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If You Are Seriously Thinking about Protecting Your Hair from the Sun, Then Read It

Sun Protection Hair Sprays

Ultraviolet rays cause serious harm to our hair – they dehydrate, destroy pigment, provoke dullness and brittleness. The best hair sunscreen is recommended not only when going to the beach. We need hair protection throughout the summer season because even a headdress cannot protect us from the whole spectrum of dangerous solar radiation. We have prepared a rating of sunscreen for hair (sprays, masks, gels, conditioners, and balms), which is worth including in your arsenal of care for the summer.

TOP 5 Products to Protect Hair from the Sun

Professional Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner

Dullness, fading, and dryness of hair – all these problems can be avoided if from the very beginning of the warm season you start using the hair sun protector, namely, the remedy from Revlon. It comes in the form of a conditioner with a convenient spray dispenser on the bottle. Before use, the bottle must be shaken so that all active aerosol particles are mixed and sprayed onto the hairstyle.

Professional Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner

In addition to UV protection, the product has caring properties:

  1. promotes unraveling of strands;
  2. maintains a healthy structure and rich hair color;
  3. restores the hair shaft;
  4. moisturizes along the entire length;
  5. gives the hairstyle a well-groomed and neat appearance.

The composition is enriched with a keratin complex. These are natural protein compounds that can act as “patches” for damaged areas on the hair surface. Thanks to this effect, the strands become smooth and acquire a healthy glow. After application, the spray works instantly, enveloping you in a pleasant orange scent that will improve your mood.

Kérastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime

soleil creme uv sublime
Kerastase Soleil Creme UV Sublime

Kérastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime is a super-gentle SPF hair cream provided by the technologists of the renowned Parisian brand Kérastase. One of the best hair products with SPF, designed to intensely moisturize curls and thoroughly protect against aggressive ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to its ultra-soft texture, the cream instantly makes the strands very soft, silky, and obedient, their easy distant styling. Ideal for repairing and protecting sensitive and damaged colored hair.

The cream is indelible – it is enough to apply on the hair, the active ingredients will immediately begin to act. After application, combing the strands is noticeably easier, the hair becomes more manageable. After sunbathing, it will soothe and cool your hair. 

L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX 10 in 1

For owners of colored hair, L’Oréal will be a real boon. It is specially formulated to meet the needs of pigmented curls, especially those suffering from the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the dye is quickly destroyed, the hair becomes dull and expressionless.

Vitamino Color A-OX easily solves this problem – it is enough to regularly spray the mixture on the hair before leaving the house. This is the so-called sunblock for hair.

L'Oréal vitamino color spray

The spray is positioned as a 10-in-one product:

  1. regenerates the structure of the strands;
  2. smoothes the surface of the hair;
  3. glues and laminates the ends;
  4. strengthens the roots;
  5. protects against mechanical damage;
  6. protects against ultraviolet radiation;
  7. gives softness and silkiness;
  8. facilitates combing;
  9. makes curly shine;
  10. maintains water balance.

The manufacturer recommends using the spray immediately after shampooing, spraying the aerosol before blow-drying. If necessary, the layer can be renewed by spraying on already dried strands.

Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray

The spray, which is produced under the Wella brand, is designed to cope with ultraviolet light, which is merciless to hair health. Beach hair protection professional series is suitable for normal and fine strands, as it additionally helps to increase the volume of the hairstyle. One of the best sun protection for hair.

wella sun protection spray

The composition is based on a formula consisting of two phases:

Phase number 1 – protects from the sun and seawater;

Phase number 2 – a vitamin complex that helps to moisturize the strands from the inside.

The composition also contains amino acids that restore and nourish curls. With continued use, the hair will acquire a healthy appearance, shine, and softness. The spray helps to tame frizzy strands, greatly simplifying combing and styling. Thanks to its light, oily texture, it does not wash off during bathing, even in salt water, and does not need to be refreshed during the day.

BioSilk Silk Therapy

biosilk silk therapy

The regenerating protective hair product with SPF is available in the form of a gel in miniature 15 ml bottles. Just a couple of drops will be needed to revive even the most “killed” hair and create a reliable barrier against ultraviolet radiation.

The formula of the gel is based on the beneficial effects of hydrolyzed silk. It smoothes the surface of the hair shaft, removes imperfections and damage, making curls shine in the sun. Hair becomes manageable and silky and revives day after day.

Mask – SPF hair care, which has a pleasant perfumed scent, spreads easily and is quickly absorbed by the cuticle, leaving no residue. With regular use, the hairstyle takes on the appearance of salon care.

Hair products with UV filters should not be ignored. In the hot season, they will not allow the hairstyle to turn into a “washcloth”, keeping the rich color and healthy appearance of the strands. It is very important to use UV hair protection, do not be indifferent to it.

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