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Posh Girl Is Still Spicy: Victoria Beckham Turns 47

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She was an ordinary girl from the countryside in England. She always dreamed of fame and by this moment became a world-famous designer, whose clothes wear members of the British royal family. She started as a pop singer and has turned into a world icon. Victoria was in her early twenties when her dream came true: in the second half of the 90s, there was no soul who did not hear about the Spice Girls group and its five participants. By the age of 47, she has achieved everything that she dreamed of and has already left her name in the history of fashion. And on April 17, she celebrates her 47th birthday.

About Victoria Beckham

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World fame came to her in the second half of the 1990s, when Victoria performed in the pop group Spice Girls, still bore the maiden name Adams and the nickname Posh Spice – with the light hand of the journalists of the popular music publication Top of the Pops. At the same time, on July 4, 1999, the singer became the wife of the famous football player David Beckham: the couple celebrated a luxurious wedding at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland. In 2000, Victoria Beckham, like other girls from the Spice Girls, embarked on a solo career, releasing the first single “Out of Your Mind”, which immediately ended up at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Subsequently, another 10 Victoria Beckham singles hit the top UK charts, and the singer herself signed contracts with Virgin Records and Telstar Records. Victoria Beckham is known as a fashion designer: recognized by everyone as a style icon, she designed jeans for Rock & Republic, was engaged in her line of denim under the dVb Style brand, released the line of sunglasses and fragrance Intimately Beckham, worked on the design of bags and jewelry, and in 2012, in cooperation with Land Rover, she even took part in the creation of a car, the model of which was named after her – Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition. Victoria Beckham has appeared as a writer twice, releasing her autobiography, as well as a guide to the world of fashion; on television, she has appeared in numerous shows and reality shows, in particular Being Victoria Beckham and The Real Beckhams dedicated to herself. A couple of Victoria and David Beckham are one of the wealthiest, most successful, and famous in the world; the couple is raising a daughter and three sons.

Victoria Beckham as a Singer

victoria beckham posh

In the group “Spice Girls” the singer appears under the name Victoria Adams because then she was not yet married. By the way, the band was originally called “Touch”, but the new name was more consistent with the scale of future popularity. By the way, each member of the group received a personal nickname from the fans. Victoria fans call her “Posh Spice”, that is “Chic Spice”, as Posh Spice clothes are bright short dresses and catchy, attractive makeup. Posh spice style began to be repeated by many girls around the world.

The first single “Wannabe” became number one on both sides of the Atlantic and set a rotation record on radio stations: in the first week, the hit was played more than 500 times. Three more songs from the debut album “Spice” made it to the first line of the charts: “Say You’ll Be There”, “2 Become 1” and “Who Do You Think You Are”. Later, “Spice Up Your Life” became very popular and especially the ballad “Viva Forever” from the third album “Spice Girls”, which was called “Forever”. But in 2000, the group broke up.

Victoria Beckham begins her solo career and releases her debut single “Out of Your Mind”, which, as time will tell, will become the most popular song in the artist’s work. The composition peaked at number two in the UK charts, but the subsequent hits “Not Such An Innocent Girl” and “A Mind of Its Own” were also in the top ten.

About the Career of a Designer

Perseverance, incredible ability to work, and belief in success – this is what allowed Victoria Beckham at the age of 30 to radically change her life and career vector, turning from a singer into a real businesswoman at the head of an international fashion empire, especially after creating her Victoria Beckhams fashion line.

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Start of Success

Victoria Beckham in 2008 launched her signature Victoria Beckham brand. Everyone was waiting for either the triumph or the failure of Victoria Beckham, who that evening presented her first collection of 10 dresses by the Viktoria Beckham collection.

Beckham began her new career in 2004 with the design of glasses, jeans, and the launch of a new brand of perfume, as well as active collaboration with other designers, fashion brands, and stores. Victoria Beckham’s design is loved by many women around the world.

The first show of the Beckham collection in a New York hotel was more than successful, the Posh Spice’s clothing line was highly appreciated by experts and ordinary buyers. All praised Beckham’s design and high-quality materials and workmanship This gave Victoria a pass to the world of fashion and the international fashion industry, which, by her admission, did not come easily to her.

She already has a collaboration with the Samantha Thavasa store and the Selfridges chain, the release of the exclusive line of V Sculpt cosmetics and Intimately Beckham fragrances, the launch of the Victoria Beckham’s clothesline and dVb perfume, multi-million dollar sales worldwide, writing two books and even working on creative car design. Limited Edition Range Rover.

Modern Minimalist

victoria beckham design

Victoria Beckham’s outfits can be safely attributed to slightly glamorous minimalism. Laconic styles, expensive materials, and rich colors are the basis of her images. A style icon never puts on too much bright jewelry at once, but correctly places accents, and sometimes only with the color of one of the elements of the outfit.

Victoria Beckham is ready to wear a lot of classic menswear that accentuates the fragile figure and lends elegance. Sometimes the fashion diva dresses in a casual style because she is also a mother of many children who appreciates comfort. Although stiletto heels are a priority, recently Victoria has allowed herself to relax and go out into the city in sneakers or ballet flats.

Main Elements

Color: Black, Orange, Blue, Gray, Beige

Victoria believes that black clothes are suitable for any occasion and look very elegant. Moreover, there is never too much black and Mrs. Beckham can very often be seen dressed in a black total look.

Sometimes she likes to shade black with other dark shades, inky blue, burgundy or emerald. Among the bright shades in Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe, you can often see rich orange. Perhaps this is the second most important color. Various shades of blue such as electric blue and navy are also beloved and actively used.


The black and white gamut very often becomes the backdrop for one bright piece of clothing in Victoria Beckham’s clothing style. She is a fan of the color blocking technique in clothes and mainly uses pure shades and smooth textures. She uses few prints, except geometric, restrained checks, stripes, circles.

Sheath Dress and Pencil Skirt Looks

The star is very fond of modern feminine images. Therefore, Victoria Beckham inspired dresses that were often form-fitting.

Skinny Jeans

Vicky has a lot of jeans in different colors in her wardrobe, but she finds dark blue ideal for both day and evening outings. Posh spice’s clothing is comfortable clothes that perfectly emphasize a slim figure and are perfectly combined with casual and classic clothes.


Victoria Beckham claims that the main thing in creating fashion posh are thoughtful accessories.

Bulky Bag

Victoria prefers roomy bags and now, of course, the personalized Victoria Beckham, but also the iconic Birkin from Hermes, of which this lady has a whole collection, have become favorites. The way to carry the bag by holding it by the bottom has already become a recognizable feature. And it is not surprising, because this fashionista often makes the bag the center of the entire outfit.


According to Victoria, the glasses always complete the look and make it perfect. Favorite aviators and dragonflies are the final touch of any outfit, not a desire to hide from camera flashes.

A Little Bit about Her Private Life

victoria and david beckham

Singer and designer Victoria Beckham connected her personal life once and for all with British footballer David Beckham, the star of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Los Angeles Galaxy.

Later, the football star shared that he first saw Vicki in a video in her signature Victoria Beckham clothing. Then the girl impressed the athlete so much that he immediately realized that the singer was created for him.

The novel developed rapidly, and soon the lovers announced their engagement. While preparing for the wedding, Vicki found out that she was pregnant. The couple’s firstborn, Brooklyn Joseph, was born on March 4, 1999. 

The couple’s wedding took place on July 4, 1999, at the ancient Irish castle of Luttrellstown. During the festival, the newlyweds sat on golden thrones.

Victoria Beckham in 2005 gave her husband a third son, who was named Cruz David. And in 2011, a replenishment happened in the family: the male composition was diluted with the appearance of a girl who was named Harper Seven. Victoria and David have long dreamed of a daughter, and finally, their wish came true.

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