Is Ice Good For Acne? Find Out Why We Should Turn To Ice When Our Skin Needs Help

The Benefits of Ice on Your Face

ice mask for face benefits

Acne is something that many people have in common. Whether it be minor or intense, acne impacts people’s confidence levels and the ability to enjoy their lives. I know this sounds dramatic, but acne can really take a toll on someone’s well-being. Regardless of how bad our acne is, it is something we are constantly striving to get rid of. The elimination of acne begins with healing from the inside out. However, this can be a difficult task. In the meantime, there are ways in which we can assist our skin in this healing process.

Have you ever heard of an ice cube facial before? Have you ever wondered what the benefits of rubbing ice on your face are? I know that I have found myself wondering these things multiple times in the past. So if you’re anything like me you have too, and you’re probably looking for answers. Well, you’re in luck. I am here to tell you everything you need to know about the ice mask for face benefits. Let’s get started. First up we’re going to talk about why we would be putting ice on face skin in the first place. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Ice?

does putting an ice cube on a pimple help

So what are the benefits of ice on face acne? Why should I be turning to an ice cube for help? There are many benefits that prove the answer is ‘yes’ to the question, “does ice help acne?”. I am here to tell you why. So there are three main positive things that the application of ice on a pimple brings. So what does ice do to your face? The use of ice diminishes pain, reduces swelling, and speeds up the healing process. Pimples can be sore, we all know this. If there was a way to ease the pain, you would. Well, applying ice onto the sore spot is a great way to relieve yourself of the inevitable pain that a pimple brings.

Swelling is the next reason we should turn to ice. The ice on pimples before and after results will be amazing. The next time you notice your pimple swelling, think about applying ice. Perhaps you tried to attempt at-home extractions, leaving your skin swollen and irritated, this would be the perfect time to apply ice to your skin. Finally, the use of ice on your skin has been said to speed up the healing process. The application of cold to the skin promotes the circulation of blood to that particular spot, in turn promoting healing to that area.

When Should I Use Ice?

So is ice good for acne? Is ice good for your face? If so, when should I use ice? As just stated previously, the use of ice assists in pain, swelling, and healing. So if you are experiencing pain due to a pimple or multiple pimples, turning to ice would be a good idea. If you have just popped a pimple but need to leave the house within the next hour, using ice would be a good idea to bring down the swelling and redness. If you are hoping to begin the healing journey your skin has been craving, turning to ice is a good idea. The beautiful thing about the application of ice to your skin is that it never hurts to try. You won’t know if this method works for you unless you give it a go.

How to Apply

When applying ice to your face, it is always best to avoid direct contact. Whether I am choosing to rub the ice cube around the entirety of my face or on one particular spot, I always wrap my ice cube in a cloth. The use of the cloth is to avoid any irritation that may occur from placing the ice cube directly onto your skin. Once the ice is wrapped in a cloth, you can go ahead and apply it to your skin in small, gentle circular motions. This application should only last for a few minutes, once again to avoid any irritation that may come. Some initial redness is normal, but this should not be a long-lasting effect. Try not to be too aggressive in this application as we are trying to heal the skin, not harm it.

One more exciting tip to the application of ice to the face is that you don’t always need to use water ice cubes. You can freeze chamomile tea or aloe water just to name two examples. Any liquid with healing properties and that has the ability to freeze can be used, so get creative.

Get Icing!

ice on pimple before and after

So this was not about how to get rid of acne with ice, but rather whether or not ice is helpful to assist in easing the struggles that acne brings. The three main struggles being soreness, swelling, and prolonged healing. So what have we learned? Does putting an ice cube on a pimple help? Well, after everything we learned today, I think it’s safe to say it can’t hurt to try. The results of applying ice to your skin are not guaranteed. Everyone’s skin type is different and everyone is dealing with their acne due to various reasons.

Before signing off, I want to take a moment to remind you that you are beautiful no matter your skin type. Society has created unattainable beauty standards for all to achieve. Acne does not make you any less beautiful than someone without. The more positive energy we harness within us, the sooner our internal healing can begin. I hope that you wake up knowing that you are beautiful and worthy, no matter what society has told you.

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