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Sporty Sandals – How to Wear

sporty sandals

Sport sandals are trendy again. This is a very convenient and versatile part of the wardrobe, although this is not entirely obvious at first glance. Such shoes can be combined with almost anything – from airy summer dresses to legging shorts and an oversized masculine-style jacket.

We could see such a pair of shoes very often during spring/summer 2020 fashion shows. Designers definitely hinted at the sporty sandals trend – as a reference to the 90’s and 00’s. It is one more reminder that comfortable shoes may look great – even if we are not speaking about sneakers. Brands pleased consumers with a variety of sandals: strapped, «ugly» or «dad» ones, huge platform sandals, of different form and colors – neon, multicolored, white. Monochrome black is still relevant too. There is plenty to choose from.

So, how did sporty sandals on a thick platform with sturdy foot straps from exceptionally specific attributes become fashionable objects of expression? And really, if you think about it, why not? You may like them or not, but women’s sporty sandals are a great option especially for hot summer – it is convenient, succinctly and such a pair of shoes fits practically every look. Paying for such a pair more than $30, on the one hand, is a dubious idea, on the other – a quite reasonable contribution to your own comfort and authentic look. Such cute sport sandals, strange as it may seem, look very impressive and stylish with an airy summer dress, wide trousers or cycling shorts – in any case, the look will be fresh, dynamic and logically fit into the city’s daily life. So, how to wear sports sandals?

Wear it with a dress. It may seem that these are two things fully opposite in style, but they will go well with each other. You can wear strappy sport sandals with a feminine dress of a bright color or with little black dress in its new interpretation. Your look will appear simple and relaxed, but extremely stylish, comfortable and easy to execute – perfect decision for evening walk or a romantic date.

ugly sandals

Wear it with wide pants – the option for lovers of minimalism, unisex and early 2000s aesthetics. Combine sporty sandals with arch support with oversized pants in a masculine style and add a cropped top or a boyfriend shirt. We advise you to choose pastel colors – beige, olive, light pink and, of course, all shades of white – this truck will make the whole look more fresh and interesting. Don’t forget about patterns, for example, linen pants with vertical straps will look incredible with such «ugly», as they are sometimes called, women sport sandals.

sandals with wide pants

Wear it with legging shorts and a blazer. A combination that fashion influencers love very much. It looks spectacular, trendy and unexpectedly feminine. Choose legging shorts with print or classic monochrome models and an oversized blazer to wear it with closed toe sport sandals. Maximum Instagram-worthy outfit that will be noticeable, bright and cool. The main advantage is that such a combination of clothes will look super-stylish especially with sandals (the option to wear such a look with sneakers is a little hackneyed already).

Wear it with a shorts suit. Blazer and shorts made of natural breathable material will suit perfectly with sporty sandals – the classic elements of wardrobe appear more modern and cool when they are mixed with extra stylish sporty shoes. So, you will get a look suitable for practically any situation – either it will be office work, or gathering with friends. Also it is super convenient.

Wear it with sweatpants and t-shirt/top. Very simple and understandable look – you have nothing to invent. Just combine trendy sport sandals with casual sweatpants and a basic t-shirt or top. You may choose neutral colors for such a look to make it even more relaxed and plain, but still stylish and fancy. It will fit perfectly for long walks in parks or for outdoor picnics. You may be sure it is the most comfortable combination of clothes in the world.

sandals with sweatpants

Practically all clothing brands produce sport sandals now – from luxury ones like Prada, Gucci or Karl Lagerfeld to the mass market places such as Mango, Zara or Stradivarius. You can choose the model that’s suitable for you based on your budget or willingness to spend a certain amount of money.

massive sandals

We advise you to ponder in such a way: if you choose a more basic model of sports sandals, then pay attention to higher quality models that you will wear more than one season, because this trend is unlikely to lose popularity.

If you are planning to buy such a model of shoes, where there will be an abundance of specific details, a very unusual shape or color that cannot be combined with most of your wardrobe, then pay attention to more budget models – it will be more appropriate. Also it works if you do not plan to wear such shoes all the time and to wear it more than one or two seasons.

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