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The 7 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2020

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The demand for clothing subscription boxes is on the rise. With every Tom, Dick, and Harry frantically searching the web for their next clothes box delivery fix. Honestly, we don’t blame them! Who doesn’t want personally styled clothing boxes sent straight to their door? Especially during a world pandemic where a simple trip to the shops is no longer an option for many.

Clothing subscription boxes are 100% virtual, so are a perfect way to save time whilst trying out new styles specifically chosen for you. Just enter your preferences and a personal styling team will do the rest. With a clothing delivery service just a few clicks away, your fashion-forward dreams have never been easier to achieve.

When it comes to subscription clothing, there really is something for everyone.

How Can You Know Which Is the Best Clothing Subscription for You?

Each clothing box subscription naturally runs its business in a different way. Some are monthly rentals, others are paid personal styling where you can actually purchase the clothes.

With rentals, each month you pay a fee, and in return, you borrow top of line, designer clothes great for one-off occasions, and helping you avoid any repeat outfits!

Personal styling clothing clubs are similar in that you will be sent a variety of outfits to choose from based on your preferences. The only difference is you can decide if you wish to buy any items from your clothing boxes.

Both types of clothing subscription services are a great way to get out of your comfort zone, wow your family and friends with your unique style, and break out of that 2020 fashion rut.

Here Are 8 of the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes Available Online

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Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a rental clothing club, giving you the option of a rental or a monthly subscription. With a membership, you have access to thousands of styles from over 700 designers. This particular clothing subscription offers a variety of plans, so you can choose how often you want your fashion fix. Plus we love their no return date policy, which means you can keep an item for as long as you like and will even give you the option to buy any item you just can’t let go of.

Trunk Club

Nordstrom’s Trunk Club is one of the best value for money clothing boxes out there. They have a range of prices suitable for all budgets and will even shop the Nordstrom sales! With hidden fees creeping up around every corner in today’s society, Trunk Club is quite the opposite. There is no subscription required here, so you can order a clothes box delivery when you wish or you can schedule them for regular clothing boxes straight to your door.

Stitch Fix

Stick Fix is very much like Trunk Club. With no regular subscription required, you can satiate your styling needs when the mood strikes. With a true focus on personalization, the 10-15mins style survey will let them know exactly what you’re after. As with most clothing services they encourage you to try on everything in the box and mix and match with things you already own so you really get a feel for each item before deciding which to keep and which to return using their prepaid label service.


Nuuly is a super chic, everyday women’s clothing service. With thousands of options readily available the styling possibilities seem endless. Almost all Nuuly clothing boxes are delivered in a recyclable, reusable Nuuly bag and should be at your doorstep in up to 5 days! This ultra-fast clothing subscription service is great for first-timers looking to vamp up their day to day wardrobe.

Dia Co

With a mantra like ‘Style isn’t a set of rules, it’s a way to celebrate who you are’, we already know Dia Co. are one of the best clothing subscription boxes out there. Their desire to provide high fashion items for all body types means they are great for helping all women embrace their individuality.

Frank Oak

Frank Oak provides wonderful subscription clothing for both men and women. They are easily the most sustainable, eco-friendly clothing delivery service out there and are constantly looking to better themselves and work towards a cleaner relationship with our planet. With their sustainability goals plastered on their website you too will be hooked on this Canadian clothes box delivery service in no time.

Yoga Club

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Yoga Club is very specifically tailored to activewear and prides itself on being the premier subscription box, providing you with top of the range activewear at up to 50% of the retail price. Yoga Club is perfect for helping you decide which activewear is right for you and will harmonize with your chosen activity, not just yoga! They are loved and trusted by thousands and as a member, you really feel like your voice is being heard with styling surveys around every corner.

As times change and the desire to avoid shopping in crowded stores increases, a clothing service can be the perfect solution. The best clothing delivery service acts much like any regular store, will cater to everyone, and give you time to try items on before committing to buying them (although with each clothes box delivery, there will most likely be a styling fee).

The above-mentioned clothing subscription boxes do just that. With brands available that suit all your fashion needs, clothes box delivery may just be the perfect gift from you to you.

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