The Sun Is Starting To Shine - It’s Time To Create Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

What Is a Spring Capsule Wardrobe?

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Are you looking to build a wardrobe capsule spring summer 2021 edition but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you even know what a spring capsule wardrobe looks like? Well let me be the one to help you out. A capsule wardrobe dates back to the 1940s, where in American publications this term was first used. Capsule wardrobes are known to be a rather small collection of clothing which compliment one another. These items are easily able to mix and match with one another, often following the color and fashion trends of the given season and year. So today, what will we be focusing on? Well, it is the year 2021 and spring and summer are fast approaching. Therefore today we will be dedicating our time to the spring capsule wardrobe essentials for the year 2021. There are so many amazing items which we will add to our spring capsule wardrobe checklist. After today, you will know exactly which items of clothing and accessories to ensure are in your closet this spring and summer. The nice thing about capsule wardrobes is that they are small, meaning that not a lot of money needs to be splurged in order to achieve these cute and fashionable looks. I promise these spring capsule wardrobe ideas will be both affordable and sustainable, so let’s see what we’re working with.

Benefits of a Spring-Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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So why would you choose outfits using spring capsule wardrobe ideas? What is so beneficial about this type of wardrobe? As mentioned before, creating a capsule wardrobe is all about finding a few items that work in many ways. So if you are tight on money and don’t have a large budget to blow on hundreds of spring and summer items, this is the option for you. By choosing to build a spring capsule wardrobe, you are ensuring that you will be on trend, always looking your best without breaking the bank. Once you learn how to pair the items from your spring capsule wardrobe list, I guarantee you will look fabulous everyday without even trying.

How to Avoid a Boring Spring-Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I know what you may be thinking, if a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing, how can we ensure that our outfits don’t become boring. Well, I have the answer for you. I have been working with capsule wardrobes for quite some time and have discovered that it is all about accessorizing. The base of these wardrobes tend to be a little less loud and exciting because they are a base for the accessories. Where we can really mix things up and express our stylistic voices is through layering and accessorizing. If you continue reading I will teach you just how to succeed in the best wardrobe capsule spring edition without creating a boring spread of items.

How to Start a Spring Time Capsule Wardrobe

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Where oh where do we even begin? The best place to start is by zooming into your lifestyle. Are you looking to create a spring capsule suit wardrobe because you lead a 9-5 office lifestyle? Or are you more interested in creating a collection of dresses for spring capsule wardrobe ideas because you are someone who works from your laptop under a tree in the park? There is no wrong answer, however this will help you find a starting point for your capsule wardrobe for work spring and summer edition. Today I will focus on two different types of capsule wardrobe outfit combinations for spring. The first combination will be a collection of clothes that are perfect for and well suited for the lifestyle of a working woman. The other combination of clothing will be more geared towards a more free spirited and vagabond lifestyle. Let’s begin with some more business work capsule wardrobe spring items.


When dealing with shirts within the business realm, this spring we will be focussing on cardigans. Cardigans can be paired in various ways. Whether you choose to layer with this piece or wear it as a solo piece, your cardigan will be perfect for in and out of the office.


Jumpsuits are a great option for the office. These one piece outfits are simple yet make a statement. They maintain a sense of professionalism whilst welcoming a little fun and play into your day.


This 2021, skirts are in. For the office, I would look into a mid length wrap skirt. These are form fitted yet still have a sense of flow and movement to them. Paired with a simple blouse and the right accessories, there is no going wrong.


This spring we are all about the flowy pants that can be business or casual. We will want a high waisted pant that hugs the waist and flows down the leg. These pants will not be hard to find this year.

Following all of this business wear talk, let’s take a look at how to create a spring capsule wardrobe for the free spirited soul.


Crochet is in! If you follow a more boho chic aesthetic, think about adding some crochet into your capsule wardrobe outfits spring will love.


Flowy, loose, transparent, light and airy are all words that come to mind when dealing with dresses this spring 2021. The magic is all in the fine detail whether this is embroidery or crocheted detailing, dresses are always a great option.


Mini skirts will be a great thing to play around with this spring and summer. Again, we are all about the crocheted pieces. Try working with a crocheted mini paired with a matching crocheted shirt.


Similar to our spring capsule wardrobe professional items, we are going to want to focus our attention toward flowy pants. However, now that we are out of the office we can feel free to have a little more fun with our choices.

Capsule Wardrobe Spring Color Palette

Now that we have briefly discussed what some of our spring clothing items will look like, let’s focus on our capsule wardrobe spring palette. Here is a list of the spring capsule wardrobe colors according to Zeitgeist.

  • Marigold Yellow- Bright, warm yellow with hints of turmeric and golds
  • Sky Blue- Classic light blue, quiet and gentle
  • Pumpkin Orange- Rich burnt orange
  • Mint Green- Pale green with hints of blues
  • Buttercream- A yellow neutral, great for a base
  • Cherry Red- Loud, bright red, good for accessorizing
  • Hot Pink- A color we all know and love

These spring capsule wardrobe women colors are bound to bring some brightness and joy back into our lives. Although these colors are all loud and have distinct voices of their own, we do not have to fear pairing them together. This spring and summer 2021 we are going to share our voices and personalities through our clothing. There is no need to shy away from the spotlight this year. If all eyes are on you, own it. You don’t have to wear all of these colors at once, and you don’t have to wear these colors at all. These colors are just a guideline to let you know what will be commonly worn and sold in stores this year. Feel free to take initiative and welcome different colors into your spring palette as well. Moving on, it is important we take these colors and talk about how they work on different complexions.

Complexion and Colors

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Before getting into capsule wardrobe for spring colouring with complexion and capsule wardrobe spring type of skin and color palettes, I want to take a moment to express that you can wear whatever you want. The color of your skin doesn’t have to dictate which colors of clothing you place on your body. There are definitely certain colors which complement different complexions, however if yellow is your favourite color, feel free to wear yellow. I know that purple doesn’t look the best on me, however it is my favourite color so I wear it with confidence. Here are some colors that may work well with your complexion:

  • Light Skin- Sky blue, mint green, buttercream
  • Fair Skin- Sky blue, mint green, buttercream
  • Medium Skin- Sky blue, mint green, buttercream, marigold
  • Olive Skin- Marigold, buttercream, pumpkin orange, cherry red
  • Tan Brown Skin- Marigold, pumpkin orange, buttercream, cherry red, hot pink
  • Black Brown Skin- Marigold, pumpkin orange, cherry red, hot pink

Essentially, if you have cooler undertones in your skin, your best option is to go for blues, greens and frosty creams. If you have warmer undertones in your skin, jewel tone colors work great such as red, yellows and oranges. Again, regardless of the information I just shared, feel free to wear whatever colors make you feel confident and happy.

Trendy Capsule Wardrobe Spring-Summer Colors for 2021

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Now that we know which colors are in and which colors work best with different complexions, let’s talk about which items we should buy in each color. Again, you don’t have to follow these tips perfectly, these are just suggestions to help you create the best wardrobe. To do this, we will focus on the three categories of creating a capsule wardrobe outfit.


For a base we are talking about a top and bottom piece. I would keep these items neutral using a white, buttercream or pumpkin orange.


For layering we are dealing with jackets such as a collarless blazer. This can be a pop of color like sky blue, cherry red, or hot pink.


For accessories we want to welcome in colour and texture. Golds, red, pearls, crochets and more. You have the most freedom in this area of dressing.

No matter where you put your colors, as long as you stay within the 2021 palette it will be hard to go wrong. These colors all work together therefore you have a lot of freedom with how you use them.

Trendy Items for 2021

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Whether we are dealing with a spring capsule wardrobe from Target or a spring capsule wardrobe from a big fashion designer name brand, these trendy items will be accessible and easy to find. I am going to choose to focus on a friendly budget spring or summer capsule wardrobe because why not? Building a capsule wardrobe is all about keeping it sustainable and affordable, so I am going to do just that. I am now going to share some of the most essential and trendy pieces that will play a role in the fashion world this spring 2021 according to Who What Wear. Let’s check them out!

Cropped Tops

Cropped tops are going to play a huge role this spring and summer 2021. These tops can be layered and paired with a variety of outfits. Whether tight fitting or flowy, skin is welcomed by all. After a long winter in quarantine, why not show off a little bit of skin this spring?

Open Back Dresses

Dresses in general will be the star of the show this 2021. However, opened back dresses are the way to go. Once again, this spring and summer we are all about tasteful amounts of skin. Backs are beautiful, why not show them off to the world?

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts will be everywhere this spring and summer and I am excited about it. As mentioned earlier, crocheted mini skirts will be the new craze. Why not try crocheting yourself your own skirt?


Both cropped and full length, short and long sleeved polos will be quite the hit. These polos are easy to pair with any and everything, making them the perfect addition to your 2021 spring capsule wardrobe.


This trend makes me the most excited: clogs! Yes, they’re making a comeback. Pull your clogs out from the depths of your closet because you will want to wear them this spring.

Relaxed Trousers

As mentioned before, loose and flowy pants are in, this includes a relaxed trouser. Comfort is key this spring.

Collarless Blazer

If you are looking for a nice layering option, collarless blazers are a good option to turn to. Having an oversized blazer is a great way to mix professionalism with casual high fashion. Try giving it a try.

Asymmetric Swimwear

Getting more into summer, asymmetric swimwear will be all the craze. Whether it be a one piece or a bikini, symmetry is out and asymmetry is in.

Cushy Thongs

Cushy thongs will keep our feet comfortable all summer long. These clunky shoes are looking to be extremely trendy this spring and summer 2021.

Rules of Matching Spring Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

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How to get dressed in a spring capsule wardrobe world? The rules of matching outfits are very lax. Once you have all of the items to complete your spring and summer 2021 capsule wardrobe, the ways in which you pair these items are essentially up to you. This is the nice and exciting thing about having a capsule wardrobe. The idea is that all of these items will work together no matter how you pair them. For a little assistance, here is a loose outline to follow.

  1. Start With A Base- Start with a base that is more neutral in order to prepare for some exciting layers. Something like a white polo with buttercream relaxed trousers would be a perfect example for this.
  2. Add Layers- Adding layers is the best part, here is where you can think about welcoming more colour into your look. If you are going for a collarless blazer, try something in pumpkin orange or marigold.
  3. Add Accessories- For the accessories don’t be afraid to go all out. I would turn to a chunky gold necklace with gold hoop earrings. Followed by a vegan leather over the shoulder bag, perhaps in a sky blue or mint green. Finally I would end this look with a chunky sandal with or without socks, weather depending.

This is just one of many examples for how you could create the ideal spring 2021 outfit. Don’t be afraid to have fun with whatever you do.


Accessories for 2021

The time has finally come to talk about all things accessories. To make your spring capsule work wardrobe designer, we must focus on the accessories. We will focus on three main categories: bags, shoes, and jewelry.

  • Bags- This year we are going to be seeing very square and leather bags. Both over the shoulder and crossbody are welcome. When dealing with leather, it is important we stay sustainable. Whether this means turning to vegan leather or purchasing second hand leather, sustainability is a possibility. These bags are versatile and will work with various outfits and for various occasions. Wear your bag to the office or the park.
  • Shoes- This spring and summer we are dealing with all types of sandals. Sandals in the spring? Yes of course. An example of spring capsule wardrobe dressing will be to pair your sandals with a cute pair of socks or hosiery. When it begins to get warmer remove the socks and wear the sandals as they are.
  • Jewelry- The best wardrobe capsule spring jewelry will be making an appearance this year. We are talking loud and chunky. Working with golds and pearls, these loud jewelry pieces will ensure your capsule wardrobe is anything but boring. Because we are working more with golds and pearls, these items will work with a variety of outfits which is a capsule wardrobe dream.

Happy Spring!

I hope you found this information helpful. Thanks for joining along on this journey today. Happy shopping!

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