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This is the season for layers upon layers. Winter fashion is upon us, so let’s make it sustainable this year! Today I’m going to talk about some of the best winter 2020 fashion trends that are bound to leave you online shopping for hours on end. Not only are the brands we are going to be talking about today extremely fashionable, but the trendy winter clothes are kind to the planet and the people. If anything I am saying right now is the slightest bit interesting to you, join me on this journey of all the winter fashion trends you’ve been dying to discover.


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When starting off your chic winter outfit, it’s important we begin this look with a trustworthy and reliable pair of jeans. When talking about all things sustainable, we must touch on second-hand clothing. Thrifting your clothes is a great way to be sustainable. Instead of purchasing a brand new pair of jeans, why not wear a pair that already exists and is in desperate need of some love. Whilst thrifting, I always find the most success in the jeans department. The amount of authentic Levi Jeans that have been tossed to the curb is astronomical. The nicest thing about purchasing a pair of second-hand jeans is that they have already been worked in. I promise you there is nothing better than a pre-worked pair of jeans. So, when talking about winter trends, a thrifted pair of Levi Jeans is our starting point. Let’s see where we’re going next.


newest winter fashions

As it is apparent to all, the winter season means bundling up when we head outside. It’s time for me to introduce to you my all-time favorite vegan and a cruelty-free company that makes some of the best outdoor winter jackets. This company is called NOIZE. NOIZE is a company that believes fashion goes beyond aesthetics. Not only is NOIZE committed to creating products that their customers will love, but they care about their impact on the environment. NOIZE partakes in a variety of sustainable practices. They fill their jackets with recyclable fill, they use recycled plastics, vegan leather, vegan fur, and even vegan wool. When they say no animals are harmed in the making, they mean it. Now that we know more about the story behind NOIZE, let’s talk about jackets. Winter Fashion 2020 is all about colors. Sporting that plain black jacket is so passé, it’s time we brighten the drab weather with a bright winter jacket. I love this company because they have such a large variety of jackets to choose from. Not only do they have a large variety of styles of jackets, but of colors as well. Reds, yellows, blues, and greens, they truly have it all. I promise you that no matter what jacket you’re looking for to fulfill your winter season fashion needs, NOIZE will have you covered. Not only will you look amazing, but the planet will be thanking you in the process.


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Winter season dress wear would be nothing without a fabulous pair of boots to pair with your thrifted Levi Jeans and your eco-friendly NOIZE jacket. The next company I will be talking about is Matt & Nat. Matt & Nat stands for Material and Nature. This company is again a 100% vegan company, meaning absolutely no animals are harmed at the hands of their products. This company also has some sustainable practices that they stand by. All of their handbags are lined with 100% recycled plastic bottles and they also source cork and rubber which are sustainable materials whilst creating their products. Matt & Nat is a great company to support as they care about the environment and the impact they have on it. The cherry on top is simply that their products are some of the most fashionable products I have seen in a long time. The latest winter fashion is at the tip of your fingers when online shopping this brand. However, we’re here to talk about the newest winter fashions, to be specific, we’re here to talk about boots. Whether you want a heeled booty or a flat booty, Matt & Nat can give you both. The new winter styles are telling us to veer towards a heeled booty, so that’s what I will show you today. Their Montroyal Women’s Vegan Boot is exactly the pair of shoes you need to pair with your jeans and jacket this winter. You won’t be left disappointed after shopping at Matt & Nat.

Stay Fashionably Friendly

Shopping for the latest winter clothes trend can be difficult and confusing at times. Wanting to stay ahead of the latest fashion crazes can be a hard thing to do. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be to stay true to your personal style. Wanting to fit in with your sense of style makes sense, but never forget to add that personal touch to every outfit you put on. What you wear says a lot about who you are as an individual. Today I gave you three ways to attain sustainable fashion, but the options are truly endless. So many companies are turning their focus to their ecofootprints and trying to implement changes that will better the future of our planet. If you have the option to shop sustainably if you have the option to leave animal cruelty out of the picture, why choose anything else? I hope you learned something today, best of luck on your winter fashion shopping exploration!

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