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What Are Split Hem Trousers?

trendy split hem trousers

What are split hem trousers? Trousers with split hems seem to be making a comeback in the fashion world. So what are these pants that everyone is hurrying to purchase? These pants hug the body’s natural curves from hip to calf. As the pant leg approaches the ankle region, a split forms at the hem, creating a flare like movement to the pants. Flare pants were popular in the 1970s… could these split pants be the 70s making a comeback as well? I sure hope so.

Why Are Split Leg Trousers Trendy?

So why are these split leg trousers so trendy? Well, they say that history repeats itself and I find this to be true within the fashion world as well. Everything good will make its way around again, perhaps with new elements or adaptations. These side split pants are hard not to love. From the way they hug your legs to the way they expose your ankle, these pants truly do wonders for the body. Pairing these pants with a fun heel is a great option as the split hem draws attention to that region. The use of heels with these pants will also accentuate the length of your legs, making them look like they go on for days.

Which Celebrities Are Rocking Split Trousers?

This is just in! Many celebrities have already been spotted rocking their split-front trousers in 2021. Footwear News provided us with an article expressing the celebs who have already hit the streets in this fashion revival.

  • Gigi Hadid
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Hailey Bieber
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  • Gitta Banko
  • Jen Atkin

After checking out this article you will see that some of these celebrities chose to go a more casual route in hem split leggings and a sneaker, whereas others dressed it up in black split hem trousers with a heel. No matter the avenue they chose to take, they all looked absolutely amazing in their trendy pants.

What to Pair with Your Split Hem Pants

So now that you have purchased your high split trousers, it’s time to figure out what to pair them with. Allow me to walk you through a quick and easy outfit that may already be hanging in your wardrobe. Here is what you will need:

  • Fitted White Tee
  • Oversized Vintage Blazer/Jacket
    • Preferably one that is patterned or is a pop of color
  • Black Side Split Pants
  • A Simple Heel
  • A fun handbag
    • I love the addition of denim here

This simple outfit will work for a variety of occasions. You can wear this look on your Sunday morning trip to the grocery store, perhaps swapping the heel for a fun sneaker, or you can wear this outfit for patio drinks with the girls. This outfit is so simple and can be changed and altered with the simple swap of a tee shirt or accessory. These fitted thigh-split trousers are truly the perfect addition to any wardrobe as they are not only trendy but versatile and functional as well. Continue reading if you want to find out some of the best places to get yourself a pair (or two!).

Where Can You Get Split Leg Pants?

The options are endless when it comes to places you can find these trendy split hem pants. Here are 15 different options for you shared in no particular order.


Lululemon - LA Wide Leg Side Split High-Rise Pant

LululemonLA Wide Leg Side Split High-Rise Pant is the perfect item for lounging around in or running errands while still looking cute. These pants come in three neutral tones which makes them perfect for mixing and matching with other items.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing - Shape Black Pu Split-Hem Pants

Pretty Little ThingShape Black Pu Split-Hem Pants are the best pair of pants to hit the town in at night. These pants will hug your body in all of the right places leaving you feeling confident in your fit. Not only are they cute, but affordable as well.


Zara - Slit Ribbed Leggings

ZaraSlit Ribbed Leggings are the perfect answer for you if you love looking stylish while remaining comfortable. These ribbed pants bring a layer of texture into your outfit and will leave you feeling beautiful every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.



Aritzia’s ROCKWELL PANT by Babaton is just what you need to rock at your next job interview or an important meeting. These pants are sleek and professional but still extremely fashionable. If you had to explain “Girl Boos” through pants, these would be the ones to do so.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - Year of Ours 9 To 5 Slit Hem Legging

Urban OutfittersYear of Ours 9 To 5 Slit Hem Legging are the perfect pants for feeling good while working out. Paired with the perfect sneaker, these pants are also great for taking your dog for a walk or running errands in.


SHEIN - O-Ring Zip Cutout Wide-Leg Pants

SHEINO-Ring Zip Cutout Wide-Leg Pants will do all of the talking for you no matter where you go. These pants will add all of the spice that has been missing from your wardrobe. If you are going to buy a pair of split hem trousers, definitely buy these.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill - Momokrom Off White Wide Leg Split Hem Jeans

Dolls KillMomokrom Off White Wide Leg Split Hem Jeans are special in that they are denim. More often than not with split leg pants, you will find leggings and trousers. Rocking a pair of denim split hem trousers is a great option as well.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal - Get Your Slit Together High-Waisted Pants

Nasty GalGet Your Slit Together High-Waisted Pants are just what you need to spruce up your style. These pants will look great paired with almost anything, making them a great article of clothing to work with if fashion doesn’t come naturally to you.


Boohoo - High Waisted Split Front Woven Wide Leg Pants

BoohooHigh Waisted Split Front Woven Wide Leg Pants look great on any and all body types. These pants can be dressed up or dressed down therefore work great for any occasion. The ivory color is to die for and needs to be one of your next purchases.


ASOS - Clean Slit Side Wide Leg Pants

ASOSClean Slit Side Wide Leg Pants in black pairs perfectly with a summer’s night BBQ. These pants add a sense of ease and effortlessness to your immaculate sense of style. Everyone on the block will want to know where you got them.

Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay - Annabella Slit Wide-Leg Pants

Hudson’s BayAnnabella Slit Wide-Leg Pants are great if you work a 9-5 in a business office. These pants will make people take you seriously because they mean business.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova - Lyla Wide Leg Satin Pant

Fashion NovaLyla Wide Leg Satin Pant strayed from the normal and common materials and chose satin. These pants will make you stand out in a crowd because you will just be looking too good.


Premium Rib Knit High Waist Flare Wide Leg Trousers by The Rose One

Etsy’s Premium Rib Knit High Waist Flare Wide Leg Trousers by The Rose One work miracles for your behind. The way the hem singes in the bum area accentuates your body leaving you feeling absolutely incredible.


PACT - Women’s Split Hem Lounge Pant

PACTWomen’s Split Hem Lounge Pant is great for hiking and spending time in nature. Make sure to take these with you on your next camping trip to ensure ultimate comfort whilst maintaining style.


One of my favorite activities to do with friends is to go thrift or vintage shopping. If you are into DIY projects you can find a vintage pair of 70s flare pants and slit the hem yourself. This will ensure originality and uniqueness within the ways you dress.

It’s time for you to get yourself a pair of split hem trousers, Happy Shopping!

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