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What Are the Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Voluminous Eyelashes Look

best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

Let’s face it, glue on eyelashes can be super messy and difficult to wear. The glue is hard to gauge, the application can be a disaster, and it can fall off during a night out if you don’t do a perfect job of applying them. No one wants to be at a formal event with one eyelash hanging off of their eyelid. Taking them off when the night is over can also be kinda painful, and damage your eyelid or eyelashes, not to mention the potential for that sticky glue to stubbornly stay on your eyelid indefinitely unless you can get a super-strength makeup cleanser and buff it off. Some people go the eyelash extensions route to avoid the headache of applying false eyelashes themselves. This is certainly an option, but it means you will be essentially wearing fake eyelashes at all times, it is expensive, and when some of them fall out and you’re left with just a few lone surviving false eyelash extensions, the look is a little less desirable. So what is the best way to accentuate your eyes with eyelash accessories? Magnetic eyelashes of course!

magnetic eyelashes best

Genetic is a company that was founded by Ann McFerran for those who want glamorous eyelashes but don’t have the time or patience for traditional fake lashes applied with glue. Genetic is said to make some of the best rated magnetic eyelashes. They have a huge variety of some of the top magnetic eyelashes so you can find the best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner that suits your eye shape and occasion. Furthermore, finding the best magnetic eyelashes doesn’t have to be a laborious process. The website is super easy to use. They have a “lash guide” that takes you through their products based on length, shape, and look, giving you multiple images and a description of every pair of lashes as you scroll through. You can even chat with a customer service specialist online to ask questions should you need more advice. Some of their best-selling lashes are mink but there are also vegan options as well as a number of colorful lashes and accessories. All of the products are magnetic and work with their magnetic formula eyeliner.

Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe?

best rated magnetic eyelashes

In short, yes. All of the products are tested for safety and made from ingredients that are typically found in popular and safe cosmetics. The only additional product is an iron oxide which enables the magnetic properties. Iron oxide is non-toxic and found in other beauty products for pigment, but there is a recommendation on the website that you should test this out on a small patch of skin and not to use the product if you have an existing eye condition that makes your eyes extra sensitive to any makeup in general. The website also has detailed ingredient and testing descriptions. If you’re wondering whether the lashes are cruelty-free, you should note that although the mink lashes are not such, the “vegan lashes” are 100% cruelty-free as are the typical ingredients found in the liner. The vegan lashes are faux mink and made from a synthetic fiber that still gives you the same lush and soft lash feeling. The vegan lashes will also last longer than the mink lashes. Because of their plastic composition, they can be worn for a bit longer than the mink lashes which will eventually decompose. The mink lashes can be worn up to 40 times if you are sure to follow the care instructions, so the vegan lashes if cared for properly can last for a very long time.

How to Apply

what are the best magnetic eyelashes

The application process is so much more simple than applying eyelashes with glue. The first thing you do is apply the magnetic liquid eyeliner to your lid and wait for it to dry. Once it has dried you simply apply the lashes with either a pair of tweezers or your fingers and watch as they become magnetically attracted and attached to the eyeliner with no mess or fuss. They won’t fall off easily, and if you’re very concerned you can make sure that the liner is applied in a thick line and even apply more than one coat. The company advises that you put some mascara on your natural lashes and then curl them with the magnetic lashes once applied. They do not advise that you apply mascara to the mink lashes themselves as this may alter the shape of the lashes and make them more likely to get worn out, so you won’t be able to get as many uses out of them. Once you’re ready to take the lashes off for the night, simply remove the lashes from the corner and then remove the liner from your eyes with a makeup remover that is oil-based. If you want to use the lashes many times, be sure to clean the lashes themselves to ensure that the magnet stays effective. If there is any eyeliner still on the lashes once you take them off, they could disturb the magnetic process, so scrape off any remnants of eyeliner on the lashes. You can use a bit of makeup remover on the magnets to get all excess eyeliner off, but be sure not to get the lashes themselves wet to allow them to last as long as possible and look as good as new.

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