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Have you ever faced the colorful choice of one pair of shoes of two different colors?

Let the examples of celebrities inspire you to buy two identical pairs of shoes in different colors and show you an unusual variant of its wearing. Do you think this is not how you wear it? And here they are, not only daring and desperate bloggers but true style icons like Amal Clooney or Kerry Bradshaw, another trendsetter who appeared in an episode of Sex and the City in sandals of different colors.

In 2010-2011, the phenomenon of «mismatched shoes» became popular for a short period and since then it tries to become a trend every year, but there is not enough courage for everyone.

Some brands take care of their extravagant customers and produce ready-made «mismatched» pairs of shoes, for example, an Italian brand Figini – Amal Clooney is a fan of it – every season produces collections of multi-colored shoes.

Therefore, if you have decided to try on the trend of mismatched shoes, here are a few rules that you should follow if combining shoes by yourself.

  1. The identity of the shoe model. They should be the same shoes/sneakers/ ballets, the only difference should be their color. However, this combination should be stylish, not crazy, so sneakers and loafers we do not wear together.
  2. The simpler – the better. Models of shoes with bright prints and unusual shapes are good when they are the pair, for mismatched shoes, we choose monochrome shoes of classic models. In extreme cases, you can choose two-colored shoes but here you need to be extremely careful.
  3. Harmony is important, so combine in the right way and choose the colors that look beautiful together.
  4. Clothing is the background. If you decide to impress everyone with a non-standard approach to the choice of shoes, then give preference to minimalism in your clothing. Monochrome clothes of pastel shades – the best option; there should be no bright prints that stand out or combinations of a big number of colors in a set.
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