Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair: Simple Secrets to Hair Care

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

advises how to keep your hair healthy

In the age of blowouts, hair dyes, straightening and curling equipment, and extreme makeovers it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain healthy and shiny good conditioned hair, at this point it is not a question of whether your hair is damaged but rather how bad the damage is. But before you feel hopeless, just a slight adjustment to your hair care routine and all your worries go out the window.

#1 Get Your Hair Wet Less Often

Water actually makes your hair swell from the inside which forces it to curl upwards and when this is done repeatedly it causes frizz and breakage. Try not washing your hair every day and replace the skipped days with an oil-enriched, odor absorber Dry Shampoo if you simply have to. Washing your hair with shampoo too often will make it lose moisture as it washes away the natural oils we desperately need to keep our hair healthy and soft and in turn cause hair loss.

#2 Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp helps to improve blood circulation and spread the natural oils our body produces into the roots helping to keep your hair strong and hydrated and it feels good too.

#3 Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Bushing wet hair is a huge no-no as it actually causes the hair to fall out when the roots are soft they easily lose grip so you land up just pulling hair out. Simply just let it air dry and brush gently preferably with a long-toothed comb.

#4 Avoid Using Hair Color

Hair color contains a bleaching agent and can harm your scalp and cause some horrible hair damage and not only are these chemically based dyes bad for your hair but for your health too. Try opting for a natural hair coloring option that is not too harsh on the scalp and roots.

#5 Condition Your Hair Regularly

From time to time try using a mild conditioner on your hair, it will help keep it shiny and smooth. Make sure to use the right amount, a little goes a long way. It will also help keep your hair knot free, shiny, and voluminous without laying stress on the roots.

#6 A Balanced Diet

One very important and often neglected aspect of maintaining healthy hair is your diet. The food you consume should incorporate all the vital nutrients that are important for keeping your scalp healthy. Try foods rich in antioxidants like fish and green leafy vegetables to improve blood circulation necessary for a healthy scalp and soft, undamaged looking hair.

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