summer trends

Every season has its trends, and summer 2020 is no different. As we’re saying goodbye to this year’s winter and fall essentials, such as cowboy boots and animal printed items, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and embrace the new trends of the season. We’re here to help you choose the best styles of the season with a short list of 2020 trends that stood out the most to us:

  • Bermuda shorts – trade the tight and stiff jean short shorts with a pair of cotton or linen breezy bermuda shorts. This comfy style is the perfect combination between classy and casual, and it’s designed for every body type and size. Whether it’s above, below, or just at the knee, the bermuda style is here to stay.
  • Victorian sleeves – dresses, shirts, or even swimsuit, the 19th century inspired trend comes in a variety of different styles and shapes. The victorian sleeves are a style that keeps coming back, probably for its feminine cute style and waist-slimming illusion. Embrace your inner farmgirl with a checked top in pastel colors or your inner goth with an oversized dress in dark colors.
  • Bucket hats – protect your face from the sun with this cute summer trend. The bucket hat is only one of the 90’s inspired trends of this season, and it was already embraced by all the major fashion bloggers. What started as an essential item for the teenage surfer girl is now made by every major fashion brand out there, from Zara to Prada.
  • Sheer long sleeve – I know what you’re thinking, long sleeves in the summer sounds like a bad idea; But the truth is this thin and sheer fabric will keep you nice and breezy. The printed mesh top has been with us in the past few seasons and it seems to not be going anywhere.
  • Square heels – it’s time to switch the fall/winter chunky boots for this spring/summer delicate and ladylike kitten heel. This style square is flattering and interesting and can be integrated into different styles.    


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