swimwear for summer

Summer 2020 is already here, and there is nothing ordinary about this one: restaurants and bars all over the world are still closed, beaches are open at half capacity, and traveling is still banned. Although it wasn’t the summer we hoped to have, one important summer activity is here to stay: tanning! Whether you live by the beach, a park, or own a back yard, summer 2020 is the season to switch your evening dress and high heels for a brand new bikini set and some flip flops.

We gathered some of our favorite swimwear trends of the season that will keep you chic and trendy while enjoying the sun:

  • Glitter and Metallics –  this trend will keep you feeling sparkly and glamorous wherever you are. With styles inspired by disco and the club scene, popular materials such as glittered fabrics and Lurex will make you stand out in the crowd and sparkle under the sunshine. This trend comes in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to embrace it while showcasing your personal style and taste.
  • Wrap Around Straps – this edgy trend is one of the most popular styles of the season, featuring unique straps that wrap around the torso and allow you to switch it up and diversify the way you wear your bikini.  
  • Extra Coverage Pieces – T-shirt style and long-sleeve swimwear continue to be one of the most popular styles of the summer. This trend will give you a sporty, ‘cool girl’ surfer look while providing extra comfort and protection from the sun.
  • Tropical Prints – nothing says summer like a good printed bikini with vibrant colors and patterns. This trend provides a large variety of colors and styles that flatters every shape and compliment tanned skin.
  • Animal Prints – this summer, animal prints make their way from T-shirts and dresses to the world of swimwear. The popular cheetah, zebra, and snake prints that stood out in every fashionista’s look all fall and winter are now available in a wide range of cuts and styles that will unleash your inner beast.   


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