The ’90s Inspired Trends You Need to Know in 2020

trends of 90's

The ’90s was one of the most wonderful decades of the 20th century. The decade that gave us 90210, Britney’s first album, and the Fresh Prince also had some of modern history’s most fun and memorable fashion trends. 2020 started with an obvious nostalgic vibe, bringing back some of the ’90s most notorious aesthetics and trends quickly embraced by many fashionistas and bloggers.

We prepared a short guide of our favorite 90’s inspired trends who’re making a comeback in 2020 and how to wear it right:

  1. Bandanas – this trend will take every 90’s kid back to childhood. Bandanas are back in fashion, adding a cute and young touch to every look. Wear it on your head as a tribute to 10th grade you or around your neck in reference to the western trend who also dominated runways of every fashion week around the world. This affordable yet chic trend can be worn by anyone and will keep you looking trendy.
  2. Sheer garments – this style was dominating red carpets all throughout the ’90s, worn by style icons such as Kate Moss, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Aniston. Unlike the bandana trend mentioned in the previous section, this style is all about being mature, feeling sexy, and embracing your inner diva. Whether you prefer a layered look with a covering piece under your sheer item or a cheeky bra-showing look, the sheer trend can be whatever you want it to be.
  3. Thick headbands – Blair Waldorf called, she wants her style back. Nothing says a rich private-school brat like a cute and feminine headband, and we’re here for it. Comes in a variety of colors and styles, a chic headband is a perfect touch for every look and accounting.
  4. Plaid set – did someone say Clueless? this trend is giving us some major Cher Horowitz vibes, one of the most iconic characters from one of the most iconic films of the decade. Many trends have emerged from Alicia Silverstone’s character, but the plaid skirt and jacket set has to be one of our favorite. Aside from being extremely cute and chic, this trend provides major comfort by serving as a full look with minimum effort.
  5. Scrunchies – another trend that sends us straight back to childhood, in a good way. Scrunchies are back in fashion, with a variety of colors, prints, and sizes. If you’re the type that likes to wear your hair up, you might as well do it in style.               

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