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These Six Designers Surprised With Their Collections During New York’s Fashion Week

Collections During New York’s Fashion Week

This season, the fashion week was back to New York with American designers following cultural and racial equality and sustainability.

Among many of the designers returning to the show this year, some newbies stood out with their unique collections and vision. So, discover 6 talented designers who made quite an impression with their presentations for the spring 2022 season.


New York-based brand, WILLY CHAVARRIA, was founded in 2015. The authentic streetwear silhouettes are based on the designer’s Latino culture. Among the highlights of the Spring 2022 collection is American classics combined with couture silhouettes. The designs include high-waisted pants in khaki color, blue boxer shorts, shirts with sleeves, and pants with a long rise that demonstrate the designer’s sculptural approach.


PUPPETS AND PUPPETS, founded by Carly Mark in 2019, references 19th-century fashion, New York’s casual downtown style, and childhood humor. The artist from New York presents an original look each season mixing the past, present, and future in the collection. Spring 2022 collection explores shapes and features voluminous eveningwear, knitwear, and denim.


New York’s LUAR NYC was founded in 2016 by designer Raul Lopez. The brand differs in a tight and rebellious fashion, influenced by men’s wear where the designer’s Dominican culture can be noticed. In the Spring 2022 collection, a black topcoat made of leather was presented.


SERGIO HUDSON was originated in L.A. in 2014 and gives a modern look to American classic sportswear. And the Fall 2021 line is already available for purchase with brightly colored suits and coats.


PETER DO, founded in New York in 2018, is known for its cool and modernist design with urban and architectural shapes. Spring 2022 collection was showcased in Brooklyn’s Theater where the designer presented his new American look demonstrating perfect tailoring and his Vietnamese culture.


ONNOR MCKNIGHT, originated in September 2020 in N.Y. offers a relaxed fit, textured knits, technical details, and contemporary workwear. The Spring 2022 unisex collection highlights sweatpants, a cropped jacket made of leather, a pullover tunic, and such items as beach chairs, and handmade water bottles. Other highlights included organic cotton pajamas, a trench coat, and striped pants.

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