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The Journey to Finding the Best Slippers for Women

best slippers for women ever

Out of all the articles of clothing and footwear we spend hours shopping for, for some reason, slippers always seem to be forgotten. Due to Covid-19, many have been turning to their homes for work rather than driving into the office. We are having to spend more time in our homes to protect the well-being of those in our communities.

In my opinion, there is no better time than now to discover that cozy pair of slippers that will keep your feet warm during the long winter ahead. If you are not going to be putting on a cute pair of shoes to leave your home, put on a cute pair of slippers to start your day instead. After extensive research on the best slippers for women, I have narrowed it down to a few options. If I were you, I would keep reading to discover the best women’s slippers on the market today.


As of late, I have been turning to Etsy more and more frequently to do any of my online shopping. By using this site, I have more of a chance to buy and support local people from my community rather than supporting larger corporations who may or may not take proper care of their workers.

When looking on Etsy, I was able to find not only some of the best house slippers for women but perhaps some of the best slippers for women ever.

There is a company based in Toronto that goes by the name of LivearthByLiv. There are two styles of slippers made by this company which are rather similar to one another. Taking a more minimalistic approach, these slippers are knitted by hand and will fit snug to your foot.

The nice thing about shopping on Etsy is that you are able to reach out to the creators of these products directly. Who knows, maybe they can create something custom to better match your taste. There’s never any harm in asking!

Next up on the best women’s house slippers, Etsy finds are the Cork Slippers made by Moddanio. These slippers are definitely some of the best slides for women. Not only are the Moddanio Cork Slippers cute and fashionable, but they are vegan, sustainable, and ethical. They come in a neutral color if you’re looking for something more lowkey, as well as a floral print if you’re looking to make your slippers an accent piece for your cozy at home outfit.

Once again, shopping on Etsy has many perks and benefits to it. Not only do you have the chance to support smaller local businesses, but you will also be finding pieces that are less popular therefore will leave all your friends raving, telling you that you have the best ladies slippers ever.


best house shoes for women

If we are talking about the best house shoes for women, then we must include the Pawj Slippers. These are by far the best women’s slippers with support. Pawj is a company based in California and takes pride in its ability to create footwear while remaining 100% cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, and ethical. If we are going to keep our feet warm and cozy during the winter season, let’s be ethical about it!

Pawj has discovered a way to provide the appearance of fur and wool while leaving the animals out of it. Pawj currently has three options for slippers on their website, two being for women and one for men. I have fallen in love with the Pawj Slippers in Tan and just might have to buy myself a pair. This same pair also comes in a sleek black color, however, I prefer the warmth that the tan color provides. These are some of the best-rated women’s slippers on the market so I highly recommend investing in a pair. The lovely thing about these slippers is that they won’t break the bank. There’s no point in searching for the best women’s house slippers if they’re just going to leave you full of regret. Shopping Pawj will leave you, your feet, and even your wallet happy.


The last company I want to talk about is Free Waters. This company, similar to Pawj, is also based out of California. Free Waters ensures sustainability within their company every step of the way. From how they source their materials to how they ship their products, Free Waters is always striving to be the most sustainable they can be. This company has some of the best women’s slippers, especially the best warm slippers for women.

My Personal Favorites Are the Norah in Grey

This is a vegan slipper composed of vegan wool, a collapsible heel to make insertion and removable efficient and easy, a foam platform made from recycled materials, and a grippy outsole to ensure no slippage occurs. These are by far some of the best house slippers for women I have ever found. In my opinion, they may not be the most fashionable slipper you could find, but they are definitely cute. Even better than their homey appearance, they are the best women’s slippers with support. If you are going to be wearing these slippers around your house all day long, it is important that you are finding a pair that will provide your foot with the best arch support you can. Free Waters makes sure of this!

Finding the best slippers for women can be a difficult task to achieve. I hope that you have learned even the slightest bit about slippers after reading this blog. As stated before, the importance of slippers often flies under the radar. With all of this time being stuck inside due to the pandemic, I think it’s time we bring slipper fashion to the forefront.

It’s time to find the best women’s house slippers to make our toes warm and happy. None of the companies I mentioned above touched on the best moccasin slippers for women, but I promise you they are out there. I bet there’s even a sustainable pair just calling your name.

With the holiday season fast approaching, perhaps you will buy your family and friends some of the best women’s bedroom slippers on the line. Not only is it important to keep your own feet warm and cozy, but it is important to look out for the feet of your friends and family as well. 2020, the year of Covid-19, the year of spending more time at home than usual, leading to the year of the slippers. I wish you the most luck on your journey of finding the perfect slippers for all of your needs.

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