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What Is Known About Thierry Mugler Designer? The Most Unexpected Mugler Fashion

The fashion house of Thierry Mugler is a luxury brand that produces clothing for women and men, perfume, and beauty lines. The founder of the Mugler fashion brand, created many unique outfits, highlighting the image with unsurpassed fragrances, which still delight fans of the brand.

The brand is famous for its striking shows, fashion shows of famous models, and the release of collections completely saturated with feminine aesthetics, overt sexuality, and futuristic outlooks on fashion. Today, the Mugler dress and creations of the French fashion house of Mugler often appear on the red carpet, and the outfits are worn by the most beautiful women in the world.

Who Is Thierry Mugler?

thierry mugler fashion designer

Thierry Mugler was born on December 21, 1948, in Strasbourg in northeastern France. He preferred to walk through medieval cathedrals decorated with figures of angels and demons, which came to life in his imagination, to school.

Thierry Mugler Brand History

The famous “fashion mystic”, as he was later dubbed by fashion critics. Thierry Mugler travels to Paris at the age of 24 and starts working at the Gudule boutique, which was his first introduction to the world of fashion. Since childhood, the designer had a penchant for painting, was professionally engaged in dancing, and special worship of the beauty of the female body laid the foundations for the DNA of the future brand. Quickly settling in the fashion capital, Thierry creates sketches for several fashion houses not only in France, but also in England, Spain, and Italy.


In 1973, Thierry Mugler created his first Café de Paris collection, based on the style of the 50s. The designer showed his vision of the Golden Era of Hollywood in his own way, which was completely different from the romanticism of Christian Dior. Outright sexuality with bare breasts and legs prevailed in the outfits of the first Thierry Mugler designs collection. The bold statement did not pass by the criticism that had lashed out. Against the background of minimalism, the collection looked very bright and was very different from the proposed outfits.

mugler collection 1998
mugler 1984 collection

Along with the sexual overtones, the editor-in-chief of the French Elle Melka Treanton became interested, offering the Thierry Mugler designer her help in promoting the brand. In 1974, the officially registered brand began to create women’s collections. A few years later, the first collection of Mugler clothing was shown in Tokyo, which attracted unprecedented attention to the young French brand and led to a collaboration with the Japanese giant Shiseido.

mugler 1989 spring summer collection
thierry mugler collections

The success was followed by the first opening of a boutique in Paris on Victory Square. Thierry Mugler designer was not satisfied with just creating women’s fashion. He begins to create men’s suits and does it just as boldly, working on classic silhouettes to make the outfits more modern. The designer uses bright colors, bold cut, decor, which could not but please the stronger sex. Avant-garde collections begin to buy up in large quantities, instantly making the Thierry Mugler clothing brand popular throughout France.

thierry mugler fw 1991
mugler 1995 collection
thierry mugler collection

For what mugler is known for? With the advent of the 80s and 90s era, the Mugler brand history with his clothing brand has won worldwide recognition. Bold collections, futuristic vision of fashion, interesting combinations, the use of new materials in the work entailed world success. Fashion shows are no less popular, which more resembled a theatrical show, which was then understood in small details by critics and editors of fashion gloss. In 1992, at the invitation of the Haute Couture Syndicate, Mugler fashion developed the Haute Couture collection, making the Mugler brand a couture Fashion House.

Mugler 2021
thierry mugler FW95

Also in 1992, the first-ever gourmet fragrance Angel was launched under the Mugler brand. And again, a non-standard approach makes the perfume a hit of sales, which is no less relevant in perfume today. Angel’s revolutionary character is due to the original design of the bottle in the form of a star. Such a bold and sufficiently successful bottle was developed by Brosse Master Glassmakers. Thierry Mugler strove to convey the angelic essence of every woman, with unconventional notes of praline and patchouli. Real gourmet delights and designer packaging have put Angel in the world’s top perfumery.

What Happened to Thierry Mugler?

Mugler is preparing a massive return to the big fashion scene. Subsequently, The Cut wrote that Mugler’s return is extremely justified: now his work of the 1980s and 1990s looks more relevant than ever.

Among designers who worked for Mugler:

Thierry Mugler (1973-2001)

mugler thierry portrait

Jean-Luc Testud (2001-2003)

Jean-Luc Testud Fashion designer

Rosemary Rodriguez (2008 – 2010)

Rosemary Rodriguez Fashion Creative Director Thierry Mugler

Nicola Formichetti (2010 – 2014)

Nicola Formichetti

David Koma (2014 – 2017)

david koma

Casey Cadwallader (2017 – present)

casey cadwallader

Mugler Brand Today

In recent times, the brand has been skillfully betting on key people significant for the industry: Cardi B became a Grammy winner, Kim Kardashian is a global influencer who is increasingly becoming a recognized style icon, and Chloe Sevigny played one of the main roles in the opening film of the festival – the painting “The Dead Don’t Die” by Jim Jarmusch. And this list, obviously, will continue to grow.

“Thierry Mugler’s works are as distinctive as they are avant-garde,” curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot remarked when the new exhibition was announced.

“This creator knows how to excel with constant innovation and bold silhouettes that have marked an era and found their way into fashion history. His unique style is a kind of futuristic version of “New Look” with a touch of fantasy and fetishism. “

Creatures of Haute Couture is not a retrospective, but rather a prediction of the future. The last hall of the exhibition is called “Couture Future” and it features a Thierry Mugler dress made especially for the exhibition, heralding the direction in which we are moving in the new millennium. Mugler’s fans thought it was a long time ago, but hopefully, it will be more than a fitting tribute to the designer’s incredible archive and fashion heritage.

Last Fashion Shows

The latest show does not consist of provocative things – what the fashion house specializes in, but of everyday wardrobe. The brand presented outfits for the 2021 season in the format of a video and a lookbook. The collection includes dresses, catsuits, and tops with many cutouts and complex constructions made from this material (completely transparent and with wave-like shiny patterns in different colors), as well as sculptural jackets with translucent inserts and a number of sexy variations on the theme of sportswear – such a combination of training uniforms and underwear. For example, top sculpting with an elastic mesh that is completely invisible on the skin of any shade.

In the show video, Bella Hadid makes coups, Alec Vek turns and Irina Shayk walks backward. The least fortunate star of “Euphoria” Hunter Schafer: she was doused with water right on the podium. True, the audience showed the trick in rewind. The film also stars models Su Joo Park and Omahira Mota, actress Dominic Jackson and many others.

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