Tom Ford Turns 60: the Secrets of His Success and Life Path

How old is Tom Ford? Today, August 27, famous American fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford celebrates his 60th birthday. He is known for his provocative advertising campaigns. The designer said that his parents helped him develop creativity, who was not an obstacle when Tom Ford wanted to do something new. He has his own idea of fashion and its role in expressing the inner world of a person. At Tom Ford’s birthday, we will try to tell you more about his formation and path in all areas of his life.

Tom Ford’s birthday

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About Tom Ford

Who is Tom Ford? Where is Tom Ford from? Where was Tom Ford born? Thomas Carlyle Ford was born in Austin, the capital of Texas on August 27, 1961, worked as realtors. The boy spent his childhood in Houston and San Marcos, and when he was 11, the family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At the age of 17, Tom Ford from Texas independently moved to New York. Known also like Tom Ford young, he briefly studied at New York University – a year later he dropped out in favor of acting in California. After earning money from acting, he entered the Parsons School of Design to study architecture but soon changed his major to fashion. In his penultimate year, Ford spent six months in Paris, working as a public relations intern at Chloé. In his last year at Parsons, he studied fashion but graduated with a degree in architecture, which he later hid from everyone.

Despite his lack of fashion experience, Tom Ford sr called American designer Katie Hardwicke every day for a month, hoping to get a job at her sportswear company. What is Tom Ford known for?

Tom Ford’s Career

who does Tom Ford design for

In 1988, Ford was offered the position of director of womenswear design for the American division of Perry Ellis, which at the time was headed by Marc Jacobs. He worked for the company for two years but was tired of American fashion. In an interview with The New York Times, he admitted: “To become a good designer, I had to leave America. My own culture was holding me back. Too bright and colorful Tom Ford’s personal style in America is considered bad taste and is looked down upon. In Europe, however, style is appreciated. ” And already in 1990, Tom was appointed designer of women’s clothing at Gucci.

Tom Ford and Gucci

Tom Ford and Gucci

So, Tom Ford fashion designer moved to Milan and started working for Gucci in 1990. At that time, the brand was on the verge of bankruptcy: the company suffered losses, creditors and employees demanded payments. In addition, the founder’s grandson, Maurizio Gucci, actively sold licenses, resulting in the Gucci logo on everything from ashtrays to coffee mugs.

The creative director of the brand was then Dawn Mello, who saw the potential in the young Ford. So the young designer began to be first responsible for the release of women’s and then men’s collections. In 1994, Ford took over Mello’s chair: he was appointed to this position by the new chief executive, Domenico de Sole, who enjoyed the support of the brand’s new majority owner, the Bahrain-based investment group Investcorp.

Having received more freedom after the appointment, Ford quickly achieved success: his second collection (autumn-winter 1995/1996) re-introduced the brand, making it more glamorous and sexier. Things quickly took off for Gucci: “There was a period when everything I touched seemed to turn to gold,” Ford recalls in an interview with Business of Fashion. “Since I started at Gucci, our numbers have doubled, then doubled, and then doubled again.”

This growth was made possible in part by the addition of new categories: it was under Ford that Gucci began producing men’s and women’s sportswear, evening wear, and furniture.

In the summer of 1999, Gucci became a stumbling block for two groups: Bernard Arnault’s LVMH and François Pinault’s PPR. The first accepted the takeover attempt, the second was able to prevent it, while giving de Sole and Ford options to buy 1 million and 4 million shares, respectively.

Tom Ford and Yves Saint Lauren

Tom Ford and Yves Saint Lauren

Outside of Gucci’s profits pushed de Sole and Tom Ford fashion into buying and selling, building what would become the Gucci Group. The first acquisition was Yves Saint Laurent, where Ford became the creative director of the ready-to-wear lines. In those years, Saint Laurent himself worked on couture collections, who loved to criticize Ford, calling him “a good marketer” and “a poor man who works to the best of his ability.” Despite the master’s low marks, the house’s income grew, and Ford’s collections received mostly positive reviews from critics.

Ford’s mandate also included the ability to influence the group’s strategic decisions: for example, he championed the need to invest in young designers – in Alexander McQueen, whose brand was acquired in 2000, and in Stella McCartney (in 2001).

However, in 2004, the power struggle in the Gucci Group changed dramatically: as Ford later explained, the shareholders wanted more control over the operation of the brands.

This explanation does not contradict the official version, according to which the degree of independence of the Ford and de Sole tandem “in making commercial, personnel, and creative decisions” did not suit the PPR Supervisory Board. Long negotiations between Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs and the top officials of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent ended with the dismissal of the latter: at a press conference, both de Sole and Ford admitted that they were “sorry to leave the company.”

Brand Features

Tom Ford is best known for hedonism, sensuality, luxury, and comfort. It is four words that describe Tom Ford’s style of the incredibly popular brand. Tom Ford brand is definitely a design industry veteran and versatile genius who makes everything he touches a jewel.

Tom Ford Personal Life

Tom Ford partner

Tom Ford designer is openly gay, since 1997 he has not hidden his orientation. Is Tom Ford married? In his youth, he had girlfriends, relationships with whom sometimes even led to unwanted pregnancies. After moving to New York, Tom Ford designer director began visiting the Studio 54 club, where free morals reigned. Since 1986, Ford has been in a relationship with Richard Buckley, journalist, and ex-editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International magazine.

Richard was 13 years older than the young designer. Having met at a fashion show, they immediately felt a mutual attraction, but they did not immediately dare to give vent to emotions. They were brought together by Katie Hardwicke, who organized a second meeting under a business pretext. At this point, Tom and Richard exchanged phone numbers and agreed to go out for dinner. On Christmas Eve, Barkley presented Ford with a Tiffany box containing the keys to his apartment. The next day, the lovers moved in and have not parted for more than thirty years.

On September 23, 2012, Richard Buckley and Tom Ford’s son was born. For a long time, Richard, Tom and Tom Ford’s son Alexander lived in Italy, but then moved with his son to London. In their native Santa Fe, Tom Ford and son owns a huge suburban complex of more than 9,700 hectares, designed by the architect Tadao Ando from Japan.

Tom Ford in Other Roles

Tom Ford film company

In 2005, Tom Ford actor founded his film company, Fade to Black. In 2009, Tom Ford movie director made his directorial debut with The Lonely Man, based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 2009 Venice Film Festival and starring Colin Firth won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor.

Who owns Tom Ford? In 2010, Tom Ford company returned to design, this time for womenswear, with a closed presentation at his flagship store on Madison Avenue. Guests included Beyoncé, Daphne Guinness and Lauren Hutton. The rest of the fashion industry and fans of the brand were able to see the collection only a few months later in the issue of American Vogue.Who does Tom Ford design for? In 2011, Tom expanded the brand with the first line of color cosmetics. And in 2013, Ford began presenting his collections to a wider audience, joining the official schedule of London Fashion Week. Later, Ford also did shows in Los Angeles and New York.

Tom Ford Now

On January 1, 2020, the owner of Tom Ford became the eleventh head of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), succeeding Diane von Fürstenberg. Ford has been a member of the Council since 2000 and has won seven awards for Best Male, Female and International Designer. Now he is responsible for overseeing American Fashion Weeks in New York and Miami, as well as exhibitions and competitions for young talent.

The global coronavirus pandemic has made serious adjustments to the development of the fashion business. On the basis of the CFDA, a charitable foundation was created to help fashion industry enterprises financially affected by the consequences of COVID-19. In 2020, the fund raised about $ 6 million in donations.

Tom Ford’s Recipe for Success

And in order to hit the jackpot in life, we have collected for you the main secrets of Tom Ford’s success:

  • He is not afraid to take risks. Tom Ford began his career at Gucci Fashion House in the company’s worst year in the history of the brand – due to creative spat and family turmoil, the Fashion House was on the verge of bankruptcy. Nobody believed in Tom either.
  • He is a true perfectionist. He always wants to control everything and everyone to the smallest detail.
  • He is not afraid to try new things. In 2008, Tom Ford decided to try himself as a director and made his first film.
  • He always looks flawless. It is synonymous with elegance and impeccable taste. Everyone knows: if you want the perfect men’s suit (and the sexiest dress ever), go to Tom Ford.
  • He often provokes. Any Tom Ford advertising campaign or brand show is always something daring and very beautiful. What sometimes causes a scandal is sometimes delight, but invariably everyone takes shape for a very long time.

How Does Tom Ford Look So Young?

The fashion designer stays out of the sun to prevent wrinkles and instead uses bronzer from his line to mimic the look of a few minutes of sun on the skin. Ford says the treatment is multi-beneficial and helps lift and firm skin around the eyes and reduce visible puffiness. We hope that on this Tom Ford birthday, you learned a little more about the famous designer and plunged headlong into an interesting and fascinating story of his life.

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