What Is a Sound Bath? All the Benefits and How It Can Help You Relax

Regardless of who you are, chances are good that stress is affecting your life, and you should take some care of yourself.

Since stress is linked to other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, taking a healthy bath can also be a good preventive strategy to reduce the risk of chronic conditions.

A sound bath is more than just water and hygiene. This is one of the oldest rituals.

Sound bath healing meditation is not a substitute for proven treatments, but it can be considered a low-risk addition to any other therapies you have studied with your doctor.

Let’s take a look at what we know about sound baths.

A Bit of History


The ancient Greeks were the first to guess about the healing properties of meditative sound. Aristotle wrote that melodies and vibrations can overcome eating disorders, muscle pain and normalize sleep. Sound therapy fought against fears, neuroses, and mental disorders.

But the first major studies of the effect of sound on the human body, scientists began only at the end of the 19th century. At the same time, it was possible to prove that it improves the state of the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, and normalizes the heart rate.

What Is a Sound Bath?

healing meditation
sound bath

This is a kind of meditative practice, but it is accompanied by the sounds of a gong, a copper, or a glass bowl. For centuries, they have been used in various religions to immerse themselves deeply in their minds and take a break from everyday problems. It is a combination of vibration and sound therapy that soothes and harmonizes the body. A gong bath is sometimes likened to a leisurely swim: it also provides excellent relaxation to all body systems.

There is no specific standard for a sound bath, but the most common type of practice is an hour with a mentor who immerses you in a meditative state using various devices and mantras. The sounds can be unpleasant at first, or, conversely, you can fall asleep under them, but neither one nor the other will interfere with the healing process.

How Does a Sound Bath Work?

What is a sound healer? Imagine that you are lying on the floor in a dark room, and next to you the master is holding a special tool along the edge of a crystal or metal vessel in a certain direction. Those of you who have ever done yoga or meditation know what this therapeutic music sounds like.

As a result of the practice of sound bath healing meditation, the brain waves go into the alpha state (relaxation phase), which is associated with a meditative, clear, and peaceful state of mind. The same frequencies help reduce stress, relieve migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition, they have a beneficial effect on people who have experienced trauma or are suffering from chronic pain. This technique helps to remove muscle blocks, thanks to which psychological and emotional stress is relieved. A person can also start laughing or crying – this is how emotions are released.

During the procedure, full participation in the process is required: the main thing is to stay in place and carefully listen to the sounds made by the instruments.

What tools will be used depends only on your specialist. Often these are singing bowls, and people can also play the harp and various wind instruments.

Sometimes the sound bath healing meditation sessions are held in a group format. The location is located in yoga rooms, where mats, soft blankets, pillow, and scented candles are also used.

Participants must turn off their mobile phones and take off their shoes before starting. Sitting comfortably on the mats, they cover themselves with blankets, close their eyes and follow the instructions of the specialist, who first makes light, graceful, and then deeper and more intense sounds from special vessels. At the same time, the master gives instructions on which part of the body to focus on at the moment. At the end of the session, which is usually up to 45 minutes, participants perform several breathing exercises.

Benefits of Sound Healing

healing power of bath

Such sounds piercing the body relieve overstrain of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, relieve headaches. And vibrations of sound healing therapy fight stress and anxiety, can reduce physical pain, neutralize symptoms of PTSD, and even prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. Experts say that the healing frequency of 400 Hz has a beneficial effect on the body and balances the chakras, so everyone should definitely try a singing bowl or gong in action.

How Often Can Sound Baths Be Done?

soundbathing event

At least every day! It is noted that people go to either individual lessons or group lessons. About once or twice a week. But we know for sure that there is no limit to wellness.

Celebrities Who Love Sound Bath Meditation

From Robert Downey Jr. to Charlize Theron and now Kendall Jenner, the stars have spoken out over and over about their love of sound bath yoga. With isolation, many missed the studio and conducted sessions on their own: for example, Emma Roberts practiced through online streams on Instagram Sacred Light Healing. On such live broadcasts, they not only conduct a crystal bowl sound bath but also explain the principles of the method.

Home Sound Bath Tools

sound healing

On days when you want to devote time to yourself and your health at home, you can take home sound bath bowls and meditate on your own. You will need any sound that you will listen to with pleasure and a quiet place. All negativity will go away, and a wave of soothing sounds and the right vibrations will help you focus and relax during your meditation.

Don’t be afraid and try it! You will find many tools for all tastes on the internet for organizing your best meditation practice.

So now you understand sound bath benefits that can be a great way to meditate, especially if you are in a routine every day. Nothing beats such a session and deeply resonating sounds.

Although, some people find the sound bath challenging, and it is not uncommon to feel frustrated in the first 20 or 30 minutes as you work to clear your mind. But as long as you try to focus on sound healing meditation music, you’re breathing, and your presence, you are likely to experience some level of relaxation even if you do not reach a meditative state.

As we have already emphasized, during the sound bath you will be able to achieve a meditative state and not worry about anything. You will feel refreshed and relaxed, as if after a long-awaited vacation.

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