Characteristics, Meaning, and Features of the Use of the Healing Selenite Stick

You may have heard of a selenite wand before, but perhaps you are not quite sure how to use it and fit it into your life and gem collection. Or are you enjoying its healing properties and looking for new ways to use it?

What Is Selenite?

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a type of clear crystal and a type of gypsum, a natural mineral that is used more frequently in our daily lives than you probably think. In addition to being part of the monoclinic crystal system, it is also the main ingredient and is used to make drywall.

Not all gypsum is intended for industrial use. Ancient civilizations carved fine pottery and sculptures. Satin spar, a fibrous form of gypsum or calcite, can be polished and cut. Selenite is one of the most popular types of gypsum. Another selenite wand meaning is the desert rose, so named because of its striking resemblance to the flower itself and its origin from the sands of the Sahara in Algeria and Morocco.

Deposits of gypsum crystals are found all over the world, from Poland, Italy, and China to South Australia and Canada. In the United States, the Ohio mines have produced wonderful selenite gemstones, but perhaps the most stunning selenite crystals are found in the Nike mine in southern Chihuahua in Mexico.

These crystals are enormous in size, ranging from three feet to fifty-foot columns. It is for this reason that selenite crystals healing is considered by some to be an effective form of therapy. These crystals are formed as a result of exposure to groundwater. They have a high sulfur content, and when they eat away at limestone walls, the calcium released by the limestone combines with the sulfur in the water to form dazzling gypsum crystals.

What Does Selenite Look Like?

What Does Selenite Look Like?

The most common selenites (or gypsum crystals) are:

  • long white crystal
  • black selenite
  • translucent, with beautiful stripes.

This makes this crystal healing wand look like a silky pearl.

It usually has a tubular shape with various patterns and stripes on them. In their crystallized form, these are the strata that make them unique and elegant.

What Is a Selenite Stick Used For?

When you first see selenite, its white color will instantly grab your attention. This color is just perfect for a stone that symbolizes clarity of mind. But what about selenite crystal uses? Do you believe in magical properties of selenite?

The stone can help:

  • calm the mind and give clarity of mind.
  • protect against any form of psychic attack.
  • selenite wand uses will help clear your mind of all this negativity, especially if you combine it with hemimorphite. Will help you focus on the here and now.
  • will improve your concentration level.
  • can also remove any blurring or mental fog that surrounds psychic insights or visions received during meditation.

What Are the Benefits of Selenite?

What Are the Benefits of Selenite?

This selenite crystal healing has many benefits. Not only can it help balance and stabilize your body, but it can also balance and stabilize your emotions.

Selenite is a very sensitive stone that acts like liquid light from this world to higher realms and vice versa.

The stripes that you can find on the surface of the raw selenite wand serve as a pathway for the spirit.

The vibrations that can be achieved by selenium crystals healing are of a spiritual nature rather than a physical one, so they may also lead you on the path to spiritual enlightenment (yes, it’s all from this one stone.)

Other Benefits of Selenite:

  • If you didn’t already know this, selenite crystals can be used to awaken or enhance your telepathic abilities.
  • As with the proper use of Amazonite, Selenite can be used to guide angels as well as work with your spirit guides!
  • When you place selenite and petalite crystals in the four corners of your home, you can invite or establish peace and tranquility in your home and in the lives of all the people who live in it.
  • Even if they are small, they protect very well against strong negative influences.

Where to Store Selenite?

Where to Store Selenite?

Under the Pillow

A selenite crystal wand opens the crown chakra and can help send sleep messages, in which benevolent spirits talk to you while you sleep. Simply place a selenite stick under your pillow and tune in before bed to receive guidance from the spirit world.

Carry It In Your Pocket/Bag/Wallet

If you are an empath or very sensitive person and easily pick up on other people’s emotions throughout the day, a selenite rod can help you.

Selenite is one of the most powerful energy cleansing and protective crystals you can get; That way, if you keep it with you throughout the day, your energy will feel light, free, and grounded. Remember to take it out of your pocket before washing your clothes! Also, when storing selenite in your bag, treat the crystal in awe by keeping it in a separate compartment or in a small drawstring pouch.

Use It to Clean Up Other Crystals

How to use a selenite wand? Selenite, like clear quartz, is a cleansing crystal; this means you can use it to energize other crystals in the same way you would use sage or sea salt baths.

To cleanse crystals with selenite, first grab a piece of selenite that is larger than the crystal you want to cleanse. Simply place the crystal to be cleaned on top of the selenite and leave it there for a few hours. I usually leave the crystals overnight.

Always at Hand

There are two methods of cleansing with a selenite healing wand.

The first method is to clear each chakra one at a time, or simply clear the chakras that need to be tuned.

To clear your chakras, first, grab a selenite stick and move to a quiet, comfortable place (if possible). Then simply bring the selenite stick to the chakra you want to cleanse. Move the want to the next chakra when you feel that the chakra you are clearing is open, refreshed, and/or relaxed.

The second method is a quick cleansing of the whole body with a selenite stick. To do this, hold the selenite stick over the crown and move the stick towards the heart with wide movements. Then, when your upper body starts to feel open and refreshed, start moving the wand in sweeping motions from your heart to your legs.

In the Space Around You

How to use selenite crystal at home? You can also place a selenite massage wand in your home to keep your space energetically clean and free of negative energies and spirits. Keep a selenite stick on every windowsill in your home to prevent grounded spirits (departed souls who have not yet ascended to the spirit world) from leaving your space. This practice also expels negative energy that you or others may carry into your home.

How to Care for Selenite?

How to Care for Selenite?

How to cleanse selenite wand?

  • Selenite does not need to be purified. Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal, so you never need to use any other methods of cleansing.
  • Do not wet! While running water is a great way to cleanse many other crystals, don’t use this method with selenite. Selenite is a soft stone, which means that its chemical structure is similar to salt: it dissolves in water. This means that the moon or outdoor sunbathing is not suitable for selenite in case of rain.
  • As with any spiritual instrument, you must show reverence when using and storing your selenite stick. However, this does not mean that you have to perform a massive ritual every time you pick up your selenite – unless, of course, it brings you joy!

Just remember to treat selenite as the precious material it is. Handle it with care, fill it with the energy of love, show gratitude, and store it properly. Some people like to store selenite in silk or satin fabric; wrapping your wand in a silky scarf is also a great idea.

Similar Crystals

Similar Crystals of celinite

Below are a few crystals that can be a good substitute for selenite.


The energies of the Angelite contribute to a clearer connection with spirit guides and ancestors.

Transparent Quartz

Like selenite, clear quartz is a purifying, and energetically protective crystal;


Celestite not only promotes bonding with spirits but also improves meditation andincreasing mindfulness and concentration.

Black Tourmaline

These crystals are known for their energetic defenses, which means they banish unwanted negative energies from your energy field.

We are confident that you should not hesitate to explore the mystical qualities of selenite and other gemstones – when you do, you will improve your well-being and enrich your life.

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