Salvador Dali

On May 11 in 1904 in a family of a wealthy notary in the town Figueres was born Salvador Dali – restless, avant-garde, eccentric (just remember how he walked with his anteater) and even shocking artist, whose name became synonymous to surrealism. Today we recall Dali’s alliance with fashion – there is no cultural phenomenon that did not interest Dali – he worked with paintings, cinema, sculpture, and theatrical art.

The Dali and Schiaparelli Union is one of the first collaborations between an artist and a designer in fashion history. In 1937 Schiaparelli and Dali created the first joint masterpiece – an evening dress made of white organza with a painted lobster on a skirt. In this dress, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, later appeared in the shooting of Cecil Beaton.

The collaboration between the surrealist and Elsa Schiaparelli continued with avant-garde collections created in collaboration with French writer and artist Jean Cocteau. In 1932 they produced a series of bijouteries made of lollipops, erasers, pencil stumps, and other office supplies. The collection includes earrings-telephone from Salvador Dali, an aspirin necklace from Schiaparelli, and all-seeing eye earrings from Jean Cocteau. Another creation of the ingenious team includes a cutlet hat – lamb cutlets can be often seen on Dali’s paintings.

Dali resorted to the art of jewelry in 1941. By 1970 he had already invented about 40 sketches and created 37 jewelry items. One of the brightest is the «Royal Heart» made of rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, which really beats like a human heart thanks to a clever mechanism.

In 1934 Alexey Brodovich became the art director of Harper’s Bazaar, he loved to work with the most shocking and eccentric people and he just could not but offer cooperation to Dali.

The artist was ordered to draw several illustrations. Dali told an amazing story with an unpredictable plot, so the audience could think of it by themselves in each of them. The experiment was risky for the magazine, but in the end, it outperformed the most daring expectations.


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