American brand Vans presented a collection of sneakers and slip-on shoes for authentic people. Shoe design focuses on comfortable tactile and auditory sensations. Thus, some models are made of quilted soft material like suede; and the shoe model called ComfyCush Slip-On PT has a small loop to make the shoes easier to put on. Sneakers and slip-on shoes are made in cold blue and white shades, some of them are checkerboard color. On the heels of each pair, you can find messages in the form of inscriptions. In addition, the Autism Awareness collection includes a T-shirt and a long sleeve in neutral shades.

The brand donated 100 thousand dollars from the sales of this collection to the A.skate Foundation, which introduces autistic children skateboarding as a part of therapy. They not only learn how to skateboard but also subsequently orient themselves in the skateboarding culture. The Autism Awareness collection appeared in stores, on the Vans website, and in partners’ stores in March this year and is very popular among a wide range of people who want to support the brand’s initiative.

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