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We are lucky, cause today’s fashion is very loyal and allows to combine as many different styles and trends as you wish. Modern looks combine the elements of a variety of courses, that ever existed in fashion and it makes the style today very flexible./p>

So let’s discuss what type of leather jackets the main stylists of the planet offer us this season.

The great thing is that you have no limits in choosing the color – it can be the most unpredictable one, and the more unusual it is, the better.

How about the shape? Please, meet the hottest ones.

Bomber Jacket – Convenient and Stylish

This model of the jacket was actually borrowed from men’s wardrobe but is now firmly held by women as a super-functional part of the daily look. You can combine it with almost all the stuff in your closet, so go ahead and fearlessly use a leather bomber jacket this season.

Everlasting Retro

70-s years of the last century left us a heritage of feminine and fitted elements of closing. As all the history is cyclic we have some successful trends keep on coming back to us through time. This year it is very trendy to wear fitted leather jackets of conservative shape, slightly elongated. Do not hesitate to play with colors and chose pink, powder, nude, pastel, the next is classical black, which is always perfect.

Bicker’s Leather Jacket

This model is also forever living and actual. But nowadays it must be 1 size bigger or outright intentionally manlike. You can also combine it with almost everything, creating unusual and bright looks.

Shortened Jacket

Can something be more attractive and feminine than a thing that marks the waist and makes the legs looks longer? Probably not. That is why stylists recommend paying attention to shortened leather jackets that also come back from the past again. You can experiment with the shape of sleeves and size and it will be also trendy.

The Classical Long Leather Jacket of Masculine Shape

Use it together with high-heels shoes or with military boots, with jeans or a pleated skirt – it will always look awesome and stylish. But mostly it is recommended to wear together with classical trousers and brutal shoes on high thick heels.

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