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What Do Models Look Like: How to Look like a Model Everyday without Being a Model

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As it turns out you don’t have to be on the cover of Vogue to live the glamorous lifestyle of a model. You might be wondering how to look like a model every day without being a model, and that is where we come in. There are so many things to consider focusing on in order to get the model look such as makeup, photo tips, style advice and lifestyle changes. With this in depth guide on how to make everyday humans look like models you are sure to find a few gold nuggets of advice that might just make people stop you on the street and ask if they’ve seen you in magazines. Let’s take a look at some of the most important elements to attain in order to get model looks.

Skin Care

Want to know how to look like a model without makeup? Models are notorious for having high cheekbones, beautiful eyes and above all else, flawless skin. This is a result of many things including makeup, photoshop and genetics. However, there are also some really amazing products and routines that help models keep their faces looking dewy, soft and blemish free. Models don’t always have time to get their beauty sleep when they’re jetting off to do a runway show in Milan after their photoshoot in Los Angeles, so how do they keep their skin looking so beautiful amidst stress, lack of sleep and travel? Many models swear by face exercises, skin care products, masks, and treatments. Applying these skin care tips to your own daily life will help you look like a model in no time.

what do models look like

The key to skincare is balance. This means balancing what you take away with what you put on. What’s most essential to keeping your skin glowing is to make sure that it is hydrated and restore any lost moisture or minerals that are stripped away from your face when you cleanse or remove your makeup. After a day or night of wearing heavy makeup, make sure to remove your makeup with makeup remover as soon as you can and cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any residue leftover. Once you’ve cleansed your face, be sure to apply a moisturizer that works best for your skin type. The best moisturizers and creams are those that are non-irritating and made from nourishing natural products. It is also super important to wear sunscreen to prevent wrinkles even if it isn’t sunny because the UV rays that can come in through windows are the same ones that cause skin damage. This should be done every day, with supplementary skin care routines every few days including gentle exfoliation and face masks with nourishing vitamins.

how to look like a model makeup

Jade rolling is another extremely beneficial thing for bringing your best face forward. Jade rolling can reduce puffiness, the appearance of under eye bags, and fine wrinkles on your face. Some people like to use the jade roller with a few drops of oil and others like to store it in the fridge to really combat puffiness with the cooling stone. There are also facial exercises that you can do to strengthen your jawline, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fight puffiness or uneven looking skin, and even lower your stress levels. Check out the facial exercises by Nivea to find out more about the benefits of doing exercises for your face. In addition to doing exercises, moisturizing and exfoliating to get flawless skin on your face, consider doing these same things for the skin on the rest of your body. Exfoliating and moisturizing is the key to smooth supple skin and exercising your body can make your skin feel healthier and more elastic. When it comes to having hydrated and healthy skin from head to toe, it is also important to take care of your body as much as possible, meaning don’t forget to refill your water bottle, eat your veggies and get 8 hours of sleep when you can.


how to look like a model in photos

There are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look healthy, beautiful and strong, like a model’s hair looks when they’re behind the camera. Look model ready by applying some of these hair tips to your hair care routine. Just like your skin, your hair can benefit a lot by leading a healthy lifestyle. In order to get the most vitamins and nutrients that benefit your hair, you could try taking supplements like vitamin B5, collagen and or biotin which all promote healthy hair growth and strong, shiny hair. It also might be helpful to consider your hair when grocery shopping and eating foods like avocado, flax seeds and fish for omega-3 fatty acids that will nourish your hair as well as protein for hair and nail growth. When it comes to washing your hair, avoid shampooing every day as this will dry out your scalp and strip your hair of a lot of the natural oils that make it shiny, healthy and beautiful. Go as long as you can in between shampoo sessions. Depending on the texture of your hair and your natural oil secretions this could be anywhere from every other day to every other week. Deep conditioners, hair oils and hair masks are life savers when it comes to treating dry or damaged hair. Many models swear by hair oils like argan oil or even opt for the one and only coconut oil to nourish their ends. If your hair is really dead, has lots of split ends or color damage, the best option might be to get it cut at the salon to prevent the damage from spreading. As a bonus, a chic new cut will make you look like models do on the runway.

Smile and Teeth

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Do you want to know how to look like a model in photos? Imagine a photo of a model smiling at the camera. What does a model look like when it comes to smiling and teeth? Usually pretty perfect! But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can attain a model-like smile without having the perfect teeth and there are also plenty of ways to make your teeth look a little more perfect. First things first, as most of us already know, dental hygiene is important for having a radiant smile. Brush twice a day, floss and go to the dentist when you need to. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth so don’t over do it. You can also whiten your teeth with whitening strips or fluoride treatment. If you need a DIY or less expensive version of a teeth whitener, some people swear by coconut oil pulling and charcoal toothpaste.

When it comes to smiling, the surest way to have the perfect smile is to try to smile authentically. If you’re feeling cheesy or like your smile looks forced, it probably does. Some tips that help with how to look like a model in pictures are breathing through your mouth and parting the lips slightly, smiling with your eyes, putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth and tilting your head. One of the best tips for capturing a perfect smile on camera is asking your photographer to make you laugh during the photoshoot.

Nutrition and Food

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Many people have the idea in their brain that models don’t eat or that they have incredibly low calorie diets of a few fruits and a cup of coffee. While this may be true for some models in an industry that is famous for promoting disordered eating habits, this isn’t the truth for many successful models and the low calorie diet culture in the modelling industry is slowly being broken from the inside out. What is more important than calorie counting is being smart about healthy eating habits. You need to fuel your body in order to be the most healthful and beautiful being you can be. What you put in your body should be full of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats. Eating a diet that is rich in processed foods can be detrimental to your health and happiness because foods like simple sugars and saturated fats will leave you feeling sluggish and hungry after a few hours. Eating whole grains, nuts, fruits and veggies and proteins like fish, chicken or turkey are your best bet for feeling full and energetic rather than shaky, moody or tired.

When it comes to beverages, stick to mostly water or if you’re like me and you need some caffeine in the morning to get you going, coffee or tea. Limit the amount of caffeine you drink in order to avoid problems like shakiness or crashing. There are a lot of health benefits to drinking herbal teas which are typically caffeine free. When it comes to modeling, most models try to avoid carbonated beverages because they tend to be extremely high in sugar, and even if they’re not they can cause a good amount of bloating which can be a bit uncomfortable and unflattering. Alcohol is another beverage that should really be consumed sparingly. Everything in moderation means that having the occasional cocktail or two is fine but drinking excessively can be very detrimental to your health and your physique. When I say everything in moderation, I mean everything in moderation. This means that models will eat whatever they want as long as it’s in moderation. So, yes, models do eat cheeseburgers and donuts and ice cream, but most don’t eat these things on a regular basis. You can and should eat the foods that make you happy and contribute to your enjoyment of life, but you should also fuel your body with the unprocessed, home cooked, and healthful foods that will make it happy and healthy.


model makeup looks

Working out is a must for anyone who wants to be a professional model. This means if you want to look like a professional model, working out is a thing to do. Some models have intense workout routines while others don’t. A big thing to remember is that genetics play a huge role in how your body looks, feels, responds to working out, stores fat, and fatigues. Working out is an important part of any healthy lifestyle so you should do it because it feels good and not to attain a certain body type or a specific aesthetic.

Instead of asking what do models look like and how do I look the same, think about how to look the best because you feel great and strong from working out. This being said, I will share some of the things that models do to work out so if you’re set on living the model life you can exercise like a model might. Models generally do a combination of somatics, stretching, core workouts and cardio. Many models enjoy running, cycling, swimming, using the elliptical and jumping rope for cardio. They might also enjoy yoga, pilates, and other stretching and strengthening practices that are similar. Posture is important to modeling so stretching and strengthening are super important. Some models enjoy dance classes or barre fit workouts. Many don’t lift weights in an attempt to be lean and slim, but some do and the health benefits of strength training are proven to be quite high!

Make Up

how to look like a model in pictures

The way you apply makeup is a very important part of attaining the model look. Learning how to do makeup like a model can really make your efforts to look like a model pay off. It’s important to be versed in how to take care of your skin and build a good skincare routine before you get to this step. Something that makeup artists are scrupulous about is being sure to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate so that the client they’re working with has a clean and healthy base for the makeup. Makeup looks best when applied on moisturized healthy skin. Before applying makeup, cleanse your face and moisturize your face and your lips. Then apply a good foundation. Good color matching is essential to model makeup looks, so swatch your products before you purchase them and keep more than one shade of foundation or concealer on hand so that you can blend the perfect shade when your skin is looking a little more pale or a little more sun kissed. Bronzer, blush and highlight are really great tools to use and can elevate a plain makeup to a model makeup look. Go lightly with these three for a more natural or “makeup that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup” look, or go heavier for a glam editorial style beat.

The makeup technique that will really make the biggest difference, even so much as to make your facial features look different, would be contouring. If you really want to get into model makeup, contour is a tool that will serve you well if done right. Of course there are the other elements of model-esque makeup like a smokey eye or a dagger sharp line of liquid eyeliner. A pop of bright lipstick can accentuate your lips and smile. But all of this isn’t necessary for achieving the model makeup look. In fact, overdoing it can sometimes do exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not a celebrity MUA, it’s best to start off with some simple makeup that brings out your features and makes you look glowing and healthy. Curl your eyelashes, moisturize and blend your colors nicely!


how to look like a model without makeup

If you want to look like a model you have to dress like a model, but how do you dress like a model when you’re not one? Trends come and go, but personal style is something that you explore for your whole life. It is important to add a bit of your own personality to the clothes you wear, but know some good styling tips as well as have some understanding of the trends of the time so you can make sure not to have a fashion faux pas. One of the primary things to know when dressing like a model is how to style the basics. Invest in some solid colored high quality staple wardrobe items like black slacks, a formal dress, good quality socks, a nice pair of formal shoes, some solid colored cotton shirts and a white button down shirt. With these essential items you will be able to make a combination of outfits and work with the items that go in and out of style to incorporate yearly trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank and buying all new things every time trends change.

Go for high quality fabrics and garments that will last a long time instead of buying into fast fashion which will fall apart after a few wears. If your clothes don’t fit you as you would like them to, utilize the services of a tailor or sew them yourself if you have the skills to do so. Read fashion magazines to know what colors, cuts and styles are popping up on the runways and editorial photos so that you can get an idea of what models are wearing. If in doubt choose simplicity and elegance and hold yourself like a model to make all the difference.

Posture, Walk and Photo Poses

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All of these tips are important for looking like a model in daily life but what does a model look like when they’re really doing their thing? If you want to know how to look like a model on Instagram you have to learn how to pose, walk and hold yourself like a model. The first rule of looking like a model is confidence. If you are posing for pictures without confidence that the picture is going to turn out beautiful, you might be creating a self fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t think you will be able to pull out that model smolder the first time you try to take a photo, practice! Models actually practice their facial expressions and modelling poses all the time. Find some good lighting, natural lighting is usually best, and play around with different angles and poses that make you look like the beauty you are. Angles are truly one of the most important parts of capturing a model nicely, so figure out how to angle yourself in order to accentuate the things you like most about yourself. Candid shots and posed shots can both be great but when posing make sure that you don’t feel too forced or staged. Move around to feel more natural and get the most options in terms of poses.

model posing for photos at home

So if all of these tips seem like a lot, maybe even too much to tackle, just know that you are beautiful and unique the way you are. Trying to fit into a certain archetype is rarely fruitful or meaningful. What’s most important is embracing your uniqueness and practicing mindfulness, self acceptance and wellness. If you don’t look like the stereotypical definition of a fashion model but you hold yourself with confidence and ease, people will get the same energy from you as they would from a supermodel. Treating your body with love and respect, letting go of stress and getting enough sleep will make you incredibly attractive. So much so that people might just ask you if they’ve seen you in a magazine.

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