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The Most Elegant and Simple Looks of the Summer Season

Hot summer is a great period to show off in new fashionable looks – summer dresses, airy skirts, trendy shorts.

Summer is a perfect time to try new styles and looks – colorful shades, unusual prints, and bright decor. Summer fashion lets us try on outfits with flounces and ruffles, translucent fabrics, unusual – all this is super popular this season.

If you adhere to minimalist outfits and want to look elegant and simple, we will tell you about fashion techniques that will help you to create such a summer fashion look easily.

How to Create a Summer Fashion Look Easily?

summer looks

A Midi Dress

The perfect solution for absolutely any occasion – no matter whether it is a look for the office, lunch with a friend, a romantic date, or the beach outfit. This trendy dress is suitable for everyone; and to choose something exactly for you is super easy – there are a huge number of such dresses practically in every brands’ collections. We advise you to choose a midi dress of classic cut (monochrome or with print in vintage style), without an abundance of details. So that it can be used as a base for your summer fashion wardrobe for many seasons. Combine it with sandals with thin straps, open heel shoes, loafers, or sneakers.

Skirt and Shirt

casual looks for summer

Their function is to emphasize femininity and to protect your body better from the sun at peak heat. The skirt can be maxi, mini, midi – any option; and the shirt is better to choose monochrome in the masculine style and to roll up the sleeves. It is an extra simple outfit idea – this fashionable method will make your look more relaxed, you will definitely feel comfortable in it. We advise you to choose pastel colors for this set, for example, a sky blue shirt and light beige skirt – so the outfit will be really gentle and suitable for summer.

Luxury Minimalism

elegant every day looks for summer

Simple cut and lines, nothing extra, just elegant outfits: let it be blue jeans and a top bustier made of cotton or shorts and ribbed shirt. Complete the set with gold jewelry in the 80s and 90s style and sandals with thin straps – get an elegant retro look that’s perfect for both day walking and evening out. We recommend playing with shapes – if you choose a minimalist corset or skinny top, the bottom is better to choose a more voluminous, for example, the classic wide-leg blue or white jeans. And vice versa, if you plan to wear shorts that are going to open your legs, it is advisable to choose a freer top with it, so that the summer look does not look too “tight” and old-fashioned.

Classy Suits

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to create an elegant and “expensive” look. For several seasons at the peak of popularity remain oversized suits in the masculine style, free, not constraining movements. As a reference, you can use women’s looks from films of the late 80s – early 90s. Often their heroines choose minimalistic suits made of natural fabrics of muted monochrome colors. The rules remain almost the same for summer fashion – free cut, natural materials; but to create a summer look that will be comfortable to wear during the hottest hours of the day, we advise you to pay attention to suits of light colors – the white color is especially popular this summer. If you want to add more color to your look, we advise you to pay attention to the lavender color – one of the most fashionable colors of the season – in this look you will definitely be in the spotlight.

Wide Linen Trousers

stylish summer looks

This wardrobe detail will fit almost anything; it will help you to create a simple summer outfit. It is the most comfortable, stylish, and suitable option for hot summer days. We advise you to choose either high waist trousers or slightly low waist (yes, this type of clothes comes back in fashion again). Pay attention to the colors that are as close to “natural” as possible – light ivory, olive, beige, and sandy. Such trousers can be combined with free shirts, ribbed t-shirts, and cropped tops. Thanks to the fact that such pants look very relaxed and “simple” – you will get an elegant summer look anyway.

Black Look and Bright Accessories

Although black is gradually falling into the background after a long reign on the world catwalks especially if we are speaking about summer fashion, but it will exactly stay with us forever – it is easy to stylize, it fits absolutely everyone, you can use it to create an elegant and “expensive” summer look without any difficulties. Choose black things of interesting and unusual shapes – for example, asymmetrical skirts with fringe, one-shoulder tops, or rough cut t-shirts. This method will make the outfit look more stylish. And in order to add a little spice, choose bright, unusual, interesting accessories that will attract attention. Let them become a bright spot of the look. Even such accents will not make the outfit less elegant or graceful.

Such simple tricks will allow you to create the most elegant summer fashionable looks in which you will feel great – free and easy. The main rule is to choose exactly what you like and what you are comfortable to wear.

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