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The Fashion Industry Begins to Take Adult Models Seriously

Adult model

In 2017 two of the largest conglomerates, LVMH and Kering signed a document prohibiting their brands from collaborating with the XXS size models as well as those who haven’t reach the age of sixteen. In 2019 Kering decided to revise these rules to prohibit models under eighteen from filming and showing their brands. «As a global luxury group, we are aware of the impact we have on the younger generation – particularly through the looks we create during our work», said François-Henri Pinault, the Chairman, and CEO of Kering.

The new rules have become a late decision, but a natural one – the arrival of a trend that The Business Of Fashion has called «getting woke» predicted this. The document states that «nine out of ten Generation Z consumers believe that companies are responsible for environmental and social issues» and make purchasing decisions based on this principle. The cult of youth, the report says, like the cult of sex, no longer sells – now brands have to adjust to the buyers’ principles.

The Beauty of a Mature Woman

It’s too early to talk about defeating ageism: many of the adult models still turn out to be mature, but they are still conventionally beautiful women with a specific type of aging; casting directors to make as many demands for them as for their twenty-year-old colleagues.

The industry is also blamed for the fact that mature women can be seen on podiums not because designers sew for people of different ages, but because of formal requirements.

But still, the changes have started recently and it seems worth waiting for the demonstration actions to become natural and accustomed.

For a long time, it was impossible to see models with a non-standard appearance at fashion shows. Today this is no longer so – plus-size models, age-related models, or simply models with a characteristic appearance are gaining more and more popularity. Does this mean that the fashion industry now takes into account the different layers of society?

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