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Over the years, we’ve seen many different types of accessories going in and out of style: from leg warmers in the 80’s to the bandanas of the 90’s, most of them became a fad of their decade and disappeared with time. One item that never goes out of style is the sunglasses, a classic item that will never become obsolete. This fun accessory does not only protect your eyes from the sun but can also upgrade every look and provide a way of personalization. With no sizes and shapes that can sometimes limit our fashion choices, eyewear can give you the freedom to fully express yourself and your style.

Plastic or metal, round or square, colorful or plain black, there’s a pair out there for anyone. Whether you’re the type that likes to switch it up or buy a pair once a year, it’s always good to keep your shades trendy and cool. We brought you some of our favorite eyewear trends.

Trends of spring/summer 2020

  • Aviator shades – one of the most classic and iconic looks of the century is making a comeback this season. This pilot-inspired look is a must-have in any fashionista’s collection, best worn in warm tones and paired with denim or a cool bomber jacket.
  • Colored lenses – if you’re not necessarily into bold shapes and sizes, this might be the trend for you. Best styled on simpler-shaped glasses, the bright-colored lenses can add a twist to classic shapes and elevate your everyday look.
  • Chains – although this isn’t exactly eyewear, we couldn’t ignore this major cool-girl trend seen on so many influencers and icons. Sunglasses chains come in so many different styles, from pearls to colorful beads and metal chains, which makes it the perfect way to personalize any pair.
  • Blue light blocking glasses – protect your eyes, but make it fashionable. If as a kid you always wanted a reason to wear glasses but never needed them, this trend is for you. While our current reality forces us to spend all day looking at screens, a wide selection of styles and shapes will help you protect your vision, while embracing a sophisticated, chic look.
  • Oversize shapes – this trend is all about the drama, making the oversize look the statement piece to own this summer. As seen on the runways of many major brands, we love this trend for its feminine chic and retro vibes.


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