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Every Girl Should Know This: The Most Popular Spring Nail Colors!

Well, beauties!

Right now, I will tell you about the newfangled trends in spring gel nail colors that will come in handy during the warm spring season. In this short excursion, I will introduce you only the best novelties of the top spring nail colors for the 2021-2022 season.

Spring is in everything, even in the art of nail painting!

After a long “calm” and coolness, a new spring period of renewal begins, which almost always provokes dramatic changes in appearance and image. For some ladies, updates can be from the ends of the hair to the tips of the fingers, but if your image suits you completely, then you can think about the trendy spring design of nails in 2021. 

Each season of the year has its own special subtleties and nuances, without knowing which you should not even agree to hold trendy spring nail colors. Spring novelties of ultra-fashionable nail art are distinguished by many variations of the combined manicure style, which consists of several directions of nail art at once.

Spring Nail Designs and Colors: New Era

pink nails design

New directions for nails that are gaining momentum are trendy nails with “negative space”; gradient style spring manicure, using all kinds of spring acrylic nail colors, floral style with many various twigs, spectacular predatory prints, a sea of ​​multi-colored and monochromatic sparkles, and a scattering of rhinestones.

Hot Spring Nail Colors: The Main Trends of 2021’s Springtime

Natural Manicure Is the Trend of This Nail Colors Spring

nude nails

This year, natural nails are at their peak. Especially in the period of spring-summer 2021. The correct wearing of spring break nail colors is considered as natural as possible, perhaps even without coating or with the most delicate coating within the skin color palette.

Neat short-cut nails (or slightly overgrown, but always round, natural shape) are the latest trend in spring nail fashion. It’s so wonderful when a girl is beautiful, well-groomed, but at the same time as natural as possible! Natural beauty also applies to nail design, because this trend is quite organic and relaxed in the realities of modern life.

Pastel Shades – a Win-Win Option for a Spring Manicure

summer nails design

From the well-known pastel palette, experts single out several shades that will be most in demand in the warm season of 2021: the most delicate sky-blue shades, muted coral-brick, shades of cream, light sand, muted lemon, pale pink, lilac, mint, or light – turquoise. It is one of the popular spring nail colors.

To create a manicure, it is not necessary to be limited to one color, you can select and combine several shades for creating more interesting spring nail polish colors. In pastel colors, the color combination will look in a very favorable light and looks with almost any modern look. By the way, pastel shades of a manicure are a great option for spring nail colors for dark skin. It is the gentle, muted tones that look very winning.

Pastel designs of spring manicure, which are made with color stretch or complemented by delicate prints in an elegant design, will not remain unnoticed. Gel polish with delicate and non-defiant colors will always be in fashion.

Best Spring Nail Colors

gray nails

This year the best spring summer nail polish colors, according to the designers of the Institute of Color, are rich yellow and bright gray. Experts are confident that the combination of these two incredibly fashionable colors will be appropriate in any variation.

pink nails

The other one is a pink and neon pink manicure. It is the ideal of every coquette. This bright, juicy fuchsia manicure will forever remain one of the most beloved girly colors because it is suitable for girls of any age. Тhis color will add a bright touch of spring mood and a sense of celebration to the image, as well as add playfulness and ease to your image.

green nails design

Fresh green is as popular as spring manicure. This is not surprising! After all, it is at this time of the year that new vegetation appears, nature seems to come to life and everywhere reminds us of this color. Green, light green, turquoise, these pretty spring nail colors, can be either the main color or complement another gel polish.

yellow nails design

Sunny yellow – when you want bright colors after long winter and restrained shades of manicure. In the spring, you can finally soak up the first warm rays of the sun. That is why yellow is so popular literally every spring, and spring 2021 is no exception. Feel free to use all shades of these cute spring nail colors!

black nail design

Вlack nails – luxurious classic. Well, how do you like such a steep transition from mimicry to such ominous severity? Many will now argue that it does not spring at all, but more strict, winter or something. But I will immediately hasten to please the lovers of strict classics – glam rock dark spring nail colors are back in fashion. And yes, this spring is no exception.

Of course, no one says to use black as a mono varnish. In a spring manicure, it can be a great platform for future glamor designs with any color varnish or glitter. It can also be alternated with matte and glossy nails. Black has its winning sides – it looks good on nails of any length and shape. Therefore, with the right approach, black manicures can look much more organic and luxurious than colored nail art.

New Direction “Negative Space”

ombre pink nails

As mentioned earlier, spring provides for the presence of bright colors, rich shades, and unique spring acrylic nail colors. But sometimes it is very difficult for us to decide on the choice of design since we want everything at once, but at the same time so that it is neat.

The direction of the “negative space” trend, which is the presence of colorless areas of the nail plate, can help us in this. Most often it is used in spring-summer nail colors ombre, french manicure, nail art in the style of “sweet bloom”, with “eye see you” faces and eyes, abstract manicure with different new spring nail colors.

What about the Shape and Length of the Nails

animal design nails

So the drum roll …The latest spring-summer 2021 manicure trend will be the almond-shaped design. In addition, long square nails remain at the peak of popularity, similar to ballerina’s pointe shoes and very long narrow nails. Naturally, you can achieve the desired shapes and lengths with the work of a good master, using the expansion technique.

Of course, all of the above is a recommendation. Remember, the choice is always yours.

It’s spring and it should be the way you want it to be!

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