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New Collection of Trending Spring-Summer Jewelry 2021 – Add Freshness and Style to Your Look

Jewelry made of pearls, a mix of metals, large, textured, massive forms from past seasons is still relevant. But there are certain trends that will be extremely popular in the new season.

Perhaps you think that now is not the time to get your favorite jewelry out of the box. But designers have proven what all true trending spring summer jewelry connoisseurs know: their ability to cheer up is undeniable, as is their ability to instantly make you look smart – even if behind the scenes of an online conference.


trend pearls
trend pearls

This symbol of femininity is now everywhere and is not going to give up its position – no matter how strictly you dress up in the office in the morning, it will always add a touch of romance to your image. In addition, one should not forget that this is a natural trend: natural stones, mother-of-pearl are now especially loved by designers.

Chanel 2021 Pearl on Chains

Pearls have not lost their chic. This year, for example, the Simone Rocha collection features intricately woven pearl hairnets, while Emilia Wickstead has made such sets especially luxurious thanks to the collaboration with jeweler Jessica McCormack.

Look out for short pearl necklaces, multi-row bracelets, and asymmetrical baroque beaded earrings – wear them with anything, in any quantity. And pay attention to colored pearls – pink, blue, chocolate – they are perfect for the warm season.



Women’s bangles are a play of styles and a unique neighborhood of seemingly incompatible materials. These can be ethno motives, imprinted in a gold frame, or felted wool, decorated with skillful rhinestones.

bangles trend

But for the jewelry trends 2021 season, silver chain bangles will help add a rebellious spirit to your outfit. Bijouterie will come in handy for the youth bow. Leather trousers or black jeans, a T-shirt with a shocking print, rough boots, and a leather jacket are suitable clothes for such bracelets.

But for the jewelry trends 2021 season, silver chain bangles will help add a rebellious spirit to your outfit. Bijouterie will come in handy for the youth bow. Leather trousers or black jeans, a T-shirt with a shocking print, rough boots, and a leather jacket are suitable clothes for such bracelets.

The cuff bracelet also belongs to the hits of the season. The summer jewelry trend can be worn with a blouse, T-shirt, short or long sleeve shirt. Gold-colored jewelry goes well with white or cream clothing.


chain spring 2021 jewelry
hermes reponse long necklace large mode

No matter how we were drawn to romance with the onset of warmth, in the new season, there will be a place for daring trends. Massive chains, which have not lost their relevance for several seasons, still adorn everything and everyone – from arms and neckline to shoes and bags. However, they begin to get tired of kitsch-large items, so it makes sense to look at more elegant options.

victoria beckham chain
chains jewelry

Chokers or Necklace 

spring 2021 jewelry trends

Not everyone takes the choker seriously. Some people think that this collar necklaces trend is for teenagers. And yet, designers give advice to buy one for spring-summer 2021, if only because the new collections of chokers have an incredible number of species, and, accordingly, interesting images.

mother jil sander choker

But the most touching detail in the new Jil Sander collection is a silver choker with the word “mother”, which designers Luke and Lucy Meyer advise to wear over a turtleneck and oversized two-tone sweater. These necklaces trends will definitely be one of the most coveted pieces of the long pendant necklace trend this summer.

Marine Motifs

marine jewelry style

This “vacation theme” appears from year to year in spring jewelry trends, recalling the beach season. Shells, starfish, an abundance of beads, and a blue and white stripe – all these main elements of the nautical style will create the image of a real sea princess, so be sure to introduce them into your wardrobe. And, of course, pair them with tan, light dresses, vests, white shirts, and sandals.

This jewelry in trend is more suitable for summer, but if you come across earrings in the form of shells or a pendant with marine life, take it without hesitation. It does not matter at all whether you will show off in them at the resort or walk smartly around the city – the summer mood is guaranteed for you.

ocean style jewelry
seaside jewelry

The relaxed vibe of a beach day is still a daily routine for many designers: Etro and Jason Wu presented colorful beaded chokers, while Versace presented starfish brooches. Natural materials are also a constant summer theme, with multi-layered shells like Krizia and raffia like La Double J.


Beads are almost a universal accessory. They are perfect for any style: ethnic, classic, office, every day. Strict frames are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and bright beads in bold colors, in a variety of sizes and materials of bracelets trends, are returning to fashion.

beads trend

As for color, designers offer beads in warm colors to choose reds, oranges, and coral, and in cold ones – pastel shades of green and blue. Black and white bead trend combinations remain classic.

Bright Rubber Earrings

sunnei trendy
sunnei jewelry

This season’s trendy Italian brand of Simon Rizzo and Loris Messina “Sunnei” amazed even the most severe critics with interesting and non-standard spring jewelry. Their earrings instantly became Sunnei’s bestsellers.

Thick hoop trending earrings as if stained with paint. In fact, this is not acrylic or clay stuck on top, but rubber, which is applied to the rings using a technology developed by the brand, the secret of which Simon and Loris do not reveal. But most importantly, it will certainly be a must have this season.

Mono Earrings and Asymmetry

jewelry trend mono earrings

Jewelry trends have been slower to develop than fashion trends, and generally speaking, the season has so far been low-key as it has pursued several of the current season’s trends. However, mono-earrings and asymmetrical sets are back in collections # 21, Miu Miu and Alberta Ferretti. At Fendi, which has collaborated with the Chaos brand again, one earring has become a dice – toss it in the air and let it decide which look to choose today.

ss21 jewellery
singular earrings

Hair Accessories

simone rocha hair clip

penelope barrette rose

The main rule for hair jewelry is that it should not be invisible. If the hoop – then with large details, a veil or an unusual shape, if the hairpins – then several at once. And it’s better to decorate your hair with something like that – so that it will take your breath away from admiration! Examples are Simone Rocha, Ulla Johnson, and Chanel.

Glitz Jewelry Colored Crystals

colored crystals
bright crystals

The nostalgia for the past years continues – the crystals are still with us, but now they have acquired a summer color. Sunny yellow, sky blue, emerald green, luminescent pink, and other bright “vitamins” for the fight against gray everyday life are prescribed to us by color therapists this season. Pay attention to the riot of colors and do not be afraid of brightness – we have limited ourselves to color for too long.

swarowski crystals collection
swarovski 2021 wonderlab collection

Choose earrings, rings, and pendants with colored crystals based on the main shades of your summer wardrobe, and do not bypass color combinations. Jewelry gradients, when one color smoothly flows into another, have already become a summer classic – you can try both bright colors and soft pastels.

Metal Balls

spring summer jewelry trends
metal ball
spring summer jewelry trends metal balls

Sculptural forms of metal fashion week jewelry always look stylish and elegant. Smooth lines and shapes striving for roundness reign in spring-summer collections. Similar fashion jewelry was in the collections of Sportmax, JW Anderson and Balenciaga.

Brand Marks

schiapa 2021

Some brands have relied on recognition. Prada kept the number of accessories to a minimum, and mono earrings with the company logo became one of the few adornments. At Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry continued his founder’s surreal legacy with impressively sized gold-plated earrings and thimbles.

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