Trendy Summer Pedicure of 2021 | The Right Way To Express Your Mood

Trendy Pedicure Ideas for Summer – Best Helper in Choosing Colors

When considering your trendy pedicure summer 2021 options, bright shades like red, pink, and coral will always have a moment during the summer. But this year, neon yellow, icy blue, and pastel lilac are also pedicure color trends.

Should Nails and Toes Match in 2021

Trends in manicure are often repeated in a pedicure – after all, ideally, the coating on the hands and feet should be done in the same style. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to have an exact match of the design of the pedicure and manicure.

It is extremely important to choose the right summer toenail colors. You can ask, “What color should I paint my nails for summer?”

With summer almost upon us, we turned to nail experts to find out what colors to paint on your toes this year. Ahead, the 11 best pedicure ideas for summer 2021.

Trendy Pedicure Colors You Need To Try This Summer


peach toe nails

For lovers of bright and spectacular feet nail color. You can imagine that this is your favorite accessory that you can dress up or take off.


nude toe nails

Every girl needs a similar shade of neutral toenail colors. It is one of the pretty toenail colors and perfect for casual looks.

Hot Pink

pink pedicure

This vibrant pink celebrity pedicure color instantly makes you think of summer. It is suitable for all and all skin tones. Light pink toenail polish is also suitable.

Lovely Lilac

lilac toe nail colors
lavender pedi

Lilac vacation nail colors are a pastel purple that feels delicate yet fresh, and this shade complements any skin tone.

Yellow Highlighter

spring pedicure colors

If you really want your toes to stand out, you’ll be a fan of this neon yellow color. Such a super bright neon yellow color and the best toenail color for summer. He seems to be shouting: “I’m ready for the beach or pool”, as the best yellow-painted toenails.

Beige White

Still from the spring collection, these gel nail colors for summer reflect the milky white nail trend but add a little pearl gold effect. It is white that will never look like liquid snow-white.

Ice Blue

ice blue nails

While we usually think of delicate trendy pedicure colors like pinks and purples when it comes to pastels, it’s an icy pale blue that pairs perfectly with any sunny background.

Hit the Lime

Neon Green Nail Polish
lime green color

Lime green varnish is a bold and fresh trend of colorful pedicures of the season. In the sun, this shade looks with a slight shimmer.

Juicy Orange

This creamy orange is the most popular toenail color and perfect joyful accent for the warmer months.


bubble gum pedicure

Pink Looking for the perfect transitional shade that will take you into summer? Try one of these hot pedicure colors -soft pink nail polish. Nothing speaks of a warm summer like the perfect pastel pink.

Minty Fresh

This mint-green shade provides a sense of serenity while immersing your toes in a softly muted color scheme, so it can be the best toenail color for the beach.

Trendy Pedicure Designs

French and Monthly Pedicure Design

pedi ideas

Nail summer manicure and pedicure ideas with a French “smile” and a lunar “bridge” at the base of the nail have not lost their relevance, but have changed slightly in format. Now the palette is dominated by calm, pastel shades for such a design.

Decoration of Nails with Rhinestones, Sequins, and Stones

Shine – more shine! This summer’s trends dictate the fashion for stones, rhinestones, sequins and sequins in manicures and pedicures. You can learn options for the design of shiny toenails from your master.

Matte Design

mate pink pedi

Matte coating does not go out of fashion. This pedicure will look stylish, elegant, and concise. The matte finish allows you to give marigolds a completely different effect, especially if you perform a few fingers with glitter. It is the matte and velvet coating that allows you to take a new look at the usual nail techniques and prints, significantly transforming them.

Simple Drawings

design pedi

Ease of execution, simple drawing, light patterns – this is what you should strive for in the summer of 2021.

Pedicure Design with Kami Fubuki

kami fubiki toe nails

You will be able to realize the unsurpassed design of a pedicure for the summer by means of kamifubuki of marigolds, having picked up the favorite style of confetti – hearts, rhombuses, circles in a monochrome shade or multi-colored. The style of your summer pedicure will depend on what kind of kamifubuki you prefer – playful and fun, romantic and sophisticated, luxurious and rich.


Gradient design on marigolds always attracts attention, this undoubtedly applies to the trendy summer pedicure 2021, the best examples of which we want to show you. All the beauty of your favorite shades can be revealed thanks to the fashionable gradient pedicure design, made with two or more tones of gel polishes. Add sophistication to the fashionable ombre pedicure under the power of rhinestones and crystals.

Don’t Forget About Care

But not only a well-chosen varnish or pattern and all the best color to paint toenails makes your legs ready for summer. It is worth paying attention to a full-fledged pedicure procedure.

If possible, visit the salon every three weeks, if this is not possible, do a pedicure at home. Make foot baths regularly, it will help to relieve fatigue after a working day, and also to watch the skin of feet.

After the bath, treat the roughened skin with a special foot file. Then rinse your feet again, get wet and apply a nourishing cream. Gently treat the cuticle with an orange stick and lubricate it with oil.

After all, well-groomed legs and fashionable mani-pedi colors are the best characteristics of a successful woman.

I think that the theme of summer trends is always relevant for fashionistas. Pedicures always bring a variety of bright shades to a woman’s image. The main thing is not to be afraid to combine juicy colors with light pastel shades. Choose the right design that can effectively complement the stylish image. And of course, don’t forget to follow the fashion trends.

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