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Tips for Vintage Shopping

Do you know that feeling when you just have to go out and buy yourselves a brand new wardrobe? If you are like us, not a millionaire, shopping for no more than a few items at a time with one of the big brands can be quite expensive. For that reason, we’re here to introduce you to Gen Z’s preferred way of shopping: vintage. Shopping for vintage can be a full adventure for every fashion lover, and can help you refresh your closet without draining all your money. Vintage is also better for the environment, being the fashion equivalent of recycling.

Although it can be satisfying and beneficial, vintage shopping can be successful only if done right. For those of you who want to give it a try, we prepared tips.

A Few Tips You Would Want to Remember While Shopping in Vintage Stores

vintage shopping
  • Know your locations – Different stores have different styles and sources of their merchandise. Those who look super nit and fancy can sometimes be more appealing than the messy ones, but are often more expensive and doesn’t necessarily provide better merchandise. Don’t be afraid to try different stores and choose those where you wouldn’t usually go, those stores usually have the nest finds and treasures.
  • Experiment with sizes – Sizing has been changing constantly during the last few decades, which means that when you shop for clothes manufactured a long time ago, sizes can be different than what we know today. Our recommendation is to always try on your clothes before purchasing, and if your shopping for vintage online, ask for the garments measurements and compare it to the clothes you have.
  • Don’t compromise on quality – When it comes to vintage, not every piece on the rack will be in the best condition. When you see something you like, make sure to examine the item from every angle, making sure there aren’t any serious defects. If you decide to buy a garment with a broken zipper, a hole, or a stain, make sure it’s something you can fix and that the price you pay for the item reflects its condition.
  • Don’t be blinded by the labels – Who of us never dreamed of finding a Versace jacket for $50 in some random vintage stores. Although it might actually happen (and that’s one of the reasons we love vintage so much), sometimes we tend to get too excited over the label rather than the item itself. Look for items you like and fit your personal style and wardrobe, even if you’ve heard about this brand on the label before. Vintage shopping is all about expressing yourself without limiting yourself to the popular brands of the time.

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