The first and most important thing to know about bangs 2020 – it is not a trend. The bangs are part of your look, a very individual element. You shouldn’t cut bangs thinking «everybody wears it so». In addition, it is worth remembering: you may want to grow the bangs and it is always a painfully long period of time; in the morning procedures you will have to add the item «bangs styling». Rarely women are lucky to choose the form and length of bangs on the first try so it becomes a part of the style. We have collected the three most important trends in bangs hair-cutting and we still insist that you should think before deciding to do a haircut-bangs do not suit everyone and it is not the mainstream of the season.

Wavy Bangs

trendy bangs

Elongated, wavy, like Jim Morrison have worn. Such bangs will suit those who have found their style and are absolutely organic in it. It will look great with a graduated haircut and will be suitable for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time styling their hair and prefer naturalness.

Examples from the podiums of next season convince that wavy long bangs look better with not too long hair, maximum – the length below shoulders.

Short Bangs

short bang

Short bangs like Audrey Hepburn’s and Rossi de Palma’s is a great choice for those who love to empathize and are indifferent to the curious views of others. Short bangs attract attention to the features of the face and become a bright part of the look.

Fashionable short bangs in this and next season should be careless. Such a haircut can also be combined with a huge number of accessories.

Classic Bangs à La Parisien

bangs  à la parisien

This was Jane Birkin’s famous and recognizable part of style – it was very popular in the 70s.

The recent update is not thick bangs – though it should be seen on the forehead.

This option is suitable for many girls – such bangs can create the right accents on the face and make the haircut look more interesting. By the way, there is nothing shameful about the false bangs. It allows you to try on a new look without resorting to radical measures. This method is often used by fashion stylists.

Bangs are an integral part of the look for many girls. We will tell you about the most fashionable bangs of the season and about their advantages.

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