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We’ve been hearing it for years, in TV shows, movies, and any talk within the high fashion industry. In and amongst Hollywood’s top fashion designers the word size 0 is important. It has become the ultimate goal for them to make the models and celebrities wear it. But what actually is a size 0?

Research from psychologists has shown that the smaller the size on the label the more likely the shopper to buy it. Designers have been tagging clothes with smaller sizes in order to make the consumers feel better about themselves when they see that such a small size actually fits. European sizes are not even consistent within their own countries! Models and high profile client’s disappointment and comparison for not managing to fit into a ‘size 0’ with a particular design when they have with others have led to either firing the designer or extreme cases of starved and wasting-away bodies as a consequence of radical diets and often anorexia.

For example, a Marc Jacobs size 0 is actually a size 4 and that pair of size 2 Dior jeans are actually a size 10. Standardized sizing no longer exists so in actuality anyone can be a size zero.

Seasoned shoppers have learned which designers have bigger sample sizes and strategically pick those that make them feel like they are wearing the smallest size. There is no fact that it’s all in the mind, a label that is inside your clothes for no one to see has become more important than the clothes themselves.

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