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Trends 2020 – Do Not Look Old Fashion!

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The best advice for those who want to be always in trend sounds like that: do not be blind while running after a fashion, but always listen to yourself while working on your style. However, you can’t ignore the general trends and lines that rule today.

That’s why we strongly recommend looking through the main recommendations of fashion specialists for the next year, just to be aware.

“You can leave your hat on…”

Yes, the hats really need to be on this year. They are always looking elegant and stylish and are to become an essential part of everybody’s daily look. The main thing is to find a model that suits you. By the way, there are 28 kinds of hats in the world, so it is plenty of choices.

Be Out of the Frames

Still, your personality is unique and always leads you the right way. Choose bright details and accessorizes in office-style and you will be in-trend. This year fashionistas allow us to use less strict business dress-code with details of flirtatious hints. Asymmetrical things are also to help you this season – chose the stuff with different sleeves and length, unusual shapes, and details.

Close to Body

The baggy clothes go to the past and are no longer trendy. We are recommended to choose fitted models instead of the loose ones that were in-trend last year. This kind of closing helps to look more feminine and tender for women and is referring to the 70-s when the fitted jacket was the main fashion tendency.

Pleasant to Touch

You have huge freedom in choosing the materials today. Super-trendy are leather, velvet, denim, linen, tweed. You can also play with colors – whatever makes you look outstanding and special, marks your personality – is good this year.

Expensive Accessories

Details are very important. And this year they have to be looking expensive and super-stylish. They have to show your confidence, authoritativeness, and status. Forget about plastic accessories – this is the story of the past. Try to use either jewelry or high-quality imitation jewelry of good brands.

The creation of your own style is a long way, and it always consists of a lot of different constituents. But there are two sources that will always help you to make the right choice – your own sense of style and recommendations of stylists.

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