The Row Brand History | Minimalistic and Luxury Empire of Olsen Sisters

The History and Features of a Unique Clothing Brand from the Olsen Sisters

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Famous people often release their clothes: they make one-time personalized lines for popular brands or decide on long-term cooperation. But in order to create your own fashion house that produces luxury clothes, this is not often seen. The Row is a brand of the Olsen sisters, who have repeatedly made it onto various fashion lists of the most stylish clothing brands.

However, the Olsens, who have never shown interest in sales, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen clothing line name maintain tight control over The Row logo and have managed to responsibly scale the brand without outside support. But the day may come when they need outside support to expand retail or beauty.

What happens next with The Row depends on the ambitions of its founders.

The sisters emphasize that The Row clothes are not a mass market. Olsen clothing lines are distinguished by the highest quality fabrics, perfect fit. However, having seen the prices, no one will even think about the mass market.

History of “The Row”

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The idea for the brand began as a personal project in 2005, when Ashley Olsen set herself the task of creating the first T-shirt. But The Row clothing brand was born in 2007. Do you know the Olsen twins bio? Mary Kate and Ashley were then only 21 years old. The idea of the sisters was that it would be difficult to find a high-quality base for haute couture outfits. She has designed it for many women of all sizes and ages, trying to find “similarities in figure and sewing approach.”

The sisters later created a seven-piece wardrobe collection that included a T-shirt, a pair of cotton satin leggings and a cashmere wool T-shirt dress. Barneys New York bought the entire first collection.

Initially, the sisters did not want their names to be associated with the Olsens fashion line, and preferred that the clothes speak for themselves. So they didn’t even get interviewed about The Row fashion for the first three years after its inception.

In 2008, Lauren Hutton became the model for the brand’s first lookbook. She explained that she had seen the clothes and they were wonderful, very simple, minimalist, and sophisticated. Hutton accompanied the Olsen twins brand to the annual Fashion Designers Council of America Awards in 2012, when they won their first Womenswear Designer of the Year award.

“The Row” Brand Features

the row pop-up store

Celebrities love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fashion brand The Row. And the sisters from the very beginning talked about what they would like to dress Michelle Obama. Since all of the brand’s clothing is made in America, why not? Of course, the dream of young designers came true: then the first lady of America really fell in love with their clothes.

The Olsen twins clothing line items are distinguished by simplicity, elegance, and restrained sensuality. However, there also slips a little boho, which Mary-Kate loves so much, and an almost masculine brevity, which Ashley often prefers. However, each of the sisters finds their perfect dress and their own zest at their brand.

There are very few momentary trends in the things of The Row, they sometimes even look boring. But this is exactly what Olsen twins fashion brands about: a base that will always be relevant.

The Row Gigi Hadid
The Row Margot Robbie


The brand is known for many high-profile collaborations in the fashion world.

  • In 2011, The Row, in collaboration with TOMS Shoes, released a limited edition of exclusive models from the latest brand.
  • In 2012, The Row stores teamed up with Damien Hirst to create a line of luxury backpacks. The collection featured The Row’s signature crocodile leather backpack in 12 different designs from Hirst. By the way, part of the proceeds from each sale went to UNICEF.
  • In 2015, The Row collaborated with Oliver Peoples on an eyewear collection that included both optical frames and sunglasses.
  • In 2018, The Row partnered with Oliver Peoples on a second eyewear collection.
  • In February 2018, The Row menswear teamed up with the Noguchi Museum to showcase the Fall 2018 collection at New York Fashion Week. The Olsens filled their showroom with the artist’s sculptures, and their models walked among them.
  • In September 2018, The Row by Olsen twins collaborated with the Noguchi Museum again for an installation at New York’s Dover Street Market. The installation included a selection of images from the brand’s collection.

In addition, you hardly know about it, but the Mary Kate and Ashley fashion line not only skillfully create clothes, but also lead trends.

the row carmine pants
the row bag

6 Trends the Olsen Sisters Created

Drink Coffee on the Go

It was rare to meet a person once. And the young girls looked at the photographs of the Olsen sisters and dreamed of an accessory that the twins did not let go of. They became one of those who created the Starbucks cult, and taught them to drink a lot of coffee. Although, no one still knows what kind of drink they carried in these glasses.

Walk-in Flip-flops Around the City

Combining flip flops and trendy luxury handbags in one look may look appropriate. This is a step that only the Olsen sisters could once have taken. They were always the ones who combined the seemingly incompatible.

Only Drive Black Cars

Girls have always loved big accessories and big cars. And it quickly became a fashion trend.

Wear Tight Black Tights

Very tight, very black, and sometimes very ripped tights are a trend that the Osen Twins the row brought into fashion. Mary kate olsen net worth loved him especially. It is thanks to her that it has become fashionable to look as if you are putting on everything that was lying next to the bed, and the holes in the tights are more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Choose Ultra-Large Bags

“What’s the Row Mary Kate and Ashley Sisters’ Bags” is a video that would have once garnered tens of millions of views on the American Vogue YouTube channel. What is known for sure – they love Birkin and like to carry several bags at the same time, and with large bags they completely hide from annoying photographers.

Wear Maxi Length

the row neutral Aimee Crepe Blazer
the row spring 2016

Sometimes sisters prefer to hide themselves behind huge sunglasses or hide in dresses and maxi-length skirts. In these they appear both on ordinary weekdays in the office of The Row, and on the red carpet of the Met Gala.

Brand Life Today

the row logo

Do you know that The Row has only two stores – one in Los Angeles and one in New York, with a third store in London soon to be completed. These places attract a steady stream of clients, celebrities and other fashion designers. The careful, clean design and mid-century furnishings have inspired others to follow a similar, albeit less perfect, approach.

Now the brand, in addition to women’s clothing, produces men’s clothing, as well as glasses and bags.

In addition to the elite The Row designer has a youth line called Elisabeth & James.

In a marketplace with fewer and fewer independent fashion brands with global potential, it’s no surprise that big luxury groups are following The Row fashion show. Not only is the brand under-represented in major markets such as Europe and Asia, it is also slowly building a menswear business with long-term growth potential.

the row shoes

The Row, the luxe minimalist brand founded by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, is weathering financial difficulties, layoffs and the scaling back or closure of its short-lived men’s wear line, according to sources.

Despite numerous accolades, the Olsens’ reputation as arbiters of taste and CFDA Award wins and nominations — including those released this week, for Womenswear Designer of the Year and Accessories Designer of the Year —sources say the brand’s finances have long been choppy and that the current global economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus has been a further blow to the label.

the row look
the row flat shoes
the row half moon bag

When reached for comment regarding its business, The Row issued a statement to WWD saying it is, “actively producing the pre-fall 2020 and fall 2020 collections, developing the spring 2021 collection and working on its expansion plans for 2021 and beyond.”

the row collection fall 2020

But as The Row fashion line faced financial trouble, sources say that Ashley and Mary-Kate continued to spend lavishly — even installing a fur bed in the middle of their studio office that no one sat on. This summer, Mary-Kate became enmeshed in a high-profile divorce from Olivier Sarkozy, and was reported to spend $325,000 on a summer Hamptons rental to hide out during COVID-19 lockdowns this summer. The designer has since been photographed back at work outside The Row’s corporate headquarters.

We believe that this article was useful for you to know the difference between the two styles and now you can easily choose something for yourself.

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