It seems that the Vetements brand is planning to change its name. This is evidenced by recent trademark filings. Nevertheless, the controversial brand is silent about its future plans.

Although its name was originally chosen deliberately to reflect a simple strategy to clothing design. But despite this Vetements is still associated with a fashionable and expensive label. Although in fact Vetements simply means “clothes” in French.

Thus, this name appears on shoes, outerwear, and T-shirts, although it is often hidden behind scratched text or collaged images. All this speaks for the brand recognition of Vetements.

But since April 2020, Vetements has filed trademark applications for the term “VTMNTS”. There are many reasons why Vetements may have applied to this, but the company most likely just wants to protect its products because its brand is too literal. Vetements have often been referred to as “just describing” the items they produce, namely, clothing.

However, Vetements recently shared on social media about the upcoming big announcements. This year, in addition to food, more interesting and unexpected launches are expected in different countries.

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