect.

How to Prepare for Eyebrow Lamination?

There is no special preparation for eyebrow lamination. It is advisable to stop using retinoids for several nights to prevent further irritation after the procedure.

Experts advise not to touch the brow before and after three weeks in order to achieve the best shape, and two days before going to the salon, apply styling wax to shape the shape of heavily regrow eyebrows.

Eyebrow Lamination Procedure

Now you know that special preparations are required before lamination. The only recommendation is to refuse peeling or other aggressive procedures on the face the day before. Eyebrow lamination takes place in several stages:

  • First, the master disinfects and decreases the eyebrows.
  • Then he applies a special emollient composition.
  • The third step – the specialist sets the desired shape of the eyebrows.
  • A fixing compound is applied next.
  • At the request of the client, the master covers the hair with a coloring pigment.
  • Finally, the eyebrows are treated with a keratin serum.

Duration of the Procedure

The duration of the eyebrow lamination procedure is from 40 minutes to an hour.

Effect Duration

How long does brow lamination last? On average, the lamination result lasts at least two months. This is certainly convenient as it saves you the hassle of styling your eyebrows for a long time. And the face looks expressive and well-groomed thanks to the neat but voluminous eyebrows.

Eyebrow Care After Lamination

Taking care of your eyebrow straightener after lamination is a snap. During the day, it is better not to wet or steam the area where the procedure was carried out, so you should refuse to visit the bathhouse, sauna, and pool, not to take too hot a bath. This will help the lamination to adhere to the hairs and provide the desired result.

Starting from the second day, all restrictions are removed: you can swim, take a steam bath, do the makeup of any complexity and use face care products, including in the area of ​​the eyes and eyebrows.

What Is Eyebrow Lamination for?

The main thing in any beauty procedure is its result. Let’s see what you get after eyebrow lamination.

  • Brightness. If lamination with coloring is carried out, your eyebrows will retain an intense shade for a long time. This is achieved with a composition that securely fixes the pigment in the hairs. If, after the usual dyeing, the eyebrows fade for one and a half to two weeks, then after lamination the color will remain for one to two months.
  • Form fixation. Eyebrows play one of the main roles in the perception of the face as a whole. For example, the “house” gives a naive expression, and the overhanging eyebrows make the face sullen. The shape of the eyebrows is very important for the perception of your appearance. Lamination helps to give this important part of the face a neat look and visually raises the eyebrow, thus providing a lifting effect.
  • Care. Unlike eyebrow dyeing, in which the pigment can dry out the hairs, eyebrow lamination strengthens, heals, and creates a protective “screen” from negative external influences. Lamination formulations are enriched with keratin, silk proteins, and vitamins that have a positive effect on hair follicles.

Pros of Eyebrow Lamination

Laminated eyebrows have many advantages, and here are the main ones:

  • tames unruly eyebrows;
  • eliminates the need to style eyebrows;
  • cares for hairs;
  • prolongs the durability of the dye;
  • helps to correct unsuccessful tattooing;
  • gives a triple effect: styling, coloring and eyebrow care;
  • during the procedure, the client does not experience any discomfort or pain;
  • Lamination instantly defines eyebrows.

Cons of Eyebrow Lamination

There are not many disadvantages to lamination. Most clients complain that:

  • new eyebrow treatment composition may cause allergies;
  • will not help change the shape of the eyebrows;
  • will not hide gaps in rarely growing eyebrows;
  • Brow lamination has a temporary effect. To save the new shape, the procedure must be repeated;
  • The eyebrows will not lie as beautifully for a whole month as they did immediately after the procedure.
  • Unsuccessful lamination can damage the hair structure. In this case, the eyebrows will look as if they were singed. This cannot be fixed – you will have to give up lamination for one and a half to two months until the hair is renewed.

Eyebrow Lamination: Contraindications

This procedure should not be done for ophthalmic and skin diseases, herpes, conjunctivitis, infections, mechanical damage to the skin. Also, eyebrow lamination is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

How to Choose a Master?

To assess the qualifications of a specialist, first of all, study the photographs of his work. Also find out where he studied, what certificates he has, and what tools he works with. Be sure to read reviews about the work of a lamination specialist. Word of mouth works great – if someone from your friends went to the procedure and was satisfied, and you trust his opinion, then you should listen.

Alternatives to Eyebrow Lamination

There are several eyebrow treatments in the arsenal of specialists.

  • Microblading. This is a professional eyebrow treatment. Several small incisions are made on the skin under the eyebrows with needles. As with tattooing, pigments are applied to the incisions to create the desired effect. The result lasts from 12 to 18 months, but then the color will start to fade.
  • Microshading. This procedure is similar to microblading. The pigments are injected into the skin through small dots along the entire length of the eyebrows. The result lasts for several months, then the procedure must be repeated.
  • Permanent make-up. Painful procedure with more lasting color effects than microblading and microshading. The color may fade after a few years. The procedure has side effects due to the fact that the needle pierces the skin and enters the deep layers.
  • Brow lamination and tint. Eyebrow tinting with dye.The effect lasts for several weeks.

Eyebrow Lamination At Home

Despite the sale of home kits for brow lamination before and after, experts advise against doing the procedure at home due to the chemicals present in the formulations.

We are confident that you are now fully aware of the details of the procedure and are ready to decide whether you need it.

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