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Walmart Challenged Kanye West’s Application concerning the Proposed Logo for Yeezy

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The rapper Kanye West, whose much part of fortune is connected with the clothing business, has a conflict with another large company. On April 21, Walmart, which is considered one of the largest retailers in the United States, challenged a trademark application, filed by Kanye West, concerning his brand of clothes called Yeezy. The company believes the proposed logo design is too similar to their well-known Walmart logo design. And adds that the company’s image will be damaged. Since the year 2007, the logo has become well known and recognizable as a unique sign and a symbol of goodwill.

Both logos resemble the sun image. The Walmart logo has thick lines that resemble sunbeams, and the proposed logo from Kanye has characteristic lines which consist of a series of dots that also resemble sunburns.

Walmart says that the star’s company often collaborates with other celebrities, which could lead consumers to assume a connection when they see the logo design. According to a statement from Walmart, the company has already talked to Yeezy in the summer of 2020 and again this year. But they still haven’t received any precise information regarding future use or any collaboration with Yeezy to agree on anything.

Walmart has been using its logo since 2007, while the Yeezy brand filed for the logo in January 2020.

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