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The 3 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes easily get claggy and are often neglected when it comes to makeup brush care. Knowing the proper way to clean makeup brushes is very important if you want to save your skin, as bacteria and old makeup will linger on your brushes and there’s no telling what havoc they are wreaking beneath the skin’s surface. Whilst many of us are happy to lightly clean our brushes, this is absolutely not the best way to ensure you are providing the best makeup brush care for your gear. Trust us, learning the best way to clean a makeup brush is 100% worth it! Soon you’ll be wondering why you put it off for so long.

Makeup Brush Care: The 3 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes

Nice Easy Method – Soap Water

Experts swear by this very simple method to clean brushes. As with many things, simple is often most effective. If soap and water are enough to tackle even the hardiest of viruses and bacteria, then it is definitely good enough for cleaning your makeup brushes.

If choosing the ‘Nice Easy Method’ the first step to deep clean makeup brushes is to rinse the bristles under warm water and squeeze a small amount of soap (general hand wash will do the trick) onto your palm. With the wet end of the brush, massage the brush head in the soap on your palm. At this stage, really make sure you are working the brush into the soap to allow suds to form and the caked in makeup to ease away. Rinse your brush head thoroughly to the point where your water runs clear. If you need to repeat the soapy lather, do it now. Once the water is running clear, find a towel and squeeze the brush head until all the extra water is gone. Mold the brush back to its normal form. Now you have newly cleaned makeup brushes, make sure you dry them correctly by allowing them to air dry. (Not on a towel!).

The 2 in 1 Method – Cleansing Genius

proper way to clean makeup brushes

The 2in1 Method is very similar to the Nice Easy Method, with its prime focus being on deeply cleaned makeup brushes without much hassle. This Particular way to clean makeup brushes is revered amongst celebrity makeup artists and thankfully uses products most of us already own!

So what is the major difference between methods 1 and 2? What is the big secret to proper makeup brush care?

Facial cleanser

Yes, you read that correctly. This method is essentially the same as number 1 except you replace hand wash with face wash!

Experts say if the facial cleanser is good enough for your skin, then it is surely good enough for cleaning your makeup brushes. A facial cleanser is designed to thoroughly cleanse whilst not being too hard or irritable on your skin, so will act in the same way when washing your makeup brushes.

The Whole Shabang! – Tools Galore

Methods 1 and 2 are both excellent at achieving super clean makeup brushes, but for some people, who want to take that extra bit of time to really dig deep into their makeup brush care. Often opting to purchase fancy new tools claiming to be the next best thing in makeup brush cleaning. There are many contraptions out there for those hard to clean makeup brushes, but it can be difficult to know what to wash makeup brushes with. Luckily with these purchases, you won’t even need to decide that

The Sephora Collection Vera Mona Color Switch Brush

A handy, sponge-like device that once you’ve massaged your brush into, will come out as good as new. No extra products are needed.

Sigma Spa 2x Brush Cleaning Glove

A silicone glove excellent for getting into the deep crevices of your brush.

With these 3 foolproof ways on how to deep clean makeup brushes, your makeup kit will soon be feeling brand new! That fresh smell that comes when you first open a new brush, the soft tickle of the bristles against your skin, they will all be renewed if you follow any of these 3 ways to wash makeup brushes. It can be hard to say what is the best way to clean makeup brushes, however, we’re sure it would have to be one of these 3!

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