Vintage Shopping

vintage shopping

The Fashion Industry is counted as the second most polluting industry. It comes second after the Oil industry. Usually the brands we know off, have factories in countries classed as third world countries. It makes the production much cheaper to produce clothes in for example Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Ethiopia. Because of their situation, the worker are paid minimal and works for many hours. It’s not unusual to see young kids working trying to provide for their families.

Because of the hidden information about the fashion industry, many people around the world choose to buy vintage and second hand. Many famous people like Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae and Macklemore that even made a song named “Thrift Store” shops vintage. Janelle specifically prefers second hand clothing for the unique look.

You can find amazing pieces, from for example couture brands, for a much cheaper price. You can shop, with your mind in peace. If you buy vintage, it means that your shopping is not affecting the production of new clothes. Slowly the factories will produce less of their clothes, which will make a big step for the environment.

There’s amazing vintage shops all around the world. Try to find your own local one.

Here’s three recommended shops to buy your thrifted clothing around the world.

Beyond Retro

This vintage store is located in different cities in England and in Sweden. They also have an online shop. If you can’t visit their store, you can buy from your computer and get it sent to home. They have a mixture of different kind of clothes. Are you looking for a new pair of levis pants? You’ll find it there. Even vintage wedding dresses is possible to find there.

Groupies Vintage

Located in Milan, Italy. If you’re into street wear and tie dye you’ll love this vintage store. You will find brands as Fila, Kappa and Nike etc there.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is only in the states. So if you’re based in USA I would recommend to check their website and find the closest store to you. You can find brand new shoes, bags and pieces of clothing for a very affordable price. If you have clothes hanging that you’re not using, you can take them there and exchange. It’s an amazing idea to get rid of clothes gathering dust and bringing new looks home.

If you’re in Berlin, Amsterdam or London I would recommend to find a kilo store. You take a bag and fill it with all your clothes, and pay for the weight. It usually ends up being very cheap.

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