What Are Body Wraps: How Body Wraps Work

detox body wrap spa treatment

Detox body wrap spa treatment sounds pretty luxurious and with spas claiming that cellulite wrap treatment makes your skin smooth and flawless while you get a body wrap massage, it sounds almost too good to be true! But is it? What are the benefits of getting a full-body wrap treatment at a spa, and is it worth the price? Let’s find out! Que the body wraps spa information!

Body wraps are pretty much exactly what they sound like. A spa technician or body wrap specialist wraps your body in either a thick cream, gel, mud, clay, or other beautifying product and then wraps your body in a layer of either sheets, plastic, or towels to seal the goodness in. Sometimes prior to this treatment, the client will get a body scrub to remove dead skin, and or a massage to help the body loosen up and allow the creams or products applied to truly do their magic. Then the wrapping is applied. At this point, the client is left to bask in the wrap for about 30 minutes, during which time some of the temporary weight loss effects may kick in. The temporary weight loss works because it may get hot in the body wrap, and this might make a person sweat and lose some water weight. The serums and products applied before wrapping will also help to firm up the skin and give a youthful and fit appearance. After the thirty minutes have passed the body wrapping specialist should slowly take you out of the experience. You will feel like a new person, like a butterfly leaving a cocoon!

Body wraps are a great way to get your entire body feeling rejuvenated and glowing. There are many different types of body wrapping treatment and all of them are something like a facial for your body. They help with skin elasticity, softness, getting rid of blemishes and cellulite, nourishing and moisturizing the human body’s largest organ: the epidermis.

Not all body wraps come with a massage, but some do. Be careful to check whether massage is included in the body wrap treatment and if so, whether it is at an additional cost or not. The massage portion as well as the body wrap itself will provide you with intense relaxation, which is helpful for your overall health. Stress can manifest itself physically in a lot of ways, so taking the time to relax your body and mind can make you look five years younger, and be more radiant and energized.

Body wraps can also help with exfoliation. Some body wrapping techniques lift dead skin particles and remove them when the wrap is over, leaving only new and healthy skin behind and giving your skin a fresh and glowing feeling. Depending on the body wrap, different vitamins and minerals included can help repair and intensely moisturize your skin. Not only will your skin be moisturized, but many of the formulas of mud clay or algae can help remove toxins from the skin. Your skin, again the biggest organ in the body, is responsible for protecting you from toxins and also getting rid of toxins that build up in the body. Making sure that your pores aren’t clogged, that dead skin is not in the way, and the use of moisture and detoxifying vitamins and minerals can help your skin flush out any toxins and give your overall health a boost.

body wrapping information

Different kinds of body wraps include moisturizing, detoxifying, and what is often referred to as figure slimming body wraps. Moisturizing body wraps entail your body being wrapped in a very thick supple moisturizing cream. This cream is enriched with vitamins and minerals that will help your skin retain moisture such as vitamin E or aloe vera. It is important to note whether the particular treatment you are getting gives you an exfoliant beforehand, because if not this treatment will sit atop dead skin cells and not be as functional.

Detoxifying skin wraps often use algae or mud/ clay to extract toxins from the skin and the body. As I mentioned the skin is a huge waste removal organ, and treating it with a detoxifying mask can speed up any detoxing process.

So-called slimming or limited time and very slight weight loss wraps, look like someone is wrapping up a mummy, and do provide results in a short window of time. Someone might do this treatment if they are wanting to look a tiny bit slimmer on an evening out or fit into that kinda tight dress for an important function.

Things to think about before going to get a body wrap are whether you’re claustrophobic, or if you’re uncomfortable being left alone. If either of these things describes you, you might want to look into other options for skin detoxifying and relaxing spa treatments. Some body wrap treatments, particularly the slimming ones, can make you feel very tightly enclosed in the wrapping, so don’t opt for them if that makes you uncomfortable. If you don’t like to be left alone for a while, you could always ask to get the body wrap treatment with a friend or ask to play some distracting music or a podcast to help you relax while the wrap does its thing.

I hope this article gave you some good insights about why getting body wrapping treatment is a relaxing and rejuvenating way to spend your time at the spa. Happy wrapping!

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